NHS Clinical Support Workers – Whistle Video

I'm Nikki Gobert and I'm matron at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals our clinical support workers are a hugely valuable part of the multidisciplinary team they provide direct patient care such as washing and dressing patients attending to their personal hygiene and toileting needs feeding patients ensuring they're quickly hydrated and just conversing with patients and providing some company throughout the day patients often divulge things to the support worker first and foremost because they are working in such close contact with them and the wards just couldn't manage without them our clinical support workers in the backbone of the nursing team it's a highly rewarding role and one I'll really advocate there are multi NASM like spin clinicals public that toilet hand washing patients cleaning promotes cleaning high rises however the job is very rewarding as you pursue the progress of patients from when the first coming from their leaving I've always liked putting patient's face treating them how they would like to be treated and giving them the care they need when they need it the most so when we employ a new support worker the first thing we do is enroll them onto a 10-day prepare to care course and what this course does is a couple of things firstly it teaches the new member of staff everything they need to know from a basic point of view in regards to what will be expected of them in their new role they also meet other employees who have been employed as new starters so it gives them a community from which to start from and they continue to do a care certificate after the 10 days they go on to their wards or in their clinical setting meet the patients that they will have the privilege of looking after and further develop and that's why we want people who are interested in healthcare who are caring and compassionate but also will take that responsibility to heart and deliver it with passion I originally started as part worker and at the aloysha and was initially good as all the nurse training but then this sister practice was rocking walk I did some extra qualifications I went I'm still my BTech which is further education for nursing so as a role as a system practitioner I am able to take patients ourselves I have more responsibility I feel that I'm a good example as are the clinical support worker to progress onto an assistant practitioner and to progressively further if you wanted to I enjoyed caring for patients are looking after their daily need and I reckon is a clinical support where cut as you're on your feet you're always be there and it's a very rewarding job helping people I really enjoy my job well I like meeting new people and learning new skills you


  1. I started as an auxiliary nurse. I was not offered any courses only on the job training..is this normal?

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