1. Hi Lada,
    I need a family rotation for FNP program for spring of 2020. Are u able to precept me please??

  2. I wanted to let you know that you have be an inspiration to my throughout nursing school. I graduated December 2018 and [assed my boards first try Feb. 21,2019. I am now enrolled in BSN-MSN program. Thank you for all of the videos.

  3. ****Oh did I mention they were free?! Just chatting with a BSN about my journey rewarded me this opportunity. Many blessings to you and your goals as well.

  4. Hi Nurse Lada. Just checking in and wanted to let you know that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take a CNA course along with a Medication assistant course as building blocks. Praying to do well in these next 5-6 courses I’ve decided to take before relocating 😊 Keep posting the videos as I personally find them helpful 😍

  5. Perfect video.  Thank you Nurse Lada.  I am starting my FNP clinical next month and I am very nervous.  I am starting my NP binder to bring with me so I have all my resources on hands.

  6. Hello.I am interested in radiology mammongrapy it's a 4 yr degree and I will be 31 this year.I have no college experience,do you think I should go to a community college first?

  7. I am currently in school working from the very bottom up. I am going into early childhood development and then hoping to merge that with nursing. I am in remedial classes right now because my skill level scored way behind but I know I can do it!!!!!!!!! Even 1 class at a time! I have some exciting news. I get to meet the doctor who saved my life when I was a 1 lb preemie in the NICU. 26 years later we will come face to face. He will be surprised to see me! I know this will be emotional.

  8. Thank you so much. You have been a mentor to me in this journey. I am in my last year of NP school online. It has been a solo journey. You videos help me to feel not so alone. Going to start clinicals in 5 weeks. I am scared, excited, and don't know what to expect. Could you possibly do a video for NP students in their first clinical?..I don't know what to expect in terms of what preceptors expect of first clinical students and what I should make sure I have firm knowledge of. Your video on resources you take to work was helpful.

  9. This was so helpful! And it is so exciting to hear of your success. I am starting nursing school this May and could not be more thrilled. Watching your videos so that I can be prepared.

  10. Heyyy Lada NP! I really enjoyed this video. I love how you shared the wealth of knowledge & experiences. I will definitely apply those concepts into my nursing journey. I recently applied to a FNP program and waiting for a response (deadline in mid Feb). Thanks a million & much love from Louisville, Ky!

  11. Thank you for sharing you experiences with us. This video was extremely helpful. My first primary clinical rotation starts February 11th, and I am pretty nervous about it. I am ready and eager to lean; however, I am worried that I will not prepared enough.

  12. // I always get nervous before clinical day. I feel I will say or do something wrong. I doubt my knowledge as well. I am not as quick as others to answers questions and it takes me a second to link certain things.

  13. Good point. You might just need to mentor me since you been doing online for the past two or more years for NP. I been following you on and off since the end of 2014 or 15 FB. You were one of my encouragement to go back for BSN &NP too.

  14. New to your channel and I just subscribed. I'll be 39 in June and I've been a CNA for almost 7 yrs now. Had my first child at 17 (who will graduate from college next year, yaaay), a 12 yr old, and 3 yr old. Plus a Mother that have been dealing with health issues for years now. Before getting pregnant as a teen, I envisioned going to school and being a doctor. I've already watched several of your vids, and like yourself, I dropped out of school and got my GED. Just wanted to say thank you for your vids because instead of postponing for the thousandth time for going back to school for nursing, I have finally started the process of applying to go back and make it happen. I'm nervous, but never scared, and I'm prayed up that I can become a NP. Thanks again for your good spirit and words of encouragement! Please keep the videos coming!! May God continue to bless you and your family!!!

  15. LOVED this video!! I had nursing school classmates like the one you described who came to clinicals with just their long hands. I could NOT stand that. They asked to borrow every living thing!! I was a walking nursing supply store when I went to clinicals and this one chick never had ANYTHING!!! I went off one day (I'd been holding it in for a minute). Everyone looked at me like I had 2 heads because I was usually the quiet one. I bet that chick never asked me for another damn thing!! Sorry, I was triggered, but as always, loved your video! 😁👍

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