Nightcore – Addiction – (Lyrics)

bringing back to the time when we were fetus you and I now I can feel the pressure the only driver like a prescription they draw bring me back to the time where we were made across the line now I can feel the end your renovation sure


  1. Im planning to start a piano channel soon, can i start using your music as inspiration for making cover song, but i will include your music and my own arrangement so that i can reach the same level of addiction just like im listening to your upload, i want to make my own piano cover that is not like any others arrangement, ill make it that every of piano arrangement can sound like a nightcore, this will be a challenge to me,,ill be starting in a week. Im planning to play nightcore piano cover style…. Goodluck for you syrex, ill keep listening to you forever and ever

  2. I love this song and the art goes way to well with it and you upload so often and you nightcore it better than anyone so thank you 😊 for starting your channel 💙💚💛🧡❤️

  3. 신나는 리믹스 음악 최고다🔥👍❤💎💯✨👑😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    일러스트 귀여워 🔥👍❤💎💦💦🎶🎶

  4. I think the girl in the pic broke her head while playing hide and seek with her brother and her head touched the wall very roughly and it got bleeding thats why she wants to cry but controlling and showing her sad face like nothing happened ………………………. Sorryyyyyyyy

  5. Yes I have one. Everyday I have that desire to come and search for my drug. And when I find it, I can never stop. You guessed it, it's nightcore

  6. When I first heard Legends never die back in June. I was very intrigued, so I looked for more music on Syrex's Channel, and now I cannot stop listening to the music I see. Thanks for all the great music <3

    Also, Alan Walker has some new songs and I was wondering if you nightcore the song called Lily.

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