NEWS: “I Love My Teeth” – implant dentures and IV sedation by Wisconsin Dental Solutions

John, a healthy smile is more than just good looks and that’s especially true for one Sun Prairie
woman who says she loves her teeth and she can’t stop smiling about it. From the sound of it, you wouldn’t guess Sandi Ranzau “Like right around here” is sitting in the dentist chair. “Right around here? Where I’m touching?”, a chair she hasn’t been in for quite some time. “Oh my gosh it was years… I couldn’t even tell you.” As the years went by
Sandi’s teeth progressively got worse. “I would never smile.” Unlike today’s age, “they have these apps that come with the toothbrushes” when there’s an app for just about anything. Sandi didn’t have that. “And if I did smile, it was a closed mouth smile.” That is, “what do you like about them?” until she paid
a visit to Dr. Peter Lotowski. “We start from laying a foundation. Giving the patient hope that they can have something, they can have teeth.” She made the decision to get implant dentures. “try to put that in, okay?” “These teeth, oh, it’s wonderful.” “They are the best teeth I’ve had in my entire life.” It’s gaining confidence and losing the pain. “And now I eat everything and anything” Dr. Peter says he understands why people fear the chair. “Worried about the pain, about the procedure.” “About the unknown” But once they sit down… “The thing always hear them say is: ‘I wish I had done this sooner!’ That confidence… “the other side’s been completely fine?”, starts to kick back in “I love my teeth – I do!” “I say that all the time. I love my teeth.” Dr. Lotowski often suggests using IV sedation to his patients. He says, if it’s fear that’s holding you back from getting that better smile the IV is a good option to consider.

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