Nutrition Prevents Alzheimer's Disease: Top 10 Preventive Strategies

nutrition prevents Alzheimer's disease the top ten preventive strategies hi I'm dr. James Meschino in only about two percent of Alzheimer's disease cases show a genetic link the rest of it seems to be coming from faulty dietary and lifestyle factors as well as the aging process of the brain the good news is that it looks like a lot of Alzheimer's disease can be prevented through better diet supplementation practices and also better lifestyle behaviors so what's the top ten list in this category well number one you need to have a very low blood cholesterol level below 3.9 millimoles per liter which is below 150 milligrams per deciliter how do you do that by having a low animal fat diet eating very few trans fats and hydrogenated fats and no organ meats or any foods that are high in cholesterol including egg yolks those are the foods that cause cholesterol to rise when cholesterol is high it clogs arteries in the brain which diminishes blood flow to the brain cells and that's how you get into trouble number two you want to have a blood sugar level that's below 5 milli moles per liter which is 90 milligrams per deciliter on blood sugar Rises insulin also Rises and people are prone to what's called type 3 diabetes which involves a type of Alzheimer's disease step 3 you need to be at your ideal body weight people who are overweight tend to have higher blood sugar and higher insulin levels which leads to type 3 diabetes which is a form of Alzheimer's people who are overweight have a much higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease for that reason step 4 you take a high potency multiple vitamin a mineral that has a be 50 complex because be 50 certain B vitamins have been shown to slow down the shrinking of the brain as we get older and only through supplementation can you get high enough doses a thousand I use a vitamin D vitamin D has been shown to decrease risk of Alzheimer's disease and it has to be antioxidant enriched with enough vitamin E and vitamin C the block free radical studies show that slows them free radical damage to the brain and vitamin E and C are linked to decrease Alzheimer's as people get older in some studies and vitamin E supplements have been shown to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease and people had already have the disease so a high potency multivitamin with a b-fifty complex a thousand IU's of vitamin D and its antioxidant enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E and other antioxidants that's step number four step five a supplement that contains the right essential fatty acids fish oil with flaxseed oil with borage seed oil you need to get enough of those essential oils they decrease brain inflammation they improve circulation to the brain they improve nerve conduction in the brain and some of the omega-3 fats have been shown to even block the build-up of amyloid plaque that is linked to Alzheimer's disease people have higher intakes of those essential fats have been shown to have a lower likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease in certain population studies so that's step 5 step 6 after age 40 consider taking a supplement some melatonin why because we see that melatonin has been shown to to inhibit the progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment is actually the prelude to developing Alzheimer's disease people have mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease have low brain levels and blood levels of melatonin in the aging process melatonin naturally drops might be one of the reasons why we get Alzheimer's as we get older so after age 40 I would suggest taking a supplement that has some melatonin with 5-htp and gab and bacopa monnieri it's all explained in the article below but that combination is excellent to help you get a good night's sleep if you take the right dosage after age 55 because the brain chemical called acetylcholine which is the memory chemical starts to drop down you need to get it back up again otherwise you will start to lose memory there are no drugs that can increase the synthesis of that neurotransmitter which is the memory chemical acetylcholine only supplements can do that need the combination of CDP choline with phosphatidylserine with bacopa monnieri and huperzine a those things have all been proven raise brain levels of acetylcholine and help improve memory consolidation until you're 55 you probably don't need it but after age 55 it's mandatory step 8 you have to avoid things are going to that we know will damage the brain drinking alcohol damages the brain alcohol kills brain cells even just three alcoholic drinks a day it's linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease smoking we know damages the brain people who smoke a greater likelihood of Alzheimer's disease and recreational drugs damage the brain even things like marijuana and even certain prescription drugs you have to be careful with some of them number 9 keep your brain active as you get older you have to get the brain to do things it wasn't doing before learn a new language take dance lessons take music lessons play a musical instrument play ping-pong mind body activities where you're you're developing new nerve circuits that you get older and finally step 10 throughout your lifetime you have to avoid head injuries so that means wearing a helmet when you're cycling or skiing or rollerblading and trying to avoid high-risk activities where there's a chance you can have it head injury people with head injuries a greater likelihood there's going to be dementia and and brain disorders as they get older including Alzheimer's so to learn the exact details on how to do this you know precisely then click on the link below and read my review article it's really your only chance to prevent Alzheimer's disease there are no drugs that work to prevent the disease and the drugs we have don't really manage the disease very well so the idea is to prevent it we know only 2% is genetic there's a lot you can do to help protect your brain from future onset of dementia and Alzheimer's and an age-related memory loss so click on the link and take a look now Moschino health calm you'll see my other research review papers and footage from my live professional seminars other downloads and resources I've created they're all there for free to help you lead a long healthy functional life my research review papers and teaching materials are complete with all the scientific references so you'll see you're only getting evidence-based information from me on any health topic that you're looking for so you should use as an ongoing reliable resource of health and wellness information for you and your family thanks so much for watching you


