Newlife Natural : Dr Sebi Returns, Nassau Bahamas BFM Health Seminar "vol 2 "

that doesn't hold true now not about Egypt Egypt Cayman laughs you can't use that now either you better know what you're going to put in your mouth if you want to feel good when you get to some age and only 60-70 me I'm having a ball because I was not supposed to be alive at 78 he was sick he was sick his two brothers died one or 37 the preacher died at 50 because he didn't listen to God that's why the herbs heal God made them what herbs not country not peppermint not aloe vera not vitamin C because the body's not composed of any vitamin C remember remember the body is made for what minerals minerals no vitamin C when I take iron it goes to my blood when I take calcium it goes to my bones copper and copper go to my brain chromium go to my pancreas zinc go to my pan prostrate gland when I take vitamin C what is it going to unite with remember what we begin with chemical affinity when I take vitamin C what is that going to unite within me Lionel Paul and the Canadian made that right but I think the boy was smoking something no the time has come that serious question have been made unanswered – we have the answer we didn't know that our food was different from that of a Caucasian that we didn't know but you know when it began with me I went to Finland I was in Russia in 1970 because I miss cheevus I had a lot of money she wants some money they're part of my lottery and I'd stole some with some fellows and didn't know I was a thief oh you could be a keeper not knowing and I was hot it was in New Orleans where these guys told me to drive this car to pick up something with a table pickup was hundreds of thousands of dollars that they had stole but they gave me 56,000 so I went to Russia at border trained in Moscow and wound up in Vladivostok I was in Finland before God to Leningrad and I went to the center of mr. Pavo aureola they wrote the book how to get well anybody here knows about that book how to get well find it you could buy that book direction – he states that if you're act this is a white man from Finland this is how kind he were he is he said if your ancestors are European your body is programmed to digest milk or lactose but if your ancestors are applicants and Indians your body is not programmed to digest milk oh oh my god what did you say yes that's the truth you see what happened one day somebody want to make fun of me in a conversation and I was in Rio de Janeiro one night and a bunch of fellas we gathered around talking about our races our condition and was social think that's happening and this one person said when I start talking about my ancestors he said you know I want to remind you that your ancestors didn't even have clothes on I see oh my god that is the garden haven't true but what you didn't know nodding off that's his name running up what you didn't say that my ancestors didn't have any clothes on but that's only one in the whole line of benchmarks they didn't have any doctors they didn't have in a hospital they didn't have any rice and beans they didn't have any potatoes they didn't have any cows the horses the lamb the Hogs they didn't have chicken and it didn't have any coins they didn't have prostitution they didn't have alcohol yes my mother didn't have any of that she was righteous she was never sinful and I am her son so if my mother wasn't sinful what you think I feel about me you think I am no I have no sin to repent I have no sin I was never sin for you see you're looking at that boy the boy that lived by the Mandate of God Almighty God ain't made no clothes you ever seen the early African that were brought over here they were straight muscular nobody had this know that they was straight clean why would eating we don't know but that's okay that's okay because I'm finding it you have made statements about the product you have bought from Jamal PSA down to one point something from being fifty something that's nothing what about lupus and herpes we kill lupus and herpes guarantee ah I'm going to mention one man one man one man and I don't know where hard to bring him up but I have to this man is named Michael Jackson Michael sent for me I went to see him the boy was in a stupor he was in a stupor what you want me to do because you know I am the herbalist I'm the voodoo doctor I'm not nobody he have seen all the millionaire doctors that he paid millions to under herbalist Who am I I see which I want to do for this man we want you to bring his energy back and heal the disease nervous and all that will I'll do that two months later we in Hawaii Michael come in our bedroom my wife and I'm making love and this boy come in there while we make it love to tell us how good he feel I guess what he said I didn't know you could make love doctor say B I said but I'm on the seventy which respect so that seven years it is a go right and no big thing but the Sun it is to some it is I know woman make love in the eighties and then a good ahh but all that depends on your diet so Michael Jackson saw this recovery he said we going to the Pillsbury farm in Colorado us so we went there nice farm I like Aspen he sent for his son his son had a tumor on his frontal lobe that was hurting him for five years or more his only biological son came from Norway to Aspen Michael said I want you to treat my son I just came back from Guinea and I brought an herb known as SIA I put the urban in a bay and I told the boy to inhale and the boys fees 52 times on the 53rd the tumor came out at the door right when he was going out the door when Michael saw that Michael then move us to Orlando and who did he call Helga who is Helga that is the boy mother Michael Jackson only biological son mother helga from Norway Oslo she today lives in Oslo and she's a dental assistant she came she's in a bed but I didn't know what was going on she's wrapped up you do in the winter so I gave her the compounds went back next day and I would look stupid I swear I do stupid things sometimes I go back upstairs to see how the lady is doing that was wrapped up from her head to her foot ah I got to the door the woman who a lady opened the door I said lady ah but she's she opened the door or the door was open she's sitting on the bed right I say lady uh where is the lady that I gave the compounds to last night she said what lady I'm the lady I see how you feeling since young feeling good four days later Michael Johnson and I know my wife and I and some other folks are talking in the courtyard in Orlando had Carmichael say be