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Hi, everyone! Welcome back to ya girl’s channel! Today, I bring to you this no make-up look, right here. This is perfect for those days where you’re not really trying to get ready but you still trying to look real cute and put together and just bright and fresh-faced, youthful. Then this is your look. You guys know I LOVE my make up, but there are days where I do not want to get all glam and I just want a nice and natural look that is worry free. I am, by the way, partnering with one of ma favorite brands. Are you guys ready? I am partnering with Sephora today! Sephora is my BAE and you guys know that. Sephora sent me a few products they thought I would like to try that is currently trending at Sephora. So I thought, today would be the perfect opportunity to show you guys a no make-up look because these are the products I have been using, lately. And I really love how light, comfortable, and natural everything looks and feels. SO, I am going to jump right into the tutorial But, I wanna let you guys know that everything I use in the video will be linked in the description box, and all the products I use, you can find at Sephora or Um, but yeah, all the links will be down below if you’re an online shopper. Also, before we jump into the tutorial, Sephora has a feature on their app called, “Sephora virtual artist,” where you can test out eyelashes and lip colors, so I’ll leave that link down below if you guys want to play around with it and check it out. Alright, so if you guys want to see how I got this fresh-faced and no make-up look, then keep on watching and let’s get into it. First thing’s first, we have to put on our moisturizer to get our skin nice and moisturized. You don’t want your skin to be dry at all because we want our skin to look glowy and healthy Getting your skin moisturized is key. So the one I’m using today is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer This one is great for sensitive skin and I like to wear this one underneath my make up because it’s a really light consistency. And because the consistency is so light, this is perfect for applying make-up over it because it will not be sticky at all. For my skin, today, I am using the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream The shade I have is Bamboo 5.5 This is my perfect shade. I was so excited to try this out at first because I heard a lot of Youtubers talk about it and I saw the reviews on Sephora’s website and it was amazing. I been using this for the past week, and I am LOVING it so far. If you’re the type of girl that doesn’t care for a lot of coverage, or you just want, like, that extra hydration underneath your foundation, this is your baby, okay. I’m just gonna apply this so you guys can see, just how nicely it covers up the redness. So, this is just a tinted moisturizer; it’s not going to give me full coverage or anything But, that’s the look we’re going for. It’s perfect for those days where you want to look like you’re not wearing make up, but really you have a lil’ sum’in sum’in on. I love this stuff because even though I’m oily, it does not break me out and it just looks really good, and it makes my skin look really plump. So I’m applying it with my fingers, you guys probably rarely see me apply anything with my fingers, but I read on the bottle that it suggests that you just use your fingers, So I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ll just give it a go.’ But I actually like using this with my finger, a lot more than a brush. As you can see, I’m just patting it in, like this And if you’re afraid of any streaks, You can always just go in and pat it out with a beauty blender but I don’t really find that to be a problem, usually. And don’t worry guys, I did not forget my forehead I know you guys think that I always forget my forehead, but I just don’t show this part on camera – I don’t know why. So this is a very amazing moment where you guys get to see me apply tinted moisturiser to my forehead. Because, I don’t show this often. Here’s how the tinted moisturiser looks on it’s own As you can see, you can still see a bit of my imperfections, but that’s the look we’re going for we want it to look like our skin, and it’s okay for your blemishes to peak out. Everytime I do this ‘no makeup’ look, my goal is not to cover everything, I just want a little bit more coverage so that my skin tone looks even and that it covers up my redness. So, I pretty much just leave it like this. So I am using liquid and cream products today, so I’m going to set my makeup since I have oily skin I’m going to use the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Powder. I have it in the shade ‘light.’ I’m just going to use this really lightly because I still want my skin to look like skin. I don’t want it to be really matte, and flat, I want to have that natural, just like, dewy type of look. But I am setting it, a little bit, because I do have really oily skin and if I don’t set my makeup, my makeup gon’ be on the floor. I’m going to do my eyebrows now. If you guys watch my videos, I’m pretty sure, we all know about my eyebrow situation, If you don’t, briefly, I got my eyebrows micro bladed about, maybe 8 months ago. And the healing process is just not really working well with my skin. I have a tough up appointment, so I’m just going to wait until my eyebrows heal a little more, and then I’m going to go back in and hopefully try to fix the patchiness and the colour. So for now I do go in, *coughs* Sorry I’m, like, recovering from a cold, so *coughs* I have a little mucus going on, in my throat So I’m going to go in with a brow definer, This is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Soft Brown. This is actually a little dark for me. I just use this brow pencil, and go in to the little areas that I feel like, is a little sparse. For me, brows are really important Because I feel like it frames your face, so I just like to have a nice, full set of brows because I just feel like full brows just make you look nice and young and youthful and cute, so I’m gonna do my eyebrows real quick. Just going in to the little patchy areas. Alright, so that’s pretty much all I’m gonna do with my eyebrows They’re not perfectly drawn or anything, but that’s what I want; I don’t want my eyebrows to look like the centre of attention and I don’t want to have really ‘Instagram brows’ for this look, because this is the ‘no makeup’ look, and I want everything to look natural and effortless.