  1. In order to relieve the symptoms of the disease remove the hair by tweezing from the bodies hands, wrists, and feet. This should have a significant positive outcome for the patient. Thank you.

  2. The good doctor may not be correct when he says low cholesterol is better for the brain. Some studies show otherwise. "A study of older people has found that having a total cholesterol level higher than it was in midlife is tied to a lower risk of marked cognitive decline in those aged 85–94. This was in stark contrast to the results found for the age group that was 10 years younger."

  3. A cholesterol level of below 3.9 is impossible to achieve without taking statins, & all these supplements would be extremely expensive. I tried taking a statin a few years back, and the muscle pain it caused was crippling.

  4. Fat is good for the prevention of Alzheimer's!!!! Coconut oil and egg yolks are recommended by literally every other naturopathic doctor!

  5. Dont believe this guy…exercise, eat a plant based diet, small amounts lean Proteins, all these supplements will kill you…Create

  6. Hearing that only 2% of Alzheimer's is genetic is good news for me. My Mother suffered from Alzheimer's when she was 80 and died at 84. My brother started suffering from Alzheimer's at 80 and now at 84 has completely lost his mind. I'm 65 and while I'm in good health, I'm scared as hell about what's going to happen to me in the next 15 years. I'm exercising my mind and body but I'm still afraid of the future.

  7. Dr. Hoyt shares a powerful case study of a Professor who fought for his wife's memories. Thank you for publishing your video above Dr. Meschino.

  8. I don't eat cholesterol rich foods yet my cholesterol is high. Perhaps if we eat more of the stuff and liver would not have to produce so much.

  9. Cannabis does not cause brain damage except in very young people. It actually prevents AD. Also ketogenic diet low in sugar and starch helps. Fish oil is bad because it goes rancid in the body. Evening primrose Oil is far superior to borage oil.

  10. Im only 16 and take a nootropic supplement and fish oil capsules everyday. Why wait until ur 50 to start taking care of your brain?????

  11. 0:42 wait a minute. My cholesterol is 151mg/dL, and I eat mostly steaks, burgers, cheese, butter, eggs. Probably about 12 eggs a week. My HDL [normal >40] is 30 and my LDL [normal <130] is 108. Triglycerides [normal <150] is 65.

  12. Dunno about this…
    My strategy as I get older:
    1. Stay curious, Interested in stuff. .Like a little kid.
    2. Sex. Lots of good sex.
    3. Don't eat prepared foods of any kind. No "garbage" food. No soda pop..
    4. Eat a wide variety of foods. Anything and everything.
    5. Exercise a lot. I run and lift weights. Love to lift weights. Spends lots of time outdoors.
    6. Learn new things. Be the old dog that learns new tricks.
    7. Stay happy. Never, ever allow someone to piss you off. Go with the flow.
    8. Play an instrument. Guitar. Piano. Music chases away illness.
    9. Drink a glass of wine and/or a finger of Irish whiskey every evening..
    10. Throw away your TV. That shit rots your brain. You're no longer thinking for yourself..

  13. oh boy .. the potheads will freak over this .. you said something negative about marijuana.. that's like attacking their God… hahaha

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