Novice Nurse makes a Medication Error

you hello how are you good hi I'm Suzy and I'm the nursing associate on this floor I'm going to be taking care of you and a few other patients tonight okay so how are you feeling pretty good so are you diabetic do you take your blood sugars at home or no I've just been diagnosed with diabetes so I'm learning and Ashley's going to help me I see are you having good I just asked her name house I understand me can't you're gonna make her nervous are you a nurse I'm in nursing so I graduate in May so can i guys make sure that I watch everything that you're doing she's gonna try to make you nervous pay attention are we watching just make sure everything's done oh that's okay so it's good to have nice people to carry over for you yeah right now I'm just gonna take your blood sugar okay zip it just for today okay you need to zip it let me just do when we just do this all right all right first I'm going to stand your IT band okay good and as every finger you prefer right hand oh no you could use anything over here that time okay she's scanning an ID man all right you are going to feel a little prick with this okay okay okay your blood sugar is high it is at 3:20 so I'm going to go tell the nurse and then I'll be dealing on how abusive yes I'm going to go tell her right now and see if you have any orders or anything for that oh it was there anything else you needed no that's all okay thanks da in a bit 23 of dr. Jerome she's a whole code she is new onset diabetes her blood Sugar's have been all over the place lately last night they were it was 400 they covered that with 15 units regular insulin about this gene room – yes I just got her blood sugar it was three fine okay thank you your watch okay so that's pretty high and we'll probably have to cover that one to see what the doctor ordered last night she was also given Lantis 50 units Atlantis okay since her blood sugars have been all over the place and she is a nuance that we're going to have to do a lot of teaching we're going to teach about the carb controlled diet the different types of insulin her family is in there she was two sisters that have really been there for but they're very overbearing she was a sister who's a nursing student and she thinks she knows everything okay great so direct comments to to them to include them on the teaching where why don't you go on the computer and check and see the sliding scale what we need to give for that how many units okay room two I'm going to be completely honest with you I think I slept through every single diabetes class during school okay well when you do sighing skill insulin it's usually the regular insulin so yeah um we could talk a little bit about that before we give it okay that'll be the regular insulin is the Humalog and it'll say right on the bottle it will have an R on it and that's short-acting the onset is usually half hour to an hour the peak is two to three hours and the duration is four to six hours it's usually given twenty to thirty minutes before they eat then there's some the rapid-acting which is the Humalog and that on sets broke records within ten minutes the peak is within it with an hour and the duration is two to four hours there's also intermediate and that's when the bottle has an N on it and that onset is two to four hours the peak is four to twelve and the duration is sixteen to twenty okay there's also the very long acting that's the lantus that we give sometimes at night I don't remember dr. Jerome do you happen to know the peak of Lantis are you serious you should notice by that a big pest event collects what you think you want to help me out here I don't know peach shirt well don't worry about dr. Jerome he is like that let's just go drop the insulin because our priority is the patient okay okay okay so this is the regular insulin and since she was 320 you'd give 10 units this step okay so you know how to draw it up to everything right yeah okay I'm going to go talk to the nurse manager was this beginning another admissions Oh really busy so just draw it up and meet me out there all right sounds good okay they think I'm a complete idiot and I don't know what I'm doing humulin art okay or that looks like a well I'm getting real hungry stop sugar the cafeteria well I am but I need to make sure that you're gonna write everything down I'm going to write everything down all right do you want something yes okay I'll just pick you anything yeah whatever you want okay everything used to be wetter damping will be written down – all right Nelson I'll be back I'll be back sir okay hi how are you good I'm Megan I'm the nurse that's gonna be with you today how are you feeling good any pain no no no okay I'm kind to a quick assessment on you sure are you able to sit up for me do your locks okay take a nice deep breath and again okay all right well your assessment is done your blood sugar was 320 which is high so I do have insulin for you I've got ten okay so I'm going to go ahead and give that I think how are you doing today I'm good how are you good sure you're giving her ten yeah I need to know everything because my sister is crazy a nursing student come in here and want to make sure that you did everything right okay all righty well well you are good to go I'm going to go chart your assessment and I'll be back later let me know if you need anything all right thank you okay yeah this is hospital I tell you it's close maybe sir we'll share something with you I don't want to take her food did you write down everything that happens the nurse was here she came in she gave her her insulin she gave ten ten what I am right it she didn't say anything she just said ten she just said ten was it like a little orange I don't I don't remember I don't trust new nurses well you're gonna be a new nurse I was gonna trust you baby though I trust myself no that doesn't count how are you feeling sir I'm just so annoyed things wrong no why are you feeling like are you hungry no I don't know what are your lunch we're gonna order I don't feel good you're sweating I don't know I just don't feel right sure you're the nurse