  1. Anyone know if the Mario Badescu drying lotion is still cruelty free?ย  Read somewhere that they started selling in China…:(

  2. Weylie, I've been watching you since your cheerleader days back 8 years ago and you're the only girl here on YouTube that have not changed a single thing from beginning to success. The way you represent yourself, the way you speak to your subbies, and the way you prioritize yourself has never changed. The only thing that's changed is how much you've grown as a person. I hope nothing but over flowing abundance of success coming your way as you continue to stay the humble person that you are. Love you girl โœจ

  3. Oh yes, embracing the natural look. For me, it wasn't something that necessarily came with age. It's always been my personal preference to embrace the natural look when it came to makeup.

  4. love you sista!!!!
    I hardly wear make up but this is encouraging for me. your really beautiful girl. keep rocking it!!!!!

  5. omg you and soph… "your going to POP a little this … your going to HIT that color there!" lol only now notice it since that vlog when Soso brought to our attention.

  6. A few years ago when I turned 20 I got acne. I started to wear NO make up at all to try and let my face heal. It was hard at first but since then I feel even more confident without makeup. People don't really care or notice anyway !

  7. Love it! I remember when you would never go natural especially without the fake lashes, love how everyone gets older and becomes more self accepting and open ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. griiiiiiillllll, try the eye brow dye from etude house, you know, those ones that looks like mascara but for brows??

  9. I'm 16 and started wearing makeup a year ago when my skin went craaaaazy. I used to wear a lot of concealer and powder to school because I was so afraid people were gonna judge me ! I have now learnt to accept that I have imperfections, like a lot of teenagers. I decided a few weeks ago to let my skin take a break, even though I still put makeup on some days because I like it. Thanks for your message Weylie ! You're beautiful and so is everyone on this earth.

  10. In Sophia's video you're both like "girl, we don't have no makeup makeup days, we either don't wear makeup or have a full face" haha then you upload this lol but whatever cause you looks good girllll!! Xx

  11. This look is beautiful and it totally inspires me for more no makeup days! Thank you for being you, and you're such an inspiration! Lots of love!

  12. Hi Weylie! Can you do a impressions or demo video on that valoom iron that gives your hair volume? I saw it on Facebook and was curious about it:

  13. Hi weylie. Been watching you since years ago from the tampon video ! Lol. But i wonder if you and wah are still together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I'm going through the same issues and this has really helped. Love you girl, continue to do you. You're such an inspiration to so many people

  15. I'm currently in LA for a birthday weekend getaway from the bay. I am literally crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll bump into you, Wah, and the pups this weekend!

  16. Those guys are probably kicking themselves right now. You're beautiful with or without makeup Weylie and such an inspiration.

  17. the only "no makeup" makeup look on youtube that can truly fool someone. Not the others where you could clearly see a winged liner

  18. Hi Weylie. You are stunning with this no makeup look. I have been embracing the no makeup look for several months as well and love it. Particularly in the winter months on the east coast, there is no need for a ton of makeup. It feels so much fresher. Thank you for inspiring young impressible girls. You are one of the best roles models on Youtube land for all ages. Love you!

  19. Yes I agree, I'm in the beginning stages of where you're headed with trying to be comfortable in my own skin and accept my monolids. lol. I never dare to walk out of the house without my mask on. Now I am trying my very best to do a no makeup makeup look, but have not find the correct products. Definitely going to try the bare minerals complexion rescue out. I think the more I do it I will become more comfortable in my own skin again. Thanks Weylie!

  20. you're so beautis!! ๐Ÿ˜ i've beeen eyeing that tinted moisturizer on sephora, it looks good on you! i hope they have my shade!

  21. I love this no makeup look! You look so beautiful. I have mono lids too btw and I like it. I used to hate it but like you said as I got older (still 22 though) I started embracing my features I think. I like your talk, it's always funny and inspiring โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโค๏ธ

  22. Please do more chat vlogs!! I love chatting with you about almost everything girl. You give great advice!! and storiess

  23. She is hands down our fav youtuber. She really created a platform were we feel like sisters! You will be our inspiration for our new youtubechannel (me and twinsister)

  24. You are truly beautiful inside and out. For a while I just watched. Finally a tutorial I'm actually able to attempt with my zero make up skills.
    Curling my lashes never worked with my type of monolids. More please! ^-^

  25. hey Weylie. Here a sista from the Dominican Republic โ˜บ I love your style and i was wondering if you can suggest me a website where i can buy a backpack for college

  26. gurrl, you had me at the part when you applied the bare minerals tinted moisturizer, I thought you were finished and I was like "I'm gonna buy me that tinted cream" she looks good in it. loved you video!

  27. Can't believe I just found your channel! I'm also a monolid oily girl and since 2017 starts doing more of no makeup makeup look, though it's more of because after years of struggle with my acne it's finally cleared up on December last year and I can finally be proud of my skin albeit the acne scarring everywhere. Still trying to embrace my monolids but I've already given up on most mascaras and eyeliners because they just gonna end up on the ground after 3 hours lol.

  28. Love how funny and positive you are and also, your nails are sooooooo pretty!!!! You are very beautiful:)

  29. I used to hate my monolid but after watching your vids ive became more accepting of them and embrace them. Your videos are so inspiring and i really love yaaa

  30. I've been trying so hard to be more comfortable with my monolids but I don't know how.. PLEASE HELP! Like I feel like I look so mean and angry all the time with them.

  31. Hi weylie, thank you for sharing the make up. I have try out the bamboo5.5 , it's really really good n I love it so much too ! Hello from Malaysia, I love to watch your video and love your voice so much!

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