Nightmare in the Emergency Room! Major problems with American healthcare

oh my god I'm right I'm sobbing just tears streaming down my face we need to do an ultrasound and I said no you're not all right everybody this has been my view for the past two weeks I am watching a documentary on game shows but I figured I'd take a time out to show you what I did to survive without being able to move very much I'm on the couch and right there is my heating pad that has been my trusty friend for two and a half weeks now under the coffee table I have a basket of nighttime routine stuff and medicines band-aids I wash things a couple books that kept me occupied I really didn't reach towards these very much because I got really wrapped up in documentaries the one thing I wanted to mention was this Mennonite community cookbook everybody in my family got one of these because my grandma used to use it for her cooking and I'm working my way through this to see if I think you defy some of this stuff so that will be coming in the future ibuprofen extra strength eyedrops hand sanitizer the most important thing I have where's magnesium and potassium these things helps to keep my electrolytes in balance and magnesium if you're not aware this actually helps to keep you regular this paper is always okay now that you've seen what I've been looking at for the last two weeks I wanted to do a little storytime this might get a little lengthy I'm hoping it I don't have to go into too much detail but I wanted to talk about the serious flaws in our health care system I studied economics a lot when I was in college is actually my minor for my bachelor's degree is economics and one of them fundamental truths about a free-market enterprise is price transparency I as the consumer need to know what I'm paying ahead of time in order for me to make an educated decision about whether it's worth my dollar or not and there a lot of talk in this country about what's wrong with the health care system how to fix the health care system but there's not enough truth being told about the fact that we don't now and we haven't ever had a free-market capitalist ik view of our health care system because we as the patient / consumer do not have the ability to see the prices of services being rendered before they are rendered so I'm not going to get into the political discussions about healthcare and I do know a lot of people my friends that are in the health care industry there are nurses they're doctors and I have so much respect for what they do the problems that are happening are not their fault the problems that are happening are mainly because as I said price transparency doesn't happen and number two our entire health care model is based upon insurance as a method of payment and I think that is a horrible thing that we're doing it is a great disservice to the people who can't afford insurance number one but it also means that that's why we don't have price transparency because the insurance companies have the most say in the entire equation I cannot call my doctor and ask them hey that ultrasound that you were asking for me to do how much is that gonna cost they can't tell me because it has to be run through my insurance first so I basically have to get the ultrasound first or in the case of my surgery two weeks ago I have to have the surgery first then they bill the insurance company then the insurance company decides whether or not they want to pay for the surgery if they do pay for the surgery they can determine individual costs within that surgery that they could deny and then I would have to pay out of pocket thankfully I do have good insurance but that's that's by luck that's by circumstance it's not my doing we are beholden to the insurance company determining whether or not they're gonna pay for services so that all being said that's the health care system in America and here is what happens you are forced to go to the emergency room and then you have to argue with doctors about what kind of care you need are you ready let's go I hope you have some coffee or some tea because I might get a little fired up so forgive me in advance if I drop a couple f-bombs but this is something I'm very passionate about it's a discussion we need to have so share this with anybody who you think might care enough to actually get something done to fix this all right so I had surgery two weeks ago for endometriosis and if you haven't seen my prior videos or if you're not familiar it's basically when the lining of the uterus is growing outside of the uterus so my doctor went in and scraped off the little bits of endometriosis also had my fallopian tubes and my left ovary removed that was all done on Wednesday thankfully my doctor is part of the solution for the opioid crisis I live in Ohio we are one of the worst so she installed what's called a pain ball which is the ball of medicine it's the painkiller that's inside of this little sac and via a catheter it goes into your abdomen it's directly administered through the skin so you don't have to be popping pills and getting addicted so it's there there's a dial in it they set it to number four and they say you can turn it up if you need to but essentially if it's at a four that means it's four cc's of fluid coming out every hour the instructions say don't turn it up too high how high is too high I don't know I guess it's gonna be different for everybody so I have a small waist a small abdomen so apparently me turning it up to a ten was too high it also doesn't say what could happen if