(ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) Hey guys, today we’ll talk about how to breathe
with the balls! And you’re thinking, “this guy is crazy.”
Yes I am, but let’s talk about really, what it means to breathe from the balls. We talked
about, in the video before, how to stand like a man. You learned how to have the man stance
to magnetize your purpose, magnetize your presence, and come back into your body!
Remember you want to be in your body. If you’re not grounded, if you’re not here, it doesn’t
help. You want to be present. You want to be aware of what’s going on your right, your
left, behind you, in front of you. And in order to do that, you want to learn how to
feel. Just like in the old days, you were going hunting, and there was a fish in the
water, and you felt that the fish was there, because you were so present, so aware, that
BAM! You catch the fish. So, once you stand like a man, you want to
do a particular breathing, that is going to help you to – even more allow this electro-magnetic
field of masculine presence of vigilance, of awareness, of presence, to be felt all
around you. What you do: when you inhale you think you
inhale with the lungs. And yes, you do inhale with the lungs, but truly, think about it,
when you inhale you really, you suck the air in with your stomach.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) So you suck it in to your stomach. If you
stop the breathing in your lungs, which usually happens when you’re emotional, very much into
your femininity. When you’re fearful, let’s say, you’re breathing stops here.
(TAKES SHORT BREATHS) Or when you’re angry.
(TAKES SHORT BREATHS) It stops here. You want to breathe all the
way, suck the breath all the way here into your stomach.
(TAKES SLOW DEEP BREATH) That’s when people are in love, that’s when
children breathe. When you’re present. Breathe from your stomach.
We’ll go further, though. You’re going to start to go deeper and you breathe into your
balls. And you imagine this! Remember one thing: Where focus goes, energy flows. You
breathe right into your balls. And it’s going to really ground you when you do this. And
then when you exhale you exhale from your spine, and you do this with your mind. You
see it, first you practice, close your eyes and you can see it. So inhale down into your
balls, you feel your presence. And then you exhale from the top of the spine. And then
you inhale again into your balls. And then you exhale. Inhale into your balls. Exhale.
You know, some men, they have erection problems. And one of the reasons why they have erection
problems is not just because maybe they are not healthy or have good hormonal balance,
but don’t have energy in this area. So you’re going to keep the energy down. With time,
eventually you might feel even a tingling, when you keep practicing. What’s happening
when you do this? You will go to Starbucks, for example. You’re
just going to go. You have eye contact, you’re breathing, and the the whole of Starbucks
will look at you and say, “who is that guy?” They will feel your presence, I promise you.
They will feel your presence. And there is nothing more important, for a man, than to
be present. Your woman wants you to be present. Your boss
at work wants you to be present. The people that work for you, they want you to be present.
Life wants you to be present. To be here, to be aware of what’s going on. To be fully
rooted into your balls. So give it a try. Start practicing. Eventually
you can even do this while you’re sitting down. You don’t have to do it only when you’re
standing up. You breathe into your balls, and then you exhale. You’re breathing down,
and then you exhale. Keeping your heart open. Keeping your shoulders back.
Standing like a man. And then, let me know what’s happening in
your life. Let me know the difference. You will be next to a lady, she will feel you!
You will be next to your friends, you will be contagious!
Because, see, masculinity breeds masculinity. That’s why I say all the time, men – we need
to spend time together. It doesn’t matter what we talk about, it doesn’t matter what
we do, but just breathing together, just standing together, it will help you to go back into
yourself. Back into your body. To be connected to your purpose in life, to be present, to
be aware, to be free! To have vision, to move forward. To keep this
men’s revolution. So give it a try, write down, let me know how it changes your life.
Many more videos to come. Aho. Hey guys, I want you to download our two reports,
The Fall (& Rise) of Masculinity: how to really get your power back into your life, and How
to Create Polarity with Women. And not just women, with life! Because life is a big, big
woman. Get your reports!


  1. Awesome video! Can you please recommend some books on this topic and/ or any other resources you may have? Do you mentor people over Skype?

  2. check out this -Mantak Chia Testicle&Ovarian Breathing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-cBRKB4Jao – Very Powerful.

  3. When i breath in my balls move up and when i breath out my balls lower down. Thats normal for all of us men right ?

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