Nova 2000 vs. Nova 3 vs. GenVX

Hi guys Daniel and Luigi here from
Quantum Blast Australia we’re here today to talk about a new helmet to the
market the Bullard GenVX and while we’re here we’re going to compare it to
to a more popular models the Nova 2000 and the Nova 3 so if you want to start
just have a look at the overall look of the helmets and I guess the the thing that’s
most obvious is the size difference between the 3 helmets. You can see the
Bulllard GenVX is a much slimmer design the Nova 3 a lot wider while looking
pretty modern and space-age and the Nova 2000 quite a dated helmet but
still one of the most popular helmets on the market. Ok and so being that it is a
smaller helmet what effect does that have on the weight at the 3 helmets? Yeah
so a lot of feedback we’ve been getting from Blasters is because it is smaller
they can get into tighter spots where as you’re a bit restricted with these sort
of helmets so that’s just the biggest benefit of it is just getting into tiny
and tighter work areas. And look at the front of the three helmets the obvious
difference is this grit gard on the bottom? Yeah so they call this the grit guard so anyone who
actually uses an Nova 2000 would know that getting the garnet and your
media in between your two lenses and how critical that is and how often it
happens I’ve actually seen a lot of guys removing the inner lens yeah so
this is designed to stop that it also plays another function when it holds
down the strap which which actually holds the cape on but the grip guard is
there to typically it is designed to to stop the gonna get in between those two
lenses. Pick the helmet up I guess we will have a look at the insides of the
three helmets to see where the differences are there. So start with the
Nova 2000 if you like, everyone’s pretty familiar with these helmets motorcycles
sort of fit on them nice and tight and snug, got these removable pads that come
in there and pretty basic helmet made of a inner plenum which is a foam and as
you can see there that I mean that just comes right out, this foam it’s not really
removable it’s all glued down so hygienically you can’t really wash it you
can sponge it down with warm water and things but hygienically
you really want to be drying it out and and as you can see there’s no adjustment
in that at all so it’s a one size fits all so if your heads too big or too small
you’re gonna really struggle with this. It’s the same of these cheek pads quite
thick. The’re quite thick they’re actually quite
comfortable but they do wear out and obviously they’re replaceable but once
again, you can’t you can’t wash them or anything so hygienically then
it’s not the best design and apart from that no adjustability? Apart from that
that is literally it you see nice empty helmet there they’re very basic but
still one of the favourites. Yep, and how this differs to the new Nova
3? So the newer Nova 3, they obviously made some improvements on that
because you know everyone’s got a different sized head so there is some
adjustment now so cheek pads are pretty well the same they just click out like
that they actually feel really nice and soft but what you’ll notice here the
main difference is they’ve actually added a ratchet style adjustment so like
your hard hats it’s an adjustment, now the only problem with this adjustment
is when you actually tighten it if you’ve got a smaller head you’ll notice it comes off
the back and what that does is actually pushes the operators face closer to the
screen so if you’ve got a small head your face is going to be right up
against the screen and it’s not really practical either but a lot more comfort
and at least they have put some adjustments in. this time so good on them for that
these are these are removable and we have a look it’s still the same foam plenum so your airflow comes in through there
and bleeds through these holes here pretty pretty simple design and move on
to the Bullard same sort of motorcycle style fit as the Nova 2000, removable cheek
pads and adjustable so you can you can move them you know bit further back a bit
more towards the front but what you’ll notice with these as well
they’ve actually got two layers of foam in them so if your head is a bit wider
you can actually take out the thicker one or the thinner one or both and they’re
actually machine washable okay so hygienically they’re fantastic. Further
to that they have the ratchet style adjustment like the Nova 3 but
like a typical hard hat it actually adjusts right around your head so your heads
still floating in the center of the helmet and when you adjust it, it adjusts
to your head so that’s actually a really good feature. You can remove this
as well that’s machine washable as well so hygienically it’s a fantastic helmet you can
see real real simple and easy operation you got your adjustment you got your
brow sweat guard, so yeah so what you’ll notice here as well there’s no plenum so
with the plenum when your air flow comes in through the top the the air actually
comes in over the top of the head and actually cool so you get less fogging
and just a lot lot better cooling with the GenVX. So just back to the weight of
the three helmets. Yeah okay good point it’s actually quite important so
when you’re wearing one of these helmets I don’t know if you you’ve ever worn one
but everyone I’ve worn blast helmets eight to ten hour shifts and they can get quite
quite draining on you so when I first started blasting my first helmet was
actually the Nova 2000 so quite a heavy helmet but they released a new Nova 3
and it’s actually heavier than the Nova 2000 which is a bit of a, I feel, a design flaw. When you’re wearing and bearing that weight on you on your head you get sore
neck sore shoulders after moving around leaning all day the GenVX is actually
the lightest across all three of them so GenVX actually weighs 400 grams lighter
than the Nova 3 and it’s just a touch over 300 grams lighter than Nova 2000.
