Nofap: The First Key To Unlock Sex Transmutation (1% Power Mind)


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  2. Now I feel like you just took my comment from yesterday and decided to expand upon it lol. Either way I’m here for it. Feed my mind Uncle C!

  3. Casey you are fucking dominating this niche. Every other channel stays talking about this in their car or same spot at home but you’re switching it up, whiteboard content has been amazing bro

  4. casey i like ur content but u dont have to lie about having "limited number of seats" its an online video man. this "exclusivity / limited type sht is old bruh, makes people untrustworthy of u. We all know u have the time limit bs to make us sign up asap and get our emails, maybe also get a web designer or something ur website looks like one of those scammy click funnel type sht. U have good videos, and i think u do deserve something for ur hard work, but this is not it bruv

  5. Love the daily content, day 11 and after a lot of trial and error with no fap and retention, I feel like I’ve finally turned the corner, however I will continue to work one day at a time to reach the level of masculinity that I deserve, thanks uncle c

  6. I wait eagerly for your video uncle C, because I believe you are the most genuine coach on youtube. I unsubscibed every other alpha beta gamma. They were just talking. But here in this channel we get some serious stuff.

  7. You're nailing it Casey. Execution is Worship. Rejecting the sexual desires of the lower chakra (basically cutting the desires off and never again associating with them), and moving your desires and focus and motivation into higher desires is the key. Getting rid of the PMO dopamine desire is the first step. After the dopamine desire is conquered, then one will see the real opportunities and virtuous challenges in life. Prayers to what you're doing for young men 🙏

  8. Okay so real talk. I like porn but im not "weak" as you say. I never understood every guy like yourself saying a man is in a weaker state. On the contrary i live out my fantasies with women that ive seen. Ive come to realize women are more sexual than me! Am I really just an outlier? I know how to approach women but i do so with power. Ive realized that when i dont release even with a partner, she wants more (tip fellas). She becomes addicted because that gets her off. What would you say to a guy like myself with a high sex drive that knows how to get it done?

  9. Wet dream on day 23, not sure whether to count it as a relapse or not. I remember everything. I pushed the girl off me in my dream and she wouldn't stop. I got violated by a sex demon!!!! The sperm wasn't sticky at all tho. Any similar experience on here . Imma keep it going

  10. Hey uncle C, have you ever thought about putting these videos onto an audio format?
    Love listening to these when I'm driving or in the gym but drains the life out of my battery and data!

  11. On day 20 I feel very Great but I have too much energy.some times I feel like faping to reduce on the too much energy.its beautiful staying without faping though the energy feels too much

  12. Day 28 on nofap, quitted my weed addiction next to my porn addiction, gotta balance the dopamine levels if you want to push hard and accomplish BIG goals

  13. When I went to Army BCT I hadn’t busted a load until a month and a half until one night, the fattest load I’ve ever had shot out of my dick in the middle of the night and woke me up. I think your nuts eventually get too full and have to excrete that shit naturally.

  14. This Video is Gold Uncle C! This Message is so important for every Man! Guys, watch this Video more than once! Adults learn trough Repetition!!! This is the real Shit!

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