Northampton Center for Couples Therapy (NCCT) introduction

Hi, I’m Kerry Lusignan i’m the founder and the director of the Northampton Center for Couples therapy and I am a certified Gottman Therapist Title:What Makes Us Unique? The services we offer are all state dependent and what that means is that when you come to ncct you’re doing work where you’re actually getting into the very problems that get you in trouble and brought you to couples therapy. we’re not talking about it from a distance reflecting on what happened the week before we’re actually having you talking the moment about the things that are tough but you have the support of the couple’s therapist there as a guide and underlying that support we’re using the Gottman Method which includes a thorough assessment so that we go into your relationship having a really good idea of what happened. I like to say to people you don’t you know just jump into the doctors and get surgery you have x-rays and tests done before, so the Gottman method assessment is a form of doing and then we’re using the emotionally focused therapy model also to support us in our work with you. when you come here you have two options one is that you can come weekly for a couple therapy we see all couples four 90-minute sessions and many of the couples that come here choose that as an option and the continuity is really helpful but another option is that you can come for a private intensive retreat private interests of retreats are really helpful for couples whose lives are just very busy and very full and they want to do a lot of work in a short window of time we usually work with you for two to three days in a row and it’s the equivalent of doing six weeks of couple therapy and one weekend but they’re also really helpful if your relationship is in crisis and you want to have an intervention of sorts to really stop things in their tracks and come up with some tools and a plan and to getting table quickly. Title: Contact Us so what I’d like to encourage you to do is to give us a call. when you call us I promise you’ll get a real person, our intake coordinator she’ll call you back and we’ll spend some time talking with you. We’ll talk with you regardless of whether or not you decide to come here just to help you have a better sense of where to goes from here and how to make the decision that’s right

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