Nursing Beyond the Bedside I Non-clinical jobs, corporate nursing jobs even jobs for ex nurses!

hi I'm Caroline from empowerment and I've partnered with nurse Janelle about work to cover the topic of being a nurse outside of the normal bedside nursing 15 fantastic option we really hope this video helps you out a lot if it does please do us a favor and give the video a thumbs up all right guys without any further ado let's get right into the video learning a nursing degree opens you up to a world a tremendous opportunity the opportunity for advancements are incredible the longer you go to school the more letters you put behind your name and the form of credentials and the greater your earning potential almost everyone needs a side hustle and your nursing degree stuff – you up for anything you can imagine so let's explore some awesome options one soared PRN in a similar unit and it's different Hospital go ahead think you might want to get some extra hours in at a pain clinic or Surgery Center do it perhaps you would like to exercise your creative side while using your nursing knowledge and expertise try your hand at being a freelance nurse writer if you can imagine how you'd like to use your nursing degree to advance your career expand your horizons or make some extra cash you can make it happen listen on and learn about the exciting and different clinical nursing specialties non clinical jobs and nursing positions that can take you out of the hospital let's first explore some non-traditional clinical opportunities if you're interested in the labor and delivery and would like to help moms to the further process you should consider a career as a nurse midwife nurse midwives are specially trained in pregnancy birth and caring for mom and baby immediately after birth they have their masters and science of Nursing specializing in midwifery birthing centers and hospitals are primary places of employment for the nurse midwives where they care for mothers during low risk pregnancies and deliveries occupational health nurses are employed in nearly every large company across the country they ensured necessary vaccinations and tests are completed to provide care to employees is necessary workplace injuries and illnesses can first be treated by the occupational health nurse who determines if further care is necessary a mental health nurse can work in a psychiatric hospital or unit patient facilities and provide mental health care to patients in their home they assess the mental health needs of the patient in collaboration with the medical team to determine the best care for the patient's mental health needs now let's explore some non clinical nursing jobs this could be for nurses seeking a change even options for ex nurses nurse health coaches help their clients live healthy wise by teaching them about healthy choices they work frequently with chronic illness suffers such as those with diabetes and heart disease to improve their health and wellness nurse Life Care planners work with patients who have suffered significant illness to plan their life and create a roadmap for health they advocate for the patient and determine the patient's future need including the associated cost nurse Life Care planners can be self employed and consult for lawyers insurance companies and the patient's themselves the nurse navigators primary role is to coordinate care and help the patient achieve their health care goals the goal of the American College of Surgeons is to have a nurse navigator and every accredited Cancer Center can help remove barriers to care for patients they advocate for their patients and keep them on their disease and treatment and assist with the paperwork associated with a complex medical care academic nurse writers can fulfill many roles they can author nursing textbooks assist with the creation of ancillary material and write nursing journal articles research writing is within the purview of the academic nurse writer legal nurse consultants legal nurse consultants use their nursing expertise to evaluate and give options on legal care such as medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits they may be self employed or work with law offices hospitals insurance agencies and many others a law degree is not required however certificate programs are offered to formally trained legal nurse consultants nurse case managers coordinate care for patients with complex healthcare needs they collaborate with the medical teams to ensure the patient has the necessary services and resources in place prior to discharge from the hospital nurse educators support staff nurses and hospitals by ensuring they are properly educated on how to care for their specific patient population they are generally tasked with overseeing the nurses orientation to the hospital and unit additionally they ensure nurses keep up the necessary skills and knowledge to safely care for their patients forensic nurse consultants collect evidence from victims of violence and sexual assault to aid the police in catching the predator this is all done while providing care to the patients regarding the trauma they have experienced forensic nurses may be called to give expert testimony in court non-hospital opportunities concierge nurses help patients navigate the confusing healthcare world is just with the search for appropriate specialist based on the patient's needs they make sure the patient gets all of his or her questions and surgeons help organize record coordination of outpatient care is a primary goal of the concierge nurse public health nurses care for entire communities they work to meet the health needs of special populations within their community this could include people from other countries individuals with HIV or people with mental health needs corporate nursing jobs provide an array of opportunities that is growing every day these jobs are sometimes difficult to find however as the world is changing they are becoming more popular they can include content curators managers insurance verification adjusters and clicks prep instructors and ward hospice nurses provide end-of-life care to terminally ill patient they are tasked with ensuring the adequate pain control helping families grieve and maintain the patient's dignity hospice nurses generally Gosa patients homes which can allow patients to remain at home where they are comfortable dialysis nurses may work in the hospital or in a dialysis clinic they assess dialysis ports and catheters to provide dialysis to patients and end-stage renal failure dialysis nurses are employed both in the hospital and outpatient clinics so dialysis nurses can be an excellent option for someone who loves working with patients but isn't interested in working in the hospital thanks so much for watching and guys make sure you visit nurse journals or a popular social community for nurses worldwide one of their best features is this page right here which helps over two hundred thousand dollars where the scholarship opportunity this is the start of what they have to 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  1. That's why so many nurses are leaving not cause of retirement and shit smh it's cause bedside is a living hell

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