No One Knew I Was Addicted l Andrew's True Story of Addiction

it was so hard for me to say I have a drug problem I'm a drug addict I couldn't tell my family that we're open a pretty normal household three brothers mom and dad together college-educated parents there was nothing nothing traumatic in the childhood parents never abused us there was no divorce there was no neglect it was it was love everywhere played in the band I did all kinds of extracurricular has always got pretty good grades you know not great but days and B's all throughout school there was nothing in my upbringing that would point to this guy is gonna be a drug addict none of that was around we were always taught that drugs were bad we're you know told we shouldn't be smoking that we had to stay in school I remember being in dere class in like fifth grade and the cop was telling us all about drugs and I remember sitting in the back and kind of like taking notes he was like explaining how people make meth and I'm back there like taking notes and I had that thought even like as a kid never tried a drug never even seen a drug and I had that thought of I'll probably smoke pot fast-forward to about 14 years old one day decided I want to smoke pot wasn't offered to me nobody was putting it in my face you want to smoke a joint I thought it out found somebody who could sell it to me took some change from my dad's change jar behind his TV and bought a bag of pot me and this uh friend we were hanging out and took it and rolled it up with notebook paper and tried to smoke it and we didn't even get high I still had some of the weed left so like any person who wants to get high did and has no friends who do drugs got on the internet to try to figure out how to make a pipe I did like it I liked it a lot I didn't know why just knew it made me feel good and then I smoked again the next day and then the next day after that and the day after that and the day after I ran out of weed went out got more the first time I got drunk I got really drunk I don't know how I got back home I woke up in a pile of vomit I didn't remember most of the night but I remembered it was fun and so that's where alcohol became a regular occurrence right around the same age discovered prescription pills soon after that discovered cocaine it progressed all through I didn't draw a sober breath anywhere in school I went through that entire four years drinking using smoking every single day while maintaining a really good image got great grades I graduated high school with college credits even got somewhat of a scholarship to go to college when I moved into the dorms at a Yavapai College was when things really took a turn you know the only people that knew were people that I would use and drink with nobody else really knew when I got to college I didn't hide it I was on drugs and people knew at the time it didn't even occur to me that other people weren't living this way they weren't doing as many drugs as I was they might take a hit of pot that I'm gonna smoke the whole bag and I didn't know that they weren't doing that for a long time after it just felt normal I stopped caring what people thought I stopped caring what I looked like I stopped caring what it was doing to me my circle of friends was getting more and more risky got a little job working as a dog trainer at a pet resort thing and working in dog daycare and that job suited me in an addiction didn't have to deal with people very much I could hang out in this daycare yard with a bunch of dogs and didn't really have to talk to anybody I remember this guy started living with me and I was getting into raves at the time and this guy had moved in on my couch this was back when you get to get the oxycontin 80s put one on a piece of foil smoked it I threw up everywhere couldn't handle it acquired a taste for the oxycottons gotten insanely hooked on those you know I had a shoulder injury right about that same time and I was on painkillers from the doctor pills are expensive doctor didn't want to prescribe them smoked heroin for the first maybe three four months that I did it and then discovered the needle and that's where it was it was done after that and it just got worse and worse from there I remember showing up to work sober one day I couldn't get drugs they became so used to seeing me high that they they thought they knew the difference but the times they thought I was high I was actually sober and the times I was actually sober they thought I was high I was only living ten minutes from my family at the time they would come and we'd see each other but even live in ten minutes away I'd only see them on Christmas one night I finally had a realization I had gone to this Wraith buddy of mine had done all kinds of meth and heroin on the way there we got there I ran into another guy that I hadn't seen in a long time and they sold me some acid and I had paid for two hits and he had this Visine bottle and he just squirted probably close to half the bottle under my tongue I was happy he gave me a lot more than I paid for but the Sun came up everybody went home and I'm still out in the desert hallucinating figured out how to get home and I walked back into the house at this time I was bringing a room from a guy and I walked back into this house is still hallucinating from the night before I'll never forget how dirty everything looked and I think this is where I finally had a realization that this wasn't okay and I was hot and I was sweaty and I couldn't find a clean place to lay down I end up just going and sitting in the shower until we were out of hot water and it ended up with me in the fetal position just crying what happened to me what happened in my life I have no friends I have no anything it was so hard for me to say I have a drug problem I'm a drug addict I remember when I first even asked for rehab there was questions as to whether or not I even needed treatment I had to come out and say no I can't keep a needle out of my arm for six hours finally made it into a treatment program left after two days because there was some kind of insurance issue and I didn't want my parents to mortgage their house to keep me in there went into that treatment program was there just over two months drank in the treatment program they didn't catch me what I told him what happened you know I was defeated I couldn't stay sober in an inpatient program I couldn't stay clean after about seven seven days after I drank in that treatment program I left and I didn't just leave I was able to convince my family that I was better I had been in a program for 67 days and I was only six days sober and they believed it they didn't know what they were looking at they didn't have the slightest clue and they believed me more than the doctor they believed me more than the therapist so I moved in with mom and dad six days sober after being in treatment for over two months and we had this plan that I just needed a job and I just needed to date healthier girls and I just needed better friends so I got a job at a brewery making beer started dating somewhat healthier girl lived with mom and dad and had zero responsibility you know eventually it progressed back to heroin and then a few overdoses later finally made it back into treatment that time I was listening and I think the important thing was my family started to listen to it was taking me a little while to come around that I needed 90 days in treatment my family started to listen to that stuff too and they started to understand you know and they would talk to the therapist and actually do what the therapist said so I ended up doing 90 days in treatment and then went to a sober-living home after did sober living for like a couple of months and then they offered me a job said live here for free managed the house said that sober living for 18 months and as you started as a client finished as managing the place I met my wife out there we got married was offered another job that paid really well to go work for an intervention company in Chicago moved from California to Chicago got to work for an intervention company made made enough to pay off all of my debt from my addiction people started to trust me the family came back was able to support the dogs we don't have any kids but we could pay the dog vet bills it's okay to be an addict it's okay to be on drugs but it's time to change the behavior you don't know what you're doing you don't know what you need you got to ask for help detox to rehab wants to help as many people as possible and do it the right way please subscribe comment and like our channel thank you for watching


  1. “The times they thought I was High, I was actually sober and the times I was actually sober they thought I was high” think about it 😂

  2. Why this fucking music behind… Try to be emotional put like short dick man song behind and check the reactions

  3. Lsd isn’t a miracle drug, it can be but not always. For me (17) I experienced my first bad trip a month or so ago. I’ve been fucked yo ever since. Thought loops, HPPD, constantly worrying about judgment for some reason now. It felt like it ruined me, but I am thankful for it. It changed my life in the way of stopping me from trying acid again. Til I forget how fucking horrible and terrifying and absolutely awful the experience is, will I try it again. I don’t believe I will be able to ever. And that sucks ass because I fucken loved it

  4. moral of the story stick to the sticky greens and watch who you hang with, and don't get too high every day, but remember we all die anyway

  5. I find it very very upliting that a channel such as Detox to Rehab choses to display yet another success story where LSD has been used to change someones life from Shit, to Hit instead of saying "uhm, lsd is illegal and is therefore a drug. its bad, mmmkkaay"

  6. LSD inspired me to turn my life around. Amazing hearing another similar story. Incredible video!

    I just realized we have the same name too. This is wild

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