Nursing Update: How I became an L&D nurse + Tips

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you guys another nursing update it has been a long time since I did any nursing update and that's because it's been kind of stressful honestly and I am gonna let you know exactly why as you guys can tell from the title finally I am a L and D nurse if you guys have followed me for a while now with my nursing life and everything like that you know that I've always wanted to do LNG I've actually went into nursing for L&D do I have lipstick on my teeth I'm good like what was I talking about I always have these moments um I can't rap I'm just gonna pretend I remember but I really don't so oh my god actually don't remember so in this video the format is I'm gonna kind of tell you the journey of how I got there and then share some tips on how you can potentially get there yourself if you want if you want to do LNG or actually for whatever unit I feel like these tips still are relevant to whatever you want to do if you've been following me like I said then you know that I started out in the mr. Telly unit I done messed up Shelli for about one and a half years but you know I mean as much as I love and adore and just I love my co-workers so much at the end of the day if you know where you're supposed to be in terms of your specialty or you know you want to do message shot of course you know that's that step but whatever the case might be you will at the end of the day still feel like something is missing as much as you adore your co-workers if you wanted to get into a certain area of Nursing even with acute experience in actuality you are still basically a new grad in that specialty area if you have no experience in it right so when I applied I legit applied to about probably about the yeah three nah four three or four other hospitals for led because a lot of the times the hospital doesn't even have any positions open for elegy so it's not like message tele or ER where they're always constantly nurses is a specialty area so rarely do the even open up positions for LD but I remember clearly one of them one of the hospitals had like four positions open for L&D and I applied and one by one it just said closed they didn't follow up with me back up with me or anything I just had to go to the left side check that out position has been filled position hasn't like one by one position as a field so this was about like a five-month process do hospitals got back to me and they asked me if I had oh one of them asked me my any experience for L&D and then I said no told them I had a cute experience but I don't have a cute experience in that specialty if that makes any sense so they're like okay you know they basically told me to don't even come to the open house because I didn't have the experience so me being stubborn of course I decided to go anyway and lo and behold it was like such a beautiful hospital and interview the the the director of Allen D decided to interview me because I met everyone and blah blah blah all the things that interview in front of about an hour and she said she'll get back to me I'm really excited I got it really excited just for the interview in the first place because I was told not even to come right by HR so a week later they called me back then they asked me if I wanted to come for another panel interview and I told them that I was gonna be in Hawaii so I couldn't make it but I'm willing to cancel my trip for them then they then on the folder told me you know it's okay the doctor said she interviewed for an hour you don't need to do panel if you know we'll give you a call another week three days later they gave me a call and they told me I got the position for nightshift and so I got really excited I was like yeah I'm gonna sell a brand would have a really good time in Weibull you know things like that and then of course I had to tell the current hospital that I'm gonna be going I'm gonna be leaving you know you give it two weeks you know all of that stuff the CEO didn't want me to leave to a different I guess like is it how do you say like a different company almost a different Hospital and so he decided that he wants me to stay within our sister hospitals and he wants to transfer me to a different hospital for L&D and because of that I was now conflicted with kind of like two decisions and it was really hard because I already accepted the one that I got interviewed for and so to kind of back out at the last minute made me pretty much feel like crap because my CEO of this current hospital working is like super super generous nice and everything you can even want in a CEO I didn't want to disappoint him and go away so I decided to and of course in addition to the fact that he's offering me a day shift position so it's like yeah it's like I can't even tell you and express how I guess how how much gratitude I have because I'm getting into a position that I've always wanted from a whole life and in addition to the to the shift that I've wanted and this shift I didn't expect to get it until at least one at least a year or two and then I could get you know kind of transferred to day shift so to be able to be put into day shift just like that um you know so I always look back I didn't think like you know I okay I still can't believe it because it is so rare and so so yeah I wrote my a letter to the hospital that I ended up you know flaking out basically but I told them I wrote them I know I say you know it was never my intention to back out the last minute and then I went to the hospital myself directly with my letter and you know a few gifts from Hawaii that I bought and I hugged them I hugged HR I told them how genuinely sorry I am and I didn't mean any of it and I didn't mean to waste their time like that you know things like that to me to show them and because really at the end of day even though nursing seems so big it's really quite small and a lot of nurses they go to different hospitals really frequently and you don't want to make herself look like and that's not the only thing I truly felt bad I felt really guilty and so I wanted to personally apologize to them and let them know and let them realize that like you know I I never I didn't mean to the way so much of the freaking time you know and so they were so forgiving so nice to me and of course they wanted to persuade me because while they use up a lot of time on me persuading mistake this heart of Ospital persuaded a lot of persuasion going on but because it's a station position I don't know how infrequent that is I was like you know I have to do this I'm gonna have like a normal life schedule and so I went with them and that's exactly how I got into the hospital that I am right now all right so that's how I got into L&D is so now I want to share with you guys some tips on how you can potentially get there which is basically within the story really but number one is go anyway and that's probably the biggest tip I can give you guys is that no matter what someone says don't come it says one year a cure I don't care for the next one year experience you're applying you know don't even come to the open house you you know you don't have the experience I don't care you show up what is there to lose you already got rejected anyway so if you can't reject it again it's like being rejected only once you know so you – we'll give it a shot try it doesn't hurt you've already been rejected right so just go anyway but it says it needs about three years like you experience energy so apply do it why not you've already got rejected so just do it right now this is a Nike commercial okay so number two is kind of a correlated with number ones just apply anywhere you need that experience if you really didn't like the hospital you can always at least stay for like a year and apply elsewhere because now you have that under your belt your experience and it's a lot easier for you to apply without getting rejected right off the bat and also don't be too picky about shifts if that specialty unit is the unit that you've always wanted to do if it's a specialty area that you've always wanted don't be thinking about it because you can always transition today ship in the future you're not gonna be nice shift forever or you're not gonna be day shift forever that's not really usually the case but a lot of people want day shift so don't be too picky if it is the specialty area that you want to be in the last tip I want to share with you guys is that don't be afraid to share stories during the interview so an interviewer would ask me a question and I'm not gonna lie sometimes I totally like butcher my way around and all of a sudden I'm sharing a story that's kind of irrelevant to the question but they get sidetracked it they get so in tune and so into your story that they don't even remember what they ask but but your story it's not really about your story per se it's more about how you talk and your demeanor and your facial expression during the story that they can know you more so in the end they know who you are but just by listening to you and how you talk and how you are and kindness and you know all those little aspects they're able to tell who you are and if you're an arrogant person or and you know any of that stuff so I just feel like yes answer the question is you can't but sometimes you really didn't know how just kind of put your way around it and share stories about your experience in nursing and you know other except it doesn't have to be about nursing sometimes it could be about family I'm not even kidding you like about family how you got into that field you know things like that so um I don't know if these tips are helpful but if you really wanted to get into some area of Nursing I'm telling you eventually you'll be able to do it because it took me like six months to finally get here and if I can do it I'm telling you anyone can do it trust my so um that's it for the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it um totally irrelevant I'm always I always guess I track and maybe you know that's how I interview but I want to share with you guys some pictures of the Milky Way that I just went to recently I'm telling you guys the mega is one of the most beautiful things you can ever see and to be able to camp in the wild with the Milky Way it's another experience so by the way so I'm gonna show you guys the end the video but by the way I have a question have you guys ever seen the Northern Lights because that is the place I want to go to next specifically it's Sweden but if you guys have any other place I've you successfully seen them know otherwise can you guys let me know in the comments down below if anyone even watches these videos alright okay so I will see you guys next time I good luck in your nursing journey and in life bye guys you