you turn it that too high Friday morning two days after my surgery I woke up went to the restroom and I saw that the gauze was completely saturated and there was some blood coming out now I initially was thinking this could just be saturated from medicine backflow it's coming back out of my skin onto the gauze it could be old blood that was dried and now it's mixed with fluid but I don't know so I called my husband at work and I said I don't know what to do and he said well I'm going to try to call the doctor see what they say I called the doctor's office at 11:15 a.m. and they're out of office message was on it didn't say they were closed for the day it just said we are currently closed sometimes doctors offices will do that when they're out to lunch so I waited a little bit at noon I called them again same thing still closed and 12:30 same thing still closed unlike me and that's a really long lunch maybe they really are closed today so I called the on-call service to get the on-call doctor the lady to answer the phone said now she's not the doctor she's just the person who's gonna put the patch the call through or have them call you back the lady said yeah your doctor's office is supposed to be open today so we can't put you through to the on-call doctor okay well what do I do do I go to the emergency room or do I go to the place where I had the surgery she said I don't know I can't give you medical advice like well I'm not asking for medical advice I'm just asking where do I go she said I don't know I can't tell you she told me to go to the doctor's office cuz she said I'm sure they're just out to lunch maybe it's a long lunch today so my husband comes home from work picks me up takes me to the doctor's office and they are legit closed lights off the doors locked closed called the on-call service again and said they're closed she goes well they're not supposed to be they didn't tell us that they were closing today so I don't know what to tell you and I'm like oh my god I just want to know where to go so that was a complete shit show to begin with turns out I found out later they had an Employee Appreciation Day at my doctor's office so they were closed but they forgot to tell the answering service that they were closed I decided to go to the hospital it was right around the corner but I wanted to go to the surgery location first because I thought maybe they just you know they're familiar with us they installed the paintball so maybe they would just be able to look at it real quick no they refused they told me to go to the emergency room so husband will be down to the emergency room and this is where it gets really bad so I told them I just want somebody to look at this incision site make sure it's fine and it's that can we just take it out today I'm supposed to take it out tomorrow anyways but I just want to take it out today I talked to two doctors four nurses not a single one of them would look at my incision not a single one the first doctor said well I have your doctor cellphone number I'll call her if I need her I'm like I think you need her because I don't think she wants me here in the emergency room today but I never saw that doctor again she walked out never saw her again they wheeled me into a room they start taking blood from me and I'm like oh my god can you just somebody could just come in and look at this just pull up the tape and pull up the gauze and see if it's okay they wouldn't do that two vials of blood and you guys know if you see my prior videos you know that I have small veins and I always have issues with them taking blood from me happened again she's putting in a needle it's way too big and she almost blew my vein again and I'm crying I'm sobbing just tears streaming down my face and this woman is like I'm almost done I'm almost done she's not even addressing the fact that I told her that it hurts she's just like oh don't worry I'm almost done my husband's like what's wrong with you why are you crying well a I'm pretty traumatized right now emotionally because nobody's listening to me and then number two if freaking hurts and so I'm just like losing it nurse leaves another nurse comes in and says yeah we're gonna do a CT scan and an ultrasound I'm like no you're not this is key guys please listen to me CT scans have radiation last statistic I saw was just a few days ago they said 50,000 people per year get too much radiation from CT scans and it causes cancer so I'm not trying to be alarmist I'm just saying there's information that says too many CT scans can be detrimental to your health I just had surgery two days ago and you're gonna put radiation in my abdomen I don't think that that's wise she said well we need to know that you're not internally bleeding so I had to collect myself there for a second I'm like mm okay so I looked at her I said who ordered the CT scan did my doctor order it she said well no it's the doctor that's here in the emergency room I said if it's not my doctor I don't want to do it my doctor knows best she just did my surgery two days ago if she wants to do a CT scan will do it but unless it's her no you're not doing it she's like well we need we need to do an ultrasound and I said no you're not no if my doctor didn't order it you're not doing it and I'm just trying to be fair to my surgeon because this is her work that she just did and I'm not gonna let anybody mess with that area unless she says it's okay that is insulting to her as a medical professional that these people are not looking to her for advice finally after