NJ congresswoman to Texas Rep.: 'You need your medication!'

there is no evidence that I asked him to withdraw it I do not withdraw it he is not a member of Congress it's not a violation of the rule and just as you have been expressing bias through your members about what a Hugh has ever characterized it we Edelman from Rhode Island gentleman from Rhode Island no the disgraced mister this man has done gentleman from Texas will suspend for a moment is the disgrace and it won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage you've done to the justice system and I've talked to FBI agents around the country you've embarrassed them you've embarrassed yourself and I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you two look so innocent into your wife's eyes and lied to her about me mr. chairman the gentleman controls the time I ask that the witness be permitted to respond we will be permeable sir will be during your investigation besides the one questioning you mentioned before that or after that to this day


  1. Wasn’t this the hearing where the dems actually clapped as a group for the corrupt strozok even after anti- trump evidence was presented? Amazing!!!

  2. All I see is two people speaking out of turn and being outraged about this being outrageous. They need to give the microphone mute button to the one running the show…mute those who are speaking out of turn.

  3. Louie's got BALLS. That's a legitimate line of questioning in that his extramarital affair makes Strzok a proven liar and a potential security threat because he could be blackmailed. Fu*k the libs fake righteous indignation.

  4. I CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM. America, enforce a salary cap at 65k and make corporate donations illegal. Give them all the SAME health care they gave the Veterans. No better no worse. Their children MUST attend public schools k thru 12. College and bone spurs will not get you out of the draft. In-fact the more your parents are worth; the more YOU have to be thankful for and you should get a lower draft number then a poor kid. Did I mention bone spurs? Bone spurs.

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    Symptoms, if seen are due to associated soft tissue damage.

    In some cases, mild pain is observed; maybe chronic or intermittent

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    Most cases do not require treatment. Pain medication is used if necessary.


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  5. Ladies and Gentlemen – Louis Gohmert is widely recognized as the STUPIDEST Congressman in all of Congress! His Rank STUPIDITY knows no bounds, and "hare-brained" is his creedo.
    HOW this piece of used toilet paper keeps ending up in Congress is an enormous mystery. One would question the sanity of Texas who keep putting him in DC. He serves no useful function.

  6. And THIS Folks/Children, is how the DemoRats React when Confronted with the TRUTH and FACTS!!!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP/2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Amazing how 2 sides both want the truth. Yet both sides believe their own view. Put a dislike on this clip. Representative Coleman embarasses the state of New Jersey with her medication sarcasam. The 12th district rewards her.


  9. Isn't funny how Republicans are pnly offended when you call them out on their disgusting behavior five minutes before they were trying to call patriotism

  10. Louie Gohmert should be made king of the world.
    How many times has Louie Gohmert been sodomized by a horse?
    If you guess over 12 you may be correct.

  11. strzok is a traitor, along with many others in gov-co. no one seems to understand the meaning of the word anymore. also, it's quite hypocritical of that black woman to yell "take your meds" as a response to something she states was "inappropriate". Two wrongs don't make a right. lastly, listen to those skumbag leftists trying to shout down gohmert, who was the only one with the floor. this is all they have….lies, hypocrisy, shouting others down/violating their rights, and death. Leftism is a lie build upon lies. Leftism is a mental disorder. Leftism is a death cult.

  12. The Texas Rep is absolutely right. That bitch from New Jersey looks like the wife in Planet of the Apes!! Lol

  13. Nobody can heard the true about any husband affair cheating , because everyone did been told the same thing including the wife ..;)

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