was wrong with what I don't know I don't I wasn't in here when the nurse was in here or throw up for that basin my gosh nurse nurse she's throwing up in here nurse okay how you do you not feeling well my god you do not look good did you do to me your name can you place it your name for me sir do you know where you are do you know where your heart I know what you did it wouldn't do her oh my god I'm gone I'm gonna code I need help I need help in here I need the home in here please there there like I'm gonna get in here right now air compressor we need to work on her singing here we go blood pressure what's going on here Oh 24 year old female came in for diabetes she's up diaphoretic she was she's growing up I don't know I distributed vacation oh yes our blood sugar was 320 a keeper insulin IDR okay how much 10 milliliters of idea recover get dangle or insulin yes 10 donors 10 milliliters I've got unis what if Rosie oh my god oh my god I was on a brain rhythm everybody's pretty 30 but sugar 30 I need 1 amp of d50 IV stat okay I'll get that guy oh my god what's real I used to do something me cries thee I need you right now got it have seat so I heard about the code that happened downstairs and I want to hear from you what you know do you want to tell me what happened and I gave the patient ten milliliters of regular insulin through her IV instead attend unit subject now you're her preceptor did use witness her drawing that up for I didn't I was busy and I just ran out of the room when she was drawing it up you know that's a big error it's probably gonna turn into a big deal you know the daughter was a nursing student and she was very upset about how things transpired and she's putting a lot of blame with the nursing staff without doing the right thing beforehand she ever asked you about what should I do she did mention that she was uncomfortable with the different types of insulin and I went over kind of the onset peak duration with her of the different types of so you drew up ten ml of regular into a set of ten units and again I need sense a few in the patient obviously what happened happened I was there I didn't get to see kind of what happened and we'll talk more about what happened during the code but how do you feel about it felt horrible idiot well I'm going to investigate this further and find out what the correct disciplinary action is and I will have to give that to you I know you're new and you made a mistake I'm really sorry that happened and you are too luckily the patient's okay so that's a good thing right but we still have to deal with the error I'm going to talk to dr. Jerome too about what he did the time what happened with dr. Jerome huh while we were in the room during code he was like swearing at me and just completely like yelling at me even through throw a cup of me I saw him through the copper I didn't hear everything he said or some of the things he said to you he make you think swear words and just uh saying I was an idiot I just you know I made a big mistake did you file an incident report yeah I did I could I wrote it on the computer we did do a thing and I don't think that was very properly I'm doing in the room especially during the time what happened it happened at that point and he needs to be interesting and try to fix the problem rather than angry or send you this type of thing so I will have a talk with him as well I want you to know that you did make an error but you learned a very valuable lesson in going forward you're going to know now exactly what to do and as a preceptor you need to be very careful with in your beds and how they drop in so that anything they do until you're completely confident that they did exactly what they need to do when they need to do it what you could have done was just watched her do it but in here for the first time and then after that trust that she'll do the right thing all right okay you need time you guys can't go ahead back to work and I'll let you know what happens from here amount correctly thank you all right Oh come on in doctor I'm gonna have to see but I'm talking yeah now wait a minute before you even say anything I was in that coat and I heard some of the things that you said and some things you did there was an incident report filed by the nurses that took care of the patient but incompetent nurse I'm tired of these incompetent nurses you have here okay she gave ten Miller's of insulin she did not ten units and vision was dying I can't be the nurse that took care of the patient found incident report about your behavior did you Swart her during the code I saw you through the cup of her they're incompetent the dumb and the neighboor training no no wait a minute okay we already starting off with insults and this is what I'm talking this is why you're in here how prep if you think that is what how appropriate was she to get ten Miller's on this one it wasn't it wasn't right she made a mistake but for you to go off on her like that and throw something I heard it was extremely inappropriate and I will have it I'm tired of it I'm tired I can't do this every day well maybe you need to think about what you can do to help the situation rather than getting angry and doing things like that because when you do those things you're going to find yourself in the same situation right here in my office having to face the fire I want you out of here you got it your inappropriate you're mean you to something in the code and it's still going to be dealt with I'm going to call for suspension and get you out of here for a few days if you you can reflect on what you think's appropriate you do that yeah well all right all right you Oh or where we parked first we thank God today I know so stressful this was one of the most stressful days I've ever had dr. Jerome doesn't mind about me so ridiculous I'm glad he got yoga yeah very zen eat it unbelievable yeah there's no recent treat I got it yes nurses that don't know what they're doing Oh hi I okay I need to call code or RT I need help in here I need some help in here now we're happy because my patient just I know I'm sorry that's all right 30/30 you


