Nightcore – Therapy Session (Lyrics)

This video contains lyrics on the screen


  1. Hi i have never done this and i read the coment and wontet to try

    My life hvent been god my dad forced me to be someone an not my hole life and one day just say "this is jour brother LOVE him" and left he have never been dear for me and abust my mind and at mom

    I have had deaf one my doar every year and betrayel all the time and i haven't trusted anyone not even my mom and then i meet this boy and finaly trust someone and years after betrays me and then my mom make me move where's everybody targets me for being me

    And my step dad made my sceard to go somewhere else than my room and starv my self

    I never harmd my self but i didn't have to sins i can remember i have bean crying my self to bed every day and my mind slowly bracing and slowly forgeting how to feel feelings except pain and sadness and constantly geting told "no your not" and i dont know how to explain the rest

  2. I cry at night and i can't control my depression so I don't tell people about my depression so i dont have to explain it and get stressed out more.

  3. I teared up after the line, "These kids, they come to my shows with tears in their eyes, imagine someone lookin' up to you and sayin' your music's the reason that they are alive". That really hit hard…

  4. For real people thank the people who brought u in the 🌎 its not right right to beat on someone who gave u life and ur her hart

  5. Ken Kaneki fits a lot of NF's songs honestly. So does most animes. Kaneki fits all the sad or depressing nightcores. All. Of. Them. Especially with season 3.

  6. "That your music is the only reason that their alive" T^T so true if it wasnt for my friends and my favorite music i wouldnt be alive…

  7. What should i say?
    It's the truth?!
    Thanks Eiden for uploading it.
    And thanks to the singer for the song.◎▼◎
    The picture is quite….quite.
    And i like it.(´・_・`)

  8. I relate is that bad I have sucidal thoughts a lot I want the thoughts to go away so bad to the point that I’ve…started cutting myself…I know it’s wrong but I don’t know how to deal with the pain I can’t see any way out of this painful darkness I’ve isolated myself from everyone I can’t talk to others about my emotions because…I break down I don’t like it

  9. Real depressive people don't say anything, please stop say ''it's me'', it's not because you're sad (one day or one year) you're depressive, it's a disease and no one is bragging about it or telling everyone so stop please. It's not because you like this song or ''you're like the lyrics'' you're depressive, ok ? The sadness has end ! ^^ You're not alone and some people understand you, wether you know it or no, don't say you're alone !

  10. I go to therapy and it is walking hell but the demons I have are my friends if they did there job right then why am I here suicidal thoughts over and over

  11. I only heard like 5 seconds of this song and i already am feeling it and connected to it❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖

  12. @Nightcore Eiden, you shouldn't be taking NF's music and try to twist it from what he means. You're just trying to get subs, and likes for other people's music.. pittiful…I can understand you trying to do that with older songs, but music, especially NF's songs is a no no!! DISLIKED!!!

  13. People, don't listen to Nightcores version of NF's songs… Go find the originals made by NF "himself"…. Nightcore is just a sub's whore and deserves nothing from playing NF's music… Trust me, NF in his original music videos is 10million times better then this garbage!!

  14. Is that Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul?? Looks like him because of the hair and, of course, the eyepatch. But is the dude in the picture him or am I mistaken?

  15. I have listened to this over 25 times over the course of 1 week that's like 3-4 times a day,great work on one of my favorite songs💓

  16. Am i the only one who thinks they should be happy? Because we know people have a way crappier life than us?

  17. "Want me to smile, you want me to laugh?"
    I… Feel that.
    My always says "Louane, you'll make a bright and beautiful smile and you'll act like a disciplined lady."
    But fuck off my name ain't Louane it's Lou, I ain't a disciplined lady, I ain't a lady at all ! I don't wanna smile, I don't know how to laugh, so shit ! Why don't you leave me in peace ?! You say to me if I need therapy I just have to tell you, but then when I do, you just act like I'm joking ! Fuck off, I don't need a mom like you. I don't need anyone if they all act like you !

  18. This song actually makes so much sense. People act like when you are a singer you have to fake your feelings and out on a happy mask. But everyone should be able to express their feelings, and if they sing depressing and dark things, then thats how they feel!
    Btw, this is amaizng great job :3

  19. Out of all things the fact that the charecter looks like an anime version of one of my first OCs that I ever made weirds me out o-o

  20. The little face at the start make me feels like I was observed
    In the middle of the video, this little face make me feel like it what I think..

    No its not ur so rude. How u guys didnt get it? its so cruel from u
    Also im Nf sending love and strenght to go trough another day safe

  22. Probably not the best place to place this comment but oh well.
    There is a huge difference between being depressed and having depression. I hate when people say they have depression out of a self-diagnosis so that they can create an excuse for themselves, being depressed is a normal part of life. Having depression is different, when you have depression you can't find enjoyment in things you probably would have otherwise. If you actually have depression and your therapist has diagnosed you with depression, than go ahead. But if you are simply experiencing a blue period, don't say that you have depression, say that you are depressed. That's normal.

  23. This song has so much meaning to it …. I don’t understand how people could be so cruel and call depression a joke …… like what the actual hell…. so many people have killed them selves over depression…. this is no joke…. but keep it up ….

  24. These songs are the second thing that keep me alive music is a therapeutic moment but then walking you see people live in their lives Didn’t remind you how stupid yours is living by putting on a mask and wondering why I am alive

  25. I have been gone to therapy session trust me, my psychiatrist, is also afraid of my condition till i find out the nightcore

  26. I have been gone to therapy session trust me, my psychiatrist, is also afraid of my condition untill I find out the nightcore

  27. I'm just 14, but I swear I'll protect any girl. Women don't deserve to be beat. Anyone who punches girls, you my friend, you are pathetic, weak, sad and you deserve nothing but hate if you ever have hurt a girl. Fight someone your own size, or even better- don't insult, bully or make fun of people, that's not right, you make 'em feel bad.

  28. I think my phone knows something
    I'm going to therapy today …
    For depression and sleep …
    Kinda creepy i get this song but
    This song is amazing

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