about 45 minutes maybe longer another doctor comes in and he said okay yeah we've we've cancelled the CT scan I don't think you need it and like no shit of course I don't need it can you please just look at this incision and make sure it's okay so he finally was the first one to actually listen to what I was saying he's like okay so you're concerned that it's saturated you see some blood in there could be some old blood and I explained to him why we didn't look at it at home we could have easily pulled up the tape and looked at it you're probably thinking I'm an idiot for not doing that but here's the thing we wanted to make sure my husband and I agreed on this that if there is a problem with that we don't want the hospital to it in any respects blame us for having caused it we're leaving it in its natural state from when my surgeon did that I thought that was key so that they could make sure that like they I don't know what they were gonna find their need there but obviously they're gonna think that I'm an idiot because I caused this pain or whatever if they find something traumatic underneath there so I wanted to make sure that we didn't touch it he pulled up the tape and the gauze perfect there was nothing there was nothing there if they had done that when I first walked into the emergency room it could have avoided all of this I am not blaming doctors I'm not blaming nurses this is pressure driven by insurance companies to try to get as much out of each patient as physically possible so they can make their profits I am not exaggerating I have had so many of these types of incidents happening it happening at hospitals that it's a pattern of behavior it's not a one-off it's not an anomaly it's a freaking pattern of behavior let's do a CT scan let's do an ultrasound let's do some blood work let's do an EKG let's hook you up to all these machines do I even need that no but it's great money in their pocket they could deny service and they could make me pay out of pocket for all this shit these prices are egregious because they want to make profits so they're just rendering services that are not even necessary to reap as much profit as possible there is a sickness and it's not within our bodies it is the sickness of the mind of the people that control our healthcare system our government needs to do something about this it needs to be done share this video make it go viral these people need to pay attention because my story is not unique I'm just willing to share it because it's a complete shit show and I think people should know that hey you're not alone if you've been through this kind of type of stuff but also this is ridiculous I spent thousands of dollars to get a band-aid and I tried at every turn to avoid going to the emergency room because I knew this is what would happen I started my period a week after my surgery and it was the worst pain that I've been through and so much blood loss I legitimately decided to wait until that Monday morning to speak to my doctor because I knew that if I went to the emergency room again I would have to go through that entire process that complete circus all over again that nobody would listen to me they would put me through a bunch of tests they didn't need and they would basically traumatize me all over again before they would even listen to what I'm saying like can you tell it's my period or can you tell that it's a problem with the surgery nobody's gonna be able to convince me that they know what they're doing unless it's my doctor I'm talking to thankfully I was fine I was completely fine my when I saw my doctor that Monday morning she's like I'm so sorry you had to go through that my doctors apology to me for what happened and I told her I wasn't gonna go if I was starting to think that maybe something's wrong but I wasn't gonna go back to the emergency room and she said honey I don't blame you they know that this is just completely fucked up they know this and the only thing standing between us having a health care system like we have now which is completely ridiculous and having a health care system that actually works to the benefit of the patient is government that's what standing between us I'm not saying government has to be the health care system but government standing in the way of us having a working health care system I shouldn't be walking into an emergency room and having to fight with them about what I don't need I shouldn't be the ones to tell them I don't need a CT scan two days after a surgery come on I mean this is ridiculous but that's what happened I hope things get better in this country I hope that we can have a system that works someday for us I have no hope for the future at this point right now because of what I'm seeing it's just getting worse as I get older it gets worse so hopefully something will change but um if you're listening and if you're a part of the next generation that can actually make a difference please do I have a lot to say about it again I'm not trying to be political here I'm just being real I'm just being transparent that this is broken and we need to fix it so anyway thank you for listening to my little nightmare in the emergency room story I hope that you don't have an experience like this but if you do comment below let me know what you're thinking what you've been through and let's see if maybe we can't together fix this and make it better so I will see you guys next time I love you guys so much until then radiate the love bye

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