Okay so comfort wise you’ve got full ratchet adjustment you’re a lighter
helmet what about cooling? Cooling so cooling options are the same across all
three. Obviously a cool tube or you can get hot/cold tubes. The Nova’s offer
a plastic tube whereas the Bullard comes with a metal tube. Now a metal
tubes gonna last a lot longer and cool a lot better. Okay what can you tell us
about Bullard? Bullard is a specialist helmet manufacturer they actually
specialize in fire helmets as well They have been around since 1898 and to this
day they are still a family business. Bullrd. Yeah
there you go. What about the clips? Yeah okay so this
is actually the series two helmet you notice that these are a gray and a lot
of marketing materials got a green screen so Quantum Blast, we’re the first
asian-pacific distributor of the series two GenVX and what they’ve done here
they’ve made few upgrades self-tightening clip, you feel that it’s made of metal it’s actually quite firm
it feels pretty strong it feels really strong that’s quite a nice fit. The Nova 3 I reckon they’ve
done a fantastic job. It’s a nice slick design so getting caught it’s a lot
harder to get caught when you’re in a booth
we open it up there but I’m not too keen on this sort of plastic area here
I think that’ll wear out over time that looks like a replaceable part but I’m
just yeah, I liked overall design of it I think it’s fantastic
because obviously we’re talking about this one here and everyone who’s got one
of these is gonna know that the, this clip system is absolutely useless. It’s
very weak, it bends, you have to bend these by hand to get a tight
fit again, these snap they’re just absolutely terrible so they have fixed
it in the Nova 3 which is great. I notice how far off it is. Yeah exactly so coming coming back trying to
work your way it’s getting caught it’s popping open on your wall you’re
blasting. Especially guys who ar’nt wearing in a screen. Yeah exactly,
very dangerous but yeah that’s an absolute disaster. Okay so lens options
for the three helmets I know that blasting outside is it is a big thing
and we’ve always struggled with tinting. Yep. Availability for the the
Bullard GenVX? You can actually get tinted lenses and you can get green lenses so
perfect for outdoor sort of stuff obviously can get you clear lenses, inner, outer and tear offs where as the two Nova’s have the same clear lenses
and an tear offs but no tinted options available that I’m aware of.
Okay and what about how they fit inside the helmet. So yeah we’ll start with the
Nova 2000, simple operation they just click in place
yeah quite as easy and and it’s actually a decent design. I’ve just noticed the
Nova 3, every time you open this up they seem to fall off and I don’t know, I
haven’t used one long enough to really notice it but that that’s quite
annoying every time you open it you have to that falls off yeah I don’t I don’t
like that at all. The GenVX is pretty well the same sort
of style where they just clip in but it’s got a holding sort of position in
the top and bottom of the lens so you just pop them out and that’s a good
fit. That’s obviously just a blue protective film they are clear. So being
that Bullard is new to the Australian market, what offers have Quantum Blast got? At the moment Quantum Blast are offering trading in, doesn’t have to be an Nova,
but trade in your old blasting helmet and you get $100 off a brand new GenVX.
That’s good deal, and the condition what condition do the old helmets have to be? They could be in
any condition because they’ll be going to landfill unfortunately and as you
can see some old customer stuff comes in and that’s had some fair use and
typically what they look like out there but if you do want a brand new GenVX
100 bucks off if you can trade in your old blasting helmet and pick one up. Okay
so in summary the coolest helmet is? The coolest helmet would be the GenVX. The
lightest helmet would be? Definitely the GenVX. The most dependable brand? The Bullard
GenVX. And comfort wise? The Bullard GenVX.
There it is guys, looks like the Bullard GenVX is the winner. So make sure you jump on our website if you want more information about the GenVX or any of our other blasting products including the RapidBlast SD120 and SD
60, the website is or also our Quantum Bast Facebook page

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