New Rule: Change Anxiety | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

and finally new role liberals have to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts you're wasting your breath and you're going to need it because the air is not getting in [Applause] just look at these hundred days headlines no regrets Trump voters unanimous the myth of this disillusioned Trump voter even voters and liberal Massachusetts are sticking with Trump numskulls find a whole new level of numb all right I made that last one up at the toilet the point is Trump supporters aren't changing their minds because the problem isn't in the mind it's lower its emotional stop clinging to the false hope that if we just share this Facebook story about the time that he tried to have lunch with Frederick Douglass or high-five Stevie Wonder or criticized Obama for playing golf and now he plays Marco you're preaching to the yoga studio the jury is in he looks and acts like a man who's been painting his face with orange LED for 40 years his people know they don't care he could have Anne Frank's skeleton in his closet they'd all vote for him again the question is why why do they stick with him I think it's because of a gut feeling that the world has changed and they don't like it and Trump is going to change it back to the way it was when a real American good flip around looking for a radio station and not have to hear mariachi music [Applause] the media keeps saying that the thing that got Trump elected was economic anxiety but it's really more change anxiety I ain't no racist but why does America need to have a black Santa Claus does everybody have to do everything No I think I speak for most liberals when I say I'm okay with blacks and I don't think it's going to make the little drummer boy start cutting himself but to Trump voters making Santa black is unthinkable it would be like making Jesus middle-eastern this is why building that stupid wall is still the key issue for them because it represents keeping out not just immigrants but everything that's new and different and scary and unfamiliar you guys probably agree with me that it's kind of cool that you can write a musical in hip-hop now like Hamilton and I'm okay with seeing this guy playing this guy but Trump voters don't want to see that the founding fathers had been funkified [Applause] ain't broad we're supposed to be in the Great White Way and while we're at it does camera one a baseball have to be Mexican now Lopez Hernandez Martinez Fernandez Ramirez when did the Yankees become the parking lot at Home Depot and what is it with men kissing on the kiss cam and then I mentioned Bruce Jenner has tits now see that guy my new character that guy got used to having the whole country always bend over backwards to make him feel comfortable Trump voters they're not exactly racists they just think everyone who's not white is doing it to show off you know in the 50s if you were an actor named chouet elegio for you placated conservative snowflakes and bent over backwards for them and changed your name to chip Egan chip Egan starring in that new movie with Danny Huston Lily Nile Mark Allen ginger McGraw and Gayle Smith if you ask a trump voter what exactly it means to get their country back or make it great again they can't tell you specifically but they know the Hollywood Squares was never supposed to be remade on TV and looked like this [Laughter] if we just would build that wall black people would stay in their cubicles Coleman never came out of his cubicle or the closet


  1. I love Bill all the time but this is really hysterical! I bet we can all think of someone just like his new "character."

  2. Ignorant, bible banging, christian trash – Maher nails 'em. Let's ship them all to Texas, make The Pig their king, build his big beautiful wall around them, and let them hate and murder everyone for their filthy hateful pig-god, while the rest of us live in peace, freedom, and liberty.

  3. Trump supporters are really fucking stupid. You really can't give them facts because all they rely on is regurgitated talking points 👺

  4. what this country needs is a time traveler to go back and kill trump's pregnant mother with him…. shoot her in the stomach with a shot gun.

  5. Bill can be really smart, but sometime's he's just so dumb… The reason Trump will win again is because he's the only "answer" to the crazy alt-left and their regressive SJW agendas…. The democrats only need to appoint something that is a bit more center-left and Trump would be gone… but no they give power to Cortez and extreme-leftists politicians and that scares even the rest of the centrists into voting right. It's not hard to understand.

  6. I been suffering from Malignant Trump Normality and seriously depressed . I Just did a 3 hours of a Bill Maher Youtube marathon , it’s true . All I can say is #Billmaher please never stop you are a national Treasure. Thank you 🙏🏾

  7. Well isnt like trump supporters care that 3000 Puorto Ricans blood is on there hands either doesnt mean it doesnt get them to shut up on youtube because they cant debate themselves out of a wet paper bag

  8. St. Nicholas was a real guy from Turkey. He was made white by Europeans, just like Jesus. The name Santa Claus was created by an American.

  9. I see Bill is copying Hillary Clinton's deplorable statement trying to win over voters by hurling insults and labels.

  10. I love how rich liberals get paid to call trump voters poor. They might as well donate to his 2020 Campaign.

  11. When I was younger I worked in sales and took a few courses.
    The main theme was always “find out what your customer likes and sell your product accordingly “.
    Trump is a salesman and he knows that Americans are racists, arrogant and isolationist.
    All you have to do is have a short discussion with any American and find out which race he or she hates.
    Even Bill Maher hate some race or another. In Bill’s case it is races that are more likely to be Muslim.
    That is the secret to Trumps success, he has read America correctly.

  12. How could the People in the USA vote for a Man that is more than fake, evil, a very stupid self entitled Male ? Get rid of him ASAP !

  13. The black names in Hollywood is an EXCELLENT example. I can hear it now…”it’s everywhere I look now. Every movie has to have some overtly African cast name to appease SJW’s to show how ‘forward’ and ‘inclusive’ they are.”

  14. I'm not an American, but if I was, I would have voted for Trump simply because he's not Hilary Clinton.

  15. I am no fan of trump or his supporters, but to say that "santa is ok being Black" is the same as saying "Scarlett Johansson was fine as a white woman playing playing an asian woman". To be fair, I think that both of these are fine, so long as they don't go too far, but if you have ever complained about whitewashing, you would be a hypocrite to be fine with washing whatever other ethnicity over white people.

  16. After all that has happened up to today 12/09/2018, I wish Trump supporters would see these clips.

  17. Hamilton is fucking trash and white people are just too afraid to admit it because theyre trying to be hip

  18. To be fair. Santa was white by design. Based on white guy, or guys, made in europe when black people if they made it in, they would be slaves or pets optionally invading spain (deal with it, medieval times).

    Jesus is based on middle eastern guy. Funny joke but false equivalency

  19. Right…
    It's not like the media was insulting Trump supporters at the very beginning, causing a divide from the very start, that is causing neither side to truly listen to the other.
    Nope, it is just that all dem Trump supporters are dumb.

  20. America is not racist or oppressive, the most economically well off, and is in fact the most generous on immigration with the best record on integration. Deranged liberals are the ones who are trying to set the country on fire.

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