Nursing Clinicals | How to Actively Participate in Nursing School Clinicals as a Nursing Student


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  2. TOP TIP: don't have your phone in arms reach.. like busting your phone out shouldnt have to be even said. you are there to learn, get it together 🙂

  3. One hesitation I feel like I will have in asking questions is feeling like it is showing a sign of weakness. Is that common?

  4. Thank you! I just finished my first rotation at a long term care facility and all the points you mentioned were perfect and spot-on.

  5. Do you have any information about medicines management, managing a deteriorating patient, time management for Ward setting and documentation?

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  6. Thank you for the videos! They are always helpful. Keep up the great work! Your very concise and informative. I will be recommending your youtube to my friends in class tomorrow!

  7. Wish I watched this video before my 1st semester! My 1st semester I was really nervous and felt like I knew nothing so I'd do vitals/AM care and "hide" lol pretty sad.. don't make my mistake new students! You're here to learn, the more hands on experience you get, the better nurse you'll be in the future! Now in OB, graduating in May!

  8. i just started nursing school this fall and had my second day of clinicals for my foundations of nursing class. sometimes i find myself just standing around because there isnt really anything the nurses need me to do at the time but im gonna try to follow some of your tips to help me be more proactive for next time. thanks alot, your videos are very helpful!

  9. Sarah, thank you for honoring my video request!! great tips, advice, and hints. I am more than sure you make an awesome preceptor for nursing students!! They should value and treasure your experience and teaching methods. I have said it once before and I will confirm it again….as a teacher-now nursing student, I am well able to recognize another great educator!! This was a very good topic on how to get nursing students to "actively participate" in clinicals….the video or the expression of the topic was well delivered….no changes or revisions needed!!!

  10. This works so well on the floor. I'm interning in the OR and I have a lot of idle moments as a student. The nurses are super busy but it's only so much they can give me in this area of nursing 😔

  11. Hello Sarah. Another great video — thank you.
    I'm going to guess that MOST of the time, I'll be cleaning up (wiping) patients since that's an easy and low-risk way for a tired, overworked and irritated nurse to get rid of an annoying eager-beaver-ish student for 15(?) or 30(?) minutes.
    Is the lesson here pretty much: learn to love cleaning poop? :-p

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