Nitrogen generator for pharmaceutical industry (subtitles)

Hello everybody! My name is Vadim Lukianov I represent General Gas And today we take a look at one of our generator installed at customer’s side located in Moscow in pharmaceutical laboratory The laboratory is engaged in drug development Including developing treatments for cancer And here we have our nitrogen generator This is one of the smallest models in our model range – GN4 Let’s see how does it looks like Here, we have a very small room and we assembled quite a lot of equipment here Our whole system consists of two main components It’s air preparation you can come closer, here we have the belarusian compressor Remeza moreover, they are scroll compressors Here we have one main compressor and one backup compressor the main compressor is mounted on the air receiver and it comes with air dryer so the air comes out from here fully dried and oil-free For the customer it was important that there were no organic compounds in nitrogen nor elements, including oil and all that air is connected to our generator here you can come closer to see how it looks This is the most budget model of the generator GN-4 As you can see, there are even no casings behind So, there is only automation system by which we reached a minimum price, it was very important in that case Nevertheless, you can see even now on the screen that even in the basic configuration we have a gas analyzer, which shows us the residual oxygen and here, on the display we see nitrogen purity As you can see all in Russian, but we can change the language in the setting to English or even to Arabic ones And still the pressure sensor is present in the system Without it, the generator cannot work in the way that we need and there is also a nitrogen receiver It’s small, this is more than enough for current consumption By the way consumption here is constant, that means 24/7 This system has been running for almost more than half a year without being turned off It’s just now we’ve switched it off – we’ve been installing an additional compressor and turned off the system. It was the first shutdown for six months and here goes the line to a customer we are now on the ground floor, this is an utility room and the main equipment is on the second floor We also made all the installation work here you can see: there is teflon tube It was also the customer’s wish for that the tubes were not of polyurethane, but of teflon exactly because it reduces the risk of the ingress of bacteria or organic compound into the spectrometer and all the nitrogen is produced for the mass spectrometer It’s on the second floor, japanese mass spectrometer and which helps the lab finding a cure for cancer Also there is a forced ventilation, since the room is small And here we can also see an additional portable air conditioner It also maintains the required temperature in the room because if it’s too hot, the air will also be too hot for the compressor which will adversely affect the concentration of produced nitrogen In conclusion I want to say that all the equipment is placed in a space-saving way in a small room and I want to draw attention to the fact that we are now in the lab in other words, it is, in effect, an office space literally, behind this wall is a reception desk The secretary didn’t complain to us about loudness so it suits her very well, the whole system is very quiet, it’s also a very important point If you have any questions about equipment, nitrogen generators or air preparation, you can always contact our technical support team and sales team there are all current phone numbers on the website Subscribe to the channel, watch our video reviews, like the videos – see you next time!

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