Sammy say be Helga is walking Helga is walking my wife looked at me a super strong with Michael I don't know Helga's walking so now something normal you say no she wasn't walking for five years she came in a wheelchair from Norway and then Helga came and hugged me with tears coming down my shoulders and saying I had not seen my period in five years it's down today wait Michael Jackson saw himself his son and the son mother one more his secretary grace Rwanda she had lupus for nine years in pain for nine years she took the compound two days later no more pain and she was sleeping two months there are no more lupus wait one more Michael saw a man that work at the Pillsbury farm in Aspen Colorado knelt in front of Michael and said I thank you Michael I thank you for coming to Aspen we were in the dining room Michael said why are you kneeling in front of me telling me this because you brought dr. sippy I was about to blow my brains out and the brains of my wife and my two boys because the doctor had detected me with a debilitating disease that I would not live in two months and I didn't want to leave my wife here my children suffering but after dr. SEBI gave me these compounds I knew I'm not going to die how did all this happen I didn't want to be a healer I want to be like John Coltrane I know Coltrane in fact I knew his wife well Naima because she live in our jails in New Orleans and when court is to come to town because I live in New Orleans wish to go here and because a he was the man that was kicking you know his music he was the one that was resonating with us because I am 78 years of age and I'm talking about 1955 54 I'm talking about Maya Davis and cannon ball a group that you guys may not know because I'm an old man now I want to be a musician I didn't want to be a healer no I didn't want to be any healer I want to be a musician so how do I turn out to be this and I didn't want to be this because the public of the world expect a healer to very like ah love is like a carburetor it should flow without not that individual I'm a different kind of animal different all together not better not worse than anybody just different so I long that yes God work all the time why because everything God made is electrical every fruit God made is electrical every fruit that man made not soul man does not have a laboratory to titrate to bring together chemicals and minerals to bring light no no no no no behave yourself only God could do that so they are herbs like comprehension Asia peppermint those are not not natural ginseng that's also a stimulant kava Cobblepot et stimulants we talk about herb like unconcerned like seer like Papa like marula like the great iboga like the other one the hoodia like the country war on Burundi these are powerful herbs this why you hear about the result that we are receiving but sure because we want to give you the best because I think I'm the best why not if I don't think that of myself you're not going to take it for me you can't even if you want to so being that I am this way I want you to get the best and why not why come with some stories to you you can't use that and you will research me all you have to do is go to my blog what is the blog doctor say B dot spot dot blood God blood that spark I don't know I'm not keen with these things doctor say B don't know anything my wife have to help me that's another thing she is responsible for the state that I mean on the level of my business without her I couldn't do it you see I was raised to listen to woman I don't listen to men I cannot do that because I know that we are limited that's why I'm not a healer and I didn't want to be a healer how could I be a healer to here you got to be a nurturer a miner sir that's a woman right so just behave ourselves hahahaha I'm just the messenger of healing but my wife had to come and heal me because she could put it together she could put it together that's why brothers in 1962 I made the statement in the barber shop in New Orleans Louisiana on Claiborne Avenue I want to give the black woman again why I said that because we brought was saying some very awful things about black woman I mean so many ugly things now I never felt this way because I was raised by two women I never had a father he was killed before I was born I was six months in my mother's womb when he was killed and life had it arranged for me to be raised by two women I never got a dictate from a male in my heirs that's why I have problem problem following males I don't follow males I mean do you see any Cubs in the forest following males – you know you down they follow females because that female going to teach this cub the rules of life that we made with never know but somewhere down the way we bought the philosophy of Europe you got a lead your woman now how could you lead her you came out of a vagina ha ha ha I don't know how could that happen I mean how could you do that when you suck her breasts for life but she works nothing well with me I said I'm gonna give her a gift and the gift has been given I give lectures and soon I will not be given these anymore it would be my daughter the daughter that made the ban choo a product that has is hitting the United States like some storm everybody's saying how the grades have improved children have been taking it no problem is gone of course we want to be sweet why not I want to love my brother I don't want to make MA I don't want to feel like my brothers at read to me because I'm not better than him he got the same components I have so how could I be burned any male in this audience it's impossible so yes we have visited the organic world the world of God Almighty the world that complements everyone the world that is carbon based and so you and I so you all understood that the way the doctor say we cure AIDS is that he cleansed the human body he cleansed the mucus out of the body but in the process of cleansing we have to replenish the minerals that has been lost by the presence of the acid state it was easy this isn't scientific but it's so difficult because the physician says there is no cure for AIDS and we have to believe the physicians because he was never challenged his position was never challenged and I didn't know that I would be the one because I should be the list of the candidates because I'm the one that didn't go to school but I had God on my side when I walk in that Supreme Court in New York I know that God was going to win I didn't win God won so dr. SEBI is happy to know that he is one among many that submitted to God on the level of