Next Generation Veterinary Medicine

Here at Coastal Animal
Hospital, our culture is based on our belief in next generation medicine. Everything we do is
dictated by trying to take the latest science for
the benefit of animals. Most practitioners, most
veterinarians practice medicine the way that they were originally taught. They don’t really change
their practice, to update it, to achieve the benefit
of the latest science. One of the biggest examples of that, that most veterinarians are
still doing, is with a spay. Most veterinarians are
still removing the ovaries and the uterus. And this is really one
of the big differences with Coastal Animal Hospital
is that we’re okay in saying, “Oh, there’s a new or
better way of doing it, “I’m okay with that.” So we only remove the ovaries. Not only that, we actually
took it a step further and we do it laparoscopically. We read the papers that showed
that it is less painful, there are fewer complications, it makes the anesthesia safer. All of these benefits
come through and we dove in head first with it. That’s really the big difference
with next-gen medicine. Even looking at our vaccines,
we have a four year vaccine. A lot of veterinarians are
giving the distemper-parvo and the FVRCP for cats,
even on an annual basis. Science has shown that it
isn’t necessary at all. Less is better a lot of times and that’s what we’re okay with doing. It’s not profit driven for us. We are really looking at
the benefit of the animals. – As a first time dog mom,
and a single dog parent. I was pretty terrified
going into it, but with the Coastal Animal team I felt like I had so much clear
communication and they really built me up and gave me the
confidence that I needed to go from my appointments
into my every day life raising Stella, my dog. They were there from point
A, first contact with them, to now she’s a year old. So thorough, so communicative. Always put me at ease. Never made me feel like
a question was silly and they’ve just always been there
for me every single step. – Ultimately, what I love
about my job is getting down on the floor and spending
time with pets even before I start any of my clinical exam and then we get to talk as a team about what’s actually happening with your pet. Your observations from
home, my observations in the exam room, and then
together we come up with a plan that’s going to make them
healthier because ultimately it’s going to be up to you
to initiate that plan at home and so I spend as much
time as needed to make sure that you understand what’s
going on with their disease, with their health, and any
fine-tunes or tweaks that we need to make to keep
them as healthy as possible. – I’ve referred family
members, friends, colleagues and of course I want Coastal
to grow, but the real reason I referred is because I wanted
my friend’s, and my family’s, and colleagues’ pets
to have the best care. – These advances are going
to lead to better outcomes. It’s going to lead to less pain. It’s going to lead to less suffering. And that’s why we care about this. That’s the only reason
is because the animals will do better.

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