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hey y'all was high after a comment down below because I wanna know I am back so to be honest guys um the last video that I posted I didn't even know it was that shortened to like a week later when I tell you that having me was so hot I just went ahead and put on Triberr I'm like I did not know that video was supposed to be like over ten minutes long and I didn't know where the footage went so my bad my mistake so here I am trying to do it again before I get into this video I'm gonna preface it by saying that I do want to spit out some content for y'all but just know that it's not gonna be very well edited like I kind of just want to go ahead get to the point give you all the information that y'all need or information that y'all want and then just keep a person because class is just kidding you know it's so hectic like I'm almost finished guys like yesterday was my one-year anniversary in the program like to my older subscribers who knew I started this channel back in May of last year like I'm almost dead guys I made it so you know I'm trying to hurry up get the way and also you know just trying to keep my priorities in order because you know this is my partner be to you know go ahead excel in school finish you know this is what I need to do so as far as YouTube you know it's not my job it's just a hobby of mine and also you guys contact me on Instagram via email and in the comments of other videos and stuff like that so we talk regardless but yeah I want to preface the video by saying that you know I'm gonna like try to put out videos but they're not gonna be that edited I'm just gonna come on talk finish it that's it yeah I've got some Earth Day comment down below Instagram y'all know where to talk to me I'll be right there okay but that's pretty much holidays so I don't know whether last time I talked to y'all I feel like I updated y'all on Spike so far so I'm gonna start after sight and go ahead and start when that search 1 so my search 1 & 2 has the same book and let me tell you right off the bat it's a beast and I am not lying when I say that look at this book it's big it's huge so we finished about half the book investors 1 and then men share 2 is going to finish the other half of the book one of the exams was like 11 or 13 chapters and this is how much we're getting in one week so we get those chapters mushed up one week next week we take the exam so it's a lot to learn and I just want to encourage on now like get your schedule together prioritize get your and order because you're gonna need to know how to time manage you're gonna need to Rd know the way you learn what type of learner you are take your notes you want to need everything reference YouTube videos you're gonna need to know everything so be mindful for those of you traditional programs it's still a lot but you have a little bit more leeway than those of us and everybody else who's in an accelerated program it's hard and it's gonna come at you in full force so be careful we do lose a lot of people in med-surg a lot of people do not pass so this is my warning to you because I care about you tell me so that was message we had 612 our clinicals those were fun we got to do a lot of hands-on skills from catheter placing breathing treatment obviously injections starting IVs dcn IVs wouldn't care like you pretty much get the whole shebang when you won the Med surg floor so be prepared to you know know your skills know how to do on my either way your nurse is gonna be with you whether it's your nurse or your clinical instructor they'll be with you every step of the way so just be ready to put those put everything you finally learned into action and then I think we have like three or four three six our sins so message is a lot and this is gonna take a lot I'll offer your schedule so just know that you might have to cut your work hours down if you work in but yeah that's my search and all I'm saying for message is good luck okay so after med surg you went into mother-baby which I just finished my other babies and honestly that first week or so when you learning it it's hard it does get easier but it it does start off hard and I didn't know it slapped me in the face as well as half the class we all failed the first exam so it did get easier and I didn't fail anything ever since so I was able to bring my prey back up also get a level tool on the API so I'm just very grateful for the instructor and for everything that I've learned and mother-baby I'm probably the only person who never got to see a birth or c-section I did see a circumcision I did I was able to place a catheter after one of the moms got a epidural but yeah I'm probably the only one who didn't see that but you do see burns like so just get ready for all the good stuff and yeah that's done smother babies learn how to take care of the mother while she's pregnant after she gives birth and take care of the baby and the mother so yeah that's mother baby and now I'm in Pediatrics which today was my first clinical at a Elementary School it was pretty fun I do get into detail in it because I started recording a day in their life I finished today but I do go back to a different facility on Friday so I'm gonna end the video on Friday so that's just a heads up but so far peds is looking pretty difficult because you have to learn their immunization schedules they're broken development chart like if they're two years old what should they be doing by – as far as like their motor skills they're both gross motor fine motor skills and stuff like that so it seems like a little bit much right now but I know it's not gonna be too much for me to handle I'm just gonna get it done you know what I mean um yeah so that's pretty much a I'm pretty sure I've just did it really fast I feel myself rambling and I'm getting annoyed of hearing my own voice so um yeah I just have one more thing to say if you guys I've talked to some of you guys on Instagram and stuff like that I do and he'll communicate you know through my Instagram the end but I want to let you guys know that I did as well as like my nursing besties in class I have a few but one of them we made an Instagram like literally for you guys and for everyone else who wants to join in the nursing program and stuff like that so that's more sort of like an up-close-and-personal like experience I put where's the ping pong on my Instagram story I'd like update on there and stuff like that because it's easier to put updates on there then upload a video and put it on YouTube so you guys can follow our instagram is fun nursing with a twist and also if you guys have questions I'm willing to if it is the question requires a long answer I'm willing to like set up a video chat with you guys and just talking off 101 excuse me it gets you guys you know all the information that should I be from both of our perspective from me and my server and stuff and I think that would be a cool thing to just you know better communicate with you guys and just you know build up a relationship and things like that so I'm really looking forward to that so yeah just hit us up there and all my nursing stuff will most likely be on nurse nip on nursing with a twist and not lace corner on Instagram but obviously I still post you know stuff on there as well so either way hit us up that question zoom in the comments below or just hit us up on Instagram if you want to video chat and we could just go over the whole shebang and everything you need to know have you flipped them to ready because you gotta have our answers ready and yeah we'll be the time so I think that's gonna be it for this video and don't forget to subscribe and like and comment down below also share this video and let people know you know what they're gonna be running into as far as these med-surg most likely because y'all it ain't it Messer's just ain't it y'all like I'm not blaming so good luck and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

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  1. do you think this would be a good school option ( the accelerated schools ) for someone who has a hard time retaining things? I have a feeling I might do better focused on one direct path vs taking a bunch of classes that aren't related to what I'm trying to get a degree on, like if I was studying a subject but only the important things I think I would be better for me instead of learning way to much about a subject and then taking a test on it an having to go back through a ton of notes to find the important things. I'm gonna follow you on insta, mine is @mariahsday
    hopefully we can chat

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