healing a nutrition I am glad that I no longer eat me I'm happy because I am at some measure of peace with myself Hana wasn't peaceful once no I were not for God no I want to kill my wife and I meant that you see but then I had a lady for Mexico to walk in my house cursing me cursing me is the narrowness Council narrow the grass yellow is too narrow no sabe nada say this black man don't know anything and his bare feet I don't know why my son bring me here and she's she's talking bad I'm her son said – your patient so I gave her everything that relates to the central nervous system nothing happened one day he came and I pondered with that situation Santana did yos her name is Maria Santana de Dios see how am I going to help this lady Wow am I missing this lady I'm going to have sent two neurosystem I give her the lily of the valley I give it a Harley tinsel or blessed thistle I gave her the damiana I gave her everything that relates to the central nervous system the woman have them budge when I woke up next day I said you have denied yourself because my early research shows that every disease begins right here I mean right here I don't care if you blind or if you insane is right here that negative message that acid state influences the brain on the central nervous system it changes the image in your eyes you do not see with your eyes your eyes is only the lens that the brain looks through it what the brain sees is what you're going to see and that lady will say no don't let them take me no and there was nobody there but she was seeing them the Sun came I said I have something for your mummy and I made an extract from the cascara Sagrada and he picked it up he came back three days later every time he came he said my mom mr. crazy my mom is too crazy my mom is too crazy this time he says how do you think she's doing I said because you asked me that she's killed he says you're right mommy come on upstairs and she came upstairs and she said young man I want to ask you a question did I curse you out I say yes you did she say you know why I did that I said no because my son been tilted me to all these doctors and he was taking our money and they never healed me and I thought that you was going to be one of them and then you were bad P you know nobody trusts you in your bare feet you support a hobby $1100 shoes on she got it made no shoes but the industrialists did and you have to obey them she say but I was going down the steps and you said where my son asked you you think you're gonna help mommy I say if it is God will and she heard that she no longer crazy she told the story she said that when she went to the bathroom upon taking the cash girls arrived extract she looked in the commode and she saw some berries that she ate 12 years prior they were lost and they became molded and sent off that negative message again the mucous membrane in the intestine were compromised there's only one disease you could tell the world the doctor save he said that God is good all the time yes brothers and sisters and friends and everybody else god is good all the time so he's not a miracle no it's plain old common sense now remember when I asked when did it change from the earth to the chemicals it changed with a dude from Holland they call him Paracelsus Paracelsus didn't like the idea that Hippocrates had visited Africa No what's wrong with that he just happened to recognize that the African was sick and it's all dependent on what the a that's why Hippocrates said that your medicine should be your food you see it's easy but the beautiful thing about it once we begin on the bandwagon of God's medicine and nutrition you begin to find the please you know because I've asked this question better time because it happened to me you know when you're laying bed are you not thinking of anything in particular but an ugly thought comes over your brain that may even bring tears to you you feel bad I was there I used to cry every evening while I was crying I don't know they'll try to cry now well it stopped 40 years ago 48 years ago so ladies and gentlemen that was the message that the body is organic carbon base and it needs a carbon-based substance to complement it and to remove disease you cannot give the body a chemical that is carbon-based because where it what is he going to doing they're gonna hurt you gonna hurt us I was hurt I've been to them I know but there's a place for the positions I'm not saying that we suggest disregard the position no it's not either/or there's always that middle role you know so we could compliment you both of us he has his place too but we're saying that we are curing many of the diseases that he claims are incurable that's all we doing we're not trying to oppose anyone that's not a servant a servant come to serve not to oppose anyone are not like being the best why not I'm still a little boy you know I've been changed how could I change the mold was made 78 years ago I'm lucky I'm alive dr. bhathal doing things but I'm about to go to Africa now we're Guinea and Cameroon and then I have to go to someplace else Gabon and Tanzania I was with the president acquittee he know what I could do of course he does now we're going to change the situation hopefully because when I told President Kikwete in Tanzania I said president equity do you want me to go to Tanzania I said taking me mm is dangerous he said why because the Muslims gave us the lam the Christian gave us the hug on the boat a dangerous to want me to go mm here I will make the recommendation to get rid all those animals he said you're late I'm late is a yeah you late there's a woman already started the movement to get rid of all those animals we want to help the country why not wear this countess bovine and nobody can deny that where they are called they are bovine and you were telling me that the people that took those cows to Africa is being kind to us when they know that these animals are poisonous are they being kind to us no they're not I know Arabs in Africa that sells are people poke but he doesn't eat it why would he do that is that being kind that is where Ottawa comes in I am a member of Ora WA in Ottawa you don't even entertain a thought about injuring someone else not even a thought in Ottawa or WA is where we become impeccable Ottawa teaches us what not to eat because what you eat will determine how you behave you don't want that the rest of the religions in the world they all are good but they also need to be updated you know we need to help the religions of the world because I grew up in religion


