NHSC Physician Assistant Nick Box, Making a Difference in Rural Idaho

I didn’t graduate
too long ago, and I can still remember that anxiety that
I had after I did realize that I’m going to be heading
out into the real world dealing with real patients. [beeping] And National Health
Service Corps facilitates as much exposure as possible. My name is Nick Box and
I’m a physician assistant. In this little place called
Orofino, Northern Idaho. I’ve always wanted the
opportunity to live up here. When I was in school thinking
about going into rural medicine I was always thought that
would be an option for me. [music] A program like National
Health Service Corps does help the patients get the
care that they deserve. We not only have access to so
many more resources; clinics that are connected via EMR;
laboratory imaging, but we also benefit from a strong
telemedicine program. We can use robotics, cameras,
imagining to actually have encounters with specialists
half-way across the country. [music] In a community like
this I think you have a better connection with the patients
that you see and in turn, you probably, have a bigger impact
on the community as a whole. I have so much more exposure. And if it weren’t for National
Health Service Corps I can’t remember a single day I
wasn’t challenged in some way. Living in a rural area has
kind of slowed down life. I still remember the very first
time that I drove from Orofino to our rural clinic, Kooskia,
about 40 minutes away, and I just thought it was just the
most amazing commute that anybody could have
to get to work. I don’t know if very
many people get that. My wife and I, we’ve
made a lot of changes. I mean, you want to be able to
enjoy these places that you’re at and if you’re going 1,000
miles an hour it’s hard to really enjoy what’s
going on at the moment. Working for National Health
Service Corps has been more than just paying off student loans. It has probably been one of the
best things that I could have potentially done where I’m going
to be five years from now, 10 years from now. [music]

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  1. The NHSC really screws you if you try to transfer though.  It's a really flaky process then after they screw it up, they slap you with a $100k fine at the last minute that they will garnish out of your wages for life.  Not for me!  Poor young innocent doctors who don't read their horrible fine print. If the NHSC really cared about the future of health care they wouldn't abuse and bully their providers.

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