Nicole Nisly, MD Holistic Medicine

I’m that physician that you go to, sort of
your home base so to speak that follows you for many
years that knows your whole family, so I’m that physician. It’s what I I love
to do and actually my patience inspired me to create the complementary and
holistic medicine clinic and I realized that I could, academic
medicine should be a place to explore all forms of healing. Who is
sick medicine involves a number of healing
techniques from supplements and herbs, to diets, to
mind-body techniques like yoga, Tai Chi, to hands-on
techniques like massage therapy, foot massage called reflexology, to very ancient techniques like
acupuncture which is part of traditional Chinese medicine or transcendental meditation. And I really felt that holistic medicine empowers my patients, helps them to
bring culture, to bring diversity, to bring healing in many forms besides, you know,
what we do. It allows the patients to especially be
empowered. My colleagues, my young colleagues, they
will be the future generation to know that what their patients believe in, the
way they eat, their spirituality, all of that can be apart of their healing and they can engage the patient and have
a very motivated participant in their health care. I think there would be something that I
think would be a tremendous gift for that patient-physician relationship.


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