Nose Bleed First Aid

nosebleeds nosebleeds are incredibly common particularly with small children who have little blood vessels inside their noses and when they run around to get hot those blood vessels expand and dilate and they burst their tiny little blood vessels but they can produce a lot of blood because your face is very vascular so what you need to do if somebody’s having the nosebleed is sit them down lean them forward and hold their nose if holding their nose what you’re doing is applying pressure to the outside of the nose to try and squeeze the blood vessel inside against the sort of brittle on the side of your nose to stop the bleeding and it takes about ten minutes worth of pressure to stop the bleeding properly so if it’s quite a severe nosebleeds you would expect to be sitting there and holding their nose for a good 10 minutes so if there aren’t enough to hold it themselves then fantastic leaning forward ideally over a bowl or a sink or something or have something to catch the blood don’t be tempted to put their head back because all that would happen there is that the blood will go down the back of their throat and it will make them feel sick you also can’t see whether or not you have stopped the bleeding if they’re back whereas when they’re forward you can see quite clearly so you hold it for ten minutes when you let go if it starts again you’ll need to hold it again and then hold it again further if it’s still bleeding if they’re not using it losing huge amounts of blood it will feel like a lot but if it’s not huge amounts of the blood then it will stop eventually if you think that their nose might be broken then obviously they will need to be taken to hospital – to get it seen to but you will still need to apply pressure to stop the blood coming out if you have a very severe nosebleed and you honestly can’t stop it with the pressure then they may need some medical support and help

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