Nursing Clinicals Tips & Bag | What's in my Nursing School Clinical Bag?


  1. Hey Everyone! Thanks for watching. Don't forget:
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  2. Anyone who has heard someone say it’s hard to fail clinical: don’t believe them. Every clincial instructor is different and you can fail, I’m living proof of that. Clinical is application of the stuff you learn but you are applying things in a way that you have to adapt which apparently can’t be taught in a book. So for those in clinical good luck unfortunally I have to repeat a semester.

  3. I press like BEFORE I watch the video because I know you're going to tell me some valuable information#myvirtualteacher

  4. Always beautiful Sarah ^^
    Even though not a major in nursing, i watch your video in my spare time for my future volunteer service. (candidly, to watch your beautiful smile and face)
    Thank you for not only the clinical tips you offer but also your sonorous voice which is why i subscribed your channel. Actually, i'm a young teacher of S.Korea and use your video as a material of my English class. Thanks again~ lovely Sarah. Always cheering for you.

  5. Hii Sarah .., you're so inspiring… please do a video on study tips.. hope you do 🙂 You're so beautiful too 🙂 Love ya….

  6. Thanks you kindly Sarah for the helpful tips on what we need for clinicals. most students will often forget a watch with a second hand.

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