  1. This just gave me anxiety with how wrong everything is. It also makes me glad that my facility uses insulin pens that are clearly labeled so insulin errors have been significantly reduced

  2. This video gives me insane anxiety..very unrealistic…chart should be with the two nurses while drawing up..then checked with patient with two nurses. Then checked and checked again with two nurses… One small error would be more realistic this is like a horror movie. And no hand hygiene haha

  3. Insulin is a dual sign off medication, YOU AS A NURSE CANNOT GIVE IT WITHOUT ANOTHER NURSE SEEING WHAT YOU ARE GIVING ! by the way what nurse does not know that insulin is given in units no matter how new!

  4. A preceptor is always to be presen&supervise the novice nurse
    S/c should have been given unless it’s an insulin infusion,it’s an additional insulin order ,,the drug chart was not w/ the nurse.

  5. This is actually so useful! It can be used to spark the conversation on medication errors. I would definitely use the first part of this video for training purposes.

  6. I just commented while watching, the thing that's really good about this seriously, is the soap opera – esque look and feel and I'm still watching it, if i were the director and i was making an original film I'd embrace that element for a film – David lynch is a huge fan of soap operas

  7. Is this part of a film or series? I accidentally ended up here, thought this was a real situation, anyone that thought this was reality, um… the simultaneous bad acting while I'm witnessing the cinematography was a smack in the face from go, yet this is not a slam, (even though there's a screw up on a VO) I'm sure the director and everyone involved has improved, i just don't understand what the point of this is

  8. 1st this is a fake situation, 2nd is medical errors are being investigated and medication errors of right dose, right patient, right time, is a little group of them. Sentinel events and incident reports are being implemented, transversely and horizontally. only in accredited instits errors are minimized, but have reached zero figure, no where, so far. briefly, starting to recognize the errors and declaring them, evaluating and rehab professional progs could be enhanced. About the one who said US is fulla medical errors, could be a lot surprized where in other world areas, errors are neglected, pass without being perceived and more.

  9. Is wondering why the insulin isn't in the fridge…okay I know it's not a "real" video, but they should at least made it appear to be real. Oh yeah, I would never have left a new nurse alone to draw up and administer insulin alone.

  10. Showing these cautionary tales to incoming nurses can be helpful in preventing such cases of medication errors.

  11. hospital medication errors are common so is abuse by nurses and doctors. this seemed very fake and acted out. didnt seem real to me. i relaized it was fake when she was about to draw up the insulin and the other nurse leaves the room! i dont think do so

  12. 4:00, Humalog IS NOT regular insulin! They are different, I have seen very experienced nurses give Humalog when a regular dose is ordered.

  13. i could tell right away what was wrong with that med pass she was prepping, right away she wasnt paying attention and didnt do her med rights and 3 med checks

  14. This is our new politically correct system. We fell sorry for the nurse who did not have the most basic knowledge of insulin and therefore nearly killed the patient. The nurse and her supervisor are given a mild lecture and told to carry on. The Dr., who saved the patient's life , is put on suspension (albeit for a temper outburst).

    Thus the system leaves the incompetent nurse and her supervisor on duty, while the competent MD, who needs education in staff relations, is suspended.

  15. Nurses need to be careful about giving the wrong medication to a patient just in case it interferes with different conditions that they already suffer.

  16. super cute video! hahahah the doctor was super funny. the video, although acting, brought home a very important point. thanks for the post

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