  1. I just got admitted into a BSN program and I've been researching specialties, thanks so much for sharing your story and I'm really happy for you getting a day shift job in your dream specialty!! 8:41 YES AHAH

  2. I graduate a BSN program in May, and I want to eventually become an L&D nurse. I loved it so much in clinical and thought it was so incredible that you are part of a miracle every day! It was so refreshing to me going from other floors.

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  4. I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland! It was the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen!! Thanks for sharing your nursing story!

  5. I'm an ER nurse with 2 years experience. Ive always found myself drawn to cases that we had to send up to L&D. Do you think ED experience can help get me into L&D or will it work against me?

  6. Hello! I've just graduated high school and I'm about to begin college. I want to be a L&D nurse as well. I need help on what steps to take while I'm in college and what to do after. I understand I have to take certain classes for nursing program and get my license to become a registered nurse, after that what do I do to go into l&d? I'm not really clear, if you could guide me a little that would be great help!!

  7. So I'm gonna be a senior in highschool this year and I truly want to be a labor and delivery nurse. The only problem is I have no idea where to start. Someone help me. ❤

  8. Hi , Im a senior this year and you’ve really inspired me to become a L&D nurse 💙 i want to go to college but i have no idea what to major in to become this type of nurse 😭

  9. Love this video, I graduated in May so I start my very first nursing job as a night shift labor and delivery nurse (RN) on the 18th and I am so nervous. I wish there was a list of things to review or learn before starting in this area. It’s one of those specialty areas and we only had 3 days in L&D during clinicals. I just feel so overwhelmed but excited?! Any tips or advice you have for working or what to study would be SO appreciated! 💕 Thanks!

  10. I love your advice and really admire your confidence and determination! I have one year left of nursing school and I definitely want to specialize after a year or two of working med surg!

  11. Hello, I am doing a speech on Labor and Delivery nurses and I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer some questions for me. 1) What does your job entail on a day-to-day basis? 2) What do you like or enjoy most about your job? 3) What are some of the challenges on your job? 4) Could you share with me a story or an experience you have had on your job? Thank you ahead of time, I know you must be very busy.

  12. I just finished my OB clinical 2 weeks ago! Labor and delivery is such a beautiful experience, I teared up on my first vaginal delivery ad a student nurse lol

  13. Where did you go to see the Milky way? BEAUTIFUL pictures!!
    Also, in what state do you practice nursing? #IwanttobeaL&Dnurse

  14. Congrats on obtaining a position in your dream specialty! And beautiful pictures btw! Can you share what camera & equipment you used to capture the Milky Way?

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