  1. He should of stayed in Africa with his people anytime a black person speak knowledge let's kill him forks lol sad we will always have things that can Cure they might as well kill all of us

  2. I appreciate the information regarding sickness, eating healthy, and being more conscious about our overall wellbeing, BUT, you are born a sinner my brother. There was only one man who knew no sin and his name is Jesus Christ. He suffered a horrific death over 2000 years ago to give all of us a chance to receive salvation, and inherit his Kingdom. God Bless!!

  3. Cancansa
    I couldn't get the last one but pretty much these herbs are from Africa he speaks about them at around 14:30

  4. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  5. Why didn’t you heal Michel Jackson of his drug addiction. And please don’t say you are sinless. Only one what’s sinless, Christ our Lord!
    You better repent Sebi!

  6. NIPSEY HUSSEL brought me to DR SEBI …….may they INSPIRE THE LIVING ….IN PEACE
    he speaks facts…not speculations………we should do the same …..dont speculate …KNOW THE LEDGE obtain the facts

  7. That white man from Finland must be lying big time. I am black and I was drinking milk for all my life. Although, I developed lactose intolerance lately.

  8. Wow everything he is talking is from God ..healing is from God ❀️❀️ Rest In Peace Dr Sabi

  9. Alfredo is a intellectual man many should have listened to, sad he had to change his name just for people to believe him. Obviously if our blood types are different are treatments should be too

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  11. Where are his degrees that allowed him to practice in the states? Why can't I find information that is a truth?

  12. RIP Legendary Dr. Sebi. πŸ‘‘πŸ€΄πŸΎπŸ’œπŸ§ πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’Ž

  13. Dr was a real hero. so much knowledge he. gave in free. RIP dr sebi. love youfrom the deep inside of my heart.

  14. Dr.Sabi… Killed lefteye. Then was imprisoned for it. Why? you can not claim to be a Doctor with no type of education to verify your credentials in any field of medicine. When you kill someone. You are held responsible for their death.

  15. The only reason he did not go to jail is because he never said he was a doctor they call him dr sebi he never said he was one they call dr Jay a dr he's not a doctor and dr Dre lol that's how he got off not because he can cure people and he proved it does mean he is a doctor and can practice

  16. Once Gods forgives us who are we to say who is sinful and who is not judge not lest ye be judged so until your before God getting judged then maybe at that point you could but that is Gods place to Judge him not ours stop casting the first stone and just get the message and not glorify him learn to help one another is the message

  17. Rip Nipsey Hussle he was gonna do the documentary on this dr left eye died leaving his camp in Honduras If you love hip hop check our channel out and subscribe

  18. I love this, especially the way he edified Our Creator and the women of his life. Our Saviour kept women around him too. Black men should really think of that. Today is the funeral of a fine young brother who made an incredibly strong impact on his community in his life and now in his death, we are all impacted. I wonder how much more of a difference he could've made if he lived by that part of Dr.Sebi's seminar. #ripnipsey

  19. The gov has been against any one who heals its been going on since the native Americans if you are licensed you loose your licence and kicked out the country USA if you have no license you go to jail if you are healthy they can not charge a healing but sickness why do you think they mandated insurance to charge you for your disease put God first they first hated him Jesus amen

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