New Therapy Approach for Cerebral Palsy

Because their muscles can be extremely tight
and hard to control, Physical therapy can be frustrating for kids with cerebral palsy
which explains why some dreaded. I went to a hundred. Not little Joshua Williams, when he started
the therapy program using this specialized harness and treadmill system, he could only
walk about 20 minutes at a time at a pace of about a half mile an hour. And at the end, he can walk 50 to 55 minutes
at a speed ranging from one mile an hour to 1.3 or 4. That’s more than twice as far and twice as
fast and Joshua did it in only two months. The difference was an aggressive therapy program
in this device that uses straps and the harness to support Joshua’s weight, so he doesn’t
have to worry about falling and can concentrate on walking. Children that might not be able to support
their full weight can start at a really low level of support and just again practice that
stepping, motion. Dr. Amy Newmeyer leads the cerebral palsy
program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She says “this device helps strengthen a child
legs which allows them to walk more naturally without the device and have more stamina when
they do. But the real difference comes with an aggressive
schedule. Newmeyer, who’s also with Ohio State University,
has found an evaluation here that the more time kid spend in this program, the better
they walk when they leave. Well traditional therapy models are often
once a week and with the treadmills training program that children will come several times
a week for training and strengthening exercises. Which makes a big difference. In fact 9 out of 10 kids who went to a recent
8-week program here walks farther and fast on their own. Giving them not only more confidence but more
independent as well. At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, this is
Clark Paul, reporting.


  1. I've worked on an adult version of this which was great. I had SDR surgery and will have PERCS in less than a month:)

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