NRV 911 Authority Launches Emergency Medical Dispatch Program

Emergency medical dispatch is a phenomenon has been moving across the country for many years now and we thought it would be a fantastic avenue for us to provide life-saving instructions to 911 callers with medical emergencies. And what it is is when a 911 caller calls in to the center with a medical emergency the call taker now has the availability of providing pre-arrival instructions and medical advice to the caller before rescue squads can arrive on the scene And a lot of times this can be life-saving medical advice. I think it’s important for the public to be aware that when they call 911. They’re gonna be asked a series of questions based on the nature of the situation that they’re calling about. Especially with regards to emergency medical dispatch We will in turn be able to provide you pre-arrival instructions before the rescue squad gets there. Okay, tell me exactly happened. Okay, how old are you? Is it actively bleeding? Where are you bleeding from? Is your breathing normal for you? Is the blood spurting or pouring out? Do you have a bleeding disorder or are you on blood thinners? Okay, i’m saying the ambulance to help you now. Just stay on the line, and I’ll tell you exactly what to do next. Now, it’s very important that the public understand that just because we’re asking questions does not mean that the ambulance is not responding. The person you’re talking to on the phone is not the same person that is dispatching the ambulance. So there really is not the delay that sometimes is perceived, by the general public. I’m going to tell you how to stop the bleeding. Listen carefully to make sure, we do it right. Get a clean, dry cloth or towel and place it right on the wound. Okay, press down firmly and don’t lift it up to look. Okay it’s the bleeding control now? Help is on the way but from now on, don’t have anything to eat or drink it might make you sick or cause further problems. Don’t move around unless it’s absolutely necessary Just be still and wait for help to arrive. From the 911 Center’s original inception One of the goals, was to bring emergency medical dispatch to Montgomery County And this is the first step in the evolution of bringing in new, technologies into the center. One of the things that we are planning on in the very near future is bringing text to 911 to the region as well and we hope to have that up and running sometime this summer Do you feel safe disconnecting from me? Ok, your husband’s there Ok, i’m gonna give you, some instructions before I let you go. Just before the responders arrive, please put away any pets, gather your medications, unlock the door and turn on the outside lights Ok, if anything changes just call us back immediately for further instruction. Thank you.

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