Nursing School and Life Update // Drive With Me

about to leave well kids I just got done with my final fun fact all I needed to pass OBE was like a 13.2% on my final so I know for sure I got some wrong but I also know I got a bunch right soon I'm just gonna go ahead say it hello third semester it is lovely to see you you know they got us in the first half I ain't gonna lie yeah they had us the first half I'm not gonna lie they had us we it's so weird because final was way different than it is final I absolutely I mean like I said I only needed like a 13 point something to pass the final because I was doing really well in that class I got so many aids on my tests which is a huge change from sight literally what's funny is that my lowest test grade was like an 84 and OB and like I went back and looked at my psych reason like my highest psych test grade was like it hit too so yeah so thankful I took psych first because I don't know if I could have taken all that mental training I would just feel so drained right now but I feel pretty good so yeah I'll update you guys once my like actual grades are in but on to third semester out of five guys literally a year what day is it less than a year until I graduate because we will graduate on May 8th that's meeting 363 days until I graduate holy Frick anyway you guys that was just an update anyway I hope you all enjoy your summer and you all did well this semester and if not I hope I personally learned a lot this semester a whole lot this semester so if you didn't do well bust mister hopefully we learned some lessons ok kids so Obi is officially done I passed with an 86 point 182 on my final so not terrible I honestly was kind of thinking I did worse than that but it's cool cuz I passed um so that was just my little update I know this video is super short sorry but sorry um I have a ton of videos from this semester so even though the semester is over let me know if you guys still want to see those cuz like I said I recorded I just I suck at editing I suck at sitting down and editing my apologies but if you guys still want to see them comment down below and let me know if you guys enjoyed this video please like it um I'm gonna try and continue to do better and next semester with it we'll see though cuz I've med surg and apparently med surg like in our school at least like destroys people so we'll see about that but yeah you guys if you're taking summer classes like me I wish you good luck hope you do well if you still have finals to take good luck to you you're gonna crush it if you are done with finals and you can enjoy your summer with no classes have an amazing summer freakin refresh relax you know do something good for yourself read a book because I'm probably not gonna read any books until I graduate because summer classes for life anyway you guys have a great summer and as always have a blessed day


  1. Hi! Congratulations 🎊🍾! Did you lighten your hair? I love it!!! Yasss… Come through Summer!!! 😁

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