Nutritional an medicinal properties of mulberry

hi everybody
today I wanted to talk to you about mulberry trees and they’re edible
properties you probably sayings who would want to
eat a mulberry tree well mulberries are my favorite fruit I love them you don’t
give them very often because the bird’s beach tomb but there’s a lot of uses for
mulberry trees the leaves aren’t that far they use on silk farms to feed the
worms so that’s kind of important you can also eat the leaves to control blood
sugar and cholesterol and the leaves are actually sweet like the fruit but not as
sweet like I said they’re my personal favorite to eat the all right there used to flavor other
medications like when you buy medications from the pharmacy that is
the juice from the mulberry is what flavors the medicines otherwise tastes
horrible it’s also a diuretic the room and a spectrum it’s good for Mountain
mouth and throat ulcers and the issues eating the berry is good for you that
digestive health lowers cholesterol helps you lose weight and increases all kinds of good stuff in your body it
builds bone tissue boost your immune system and prevent certain cancers
actually that’s really good to know and it’s if it helps to slow down the
effects of aging on time riddle buddy it probably has a lot more good stuff to
it that I don’t know most of this stuff I just grew up with this information
because I lived in that kind of a household but anyway mulberries are a
wonderful tree don’t cut them down they like water they suck up a whole lot of
water if you plant them near a wet spot in your yard great place to put a tree
just like willow that’s all on this one this plant on this tree but check it out
thank you


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