New York Patients Treated to Produce Courtesy of Their Pharmacy?

One of our favorite phrases. Let food be your medicine! (Judy) Yeah! This next story a great example of this idea in motion. It’s reality a New York City program aimed to improve health by taking patients from the pharmacy to the farm. How? When a person comes in for high blood pressure medication the pharmacy gives them a $30 credit in health bucks that they can then go redeem for fresh produce. And this is the New York City health department’s Pharmacy to Farm prescription program. It’s working right now with sixteen pharmacies It’s growing. And these health bucks, what’s cool you can redeem them at over 142 farmer’s markets in New York City. So the idea is to connect lower income patients with fresh food, pharmacy to farm. We know, we know, we talked about it earlier on the show, lifestyle matters. Especially with things like high blood pressure. I love this! Controlling the intake of salt and the right things. Having a good wholesome diet. You know with low income individuals this program actually solves two of the major problems which is cost and access. ‘Cause, it’s expensive to eat healthy and, in low income neighborhoods, there are a lot less numbers of grocery stores, there’s more like, gas stations and convenience stores where, you know, they have unhealthy snacks You what also is expensive though? And that is treatment over a lifetime for high blood pressure. And it’s amazing if you can use the tools that you have around you. And this pharmacy to farm program, I hope this becomes normalized

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