Obama Official Can't Stop Being Wrong


  1. Listening to this liar makes you want to punch him in the face.. It works everywhere in the world its a joke.. He is killing ppl.. Medicare for all is needed.. Time to half your Medical prices and cover everyone and ppl not fear losing or leaving their jobs enough..

  2. Universal healthcare does not, and should not, cap expenses. That's the whole point. You can get the healthcare you need, for as long as you need, without caps. If this is not the case, then it's not real healthcare.

  3. People like him keep saying "150 million poeple are going to lose health insurance plans through their employers". Yes, that is true, but you are not losing healthcare you are actually gaining a cheaper and more inclusive plan that is not limiting or can potentially be denied.

    Why? Well Single Payer means that the profit motive is taken out of the equation meaning that the money that comes in from employers and employees goes directory to healthcare. The middle men of the middle men are taken out of the equation which will make things so much easier for the person who needs the care. Single payers means you won't have to worry about which hospital you go to because it may not be covered based on your insurance. It means you walk into any hospital card, give them you're medicare card and you walk out without worrying how you're going to pay the bills. It also means that if the government is a large purchaser of medication it now gives the government more negotiating ability to actually lower the price of medication. Pharmaceutical companies are accountable to there shareholders and virtually don't care if people can afford it or not. Plus guys, it also means that you won't have to run a go fund me page for someone to get the treatment they need to stay alive or pay off a bill.

  4. Until more people understand the SCAM of 'privatization', we cannot see the scope of the corruption.
    Privatization is the BIGGEST SCAM EVER and is NOT like a regular 'private' business AT ALL.
    The federal govt can issue ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible. Greedy bastards who knew this have LIED to the public for decades, made RULES in Congress so that when bills are proposed they LIE to dupe us more (all must say where the money 'comes from' EXCEPT when it is money for WAR – or for disaster funding – this way, they can fearmonger about 'higher taxes' when it comes to giving us what we want), and developed the massive scam of privatization as well as other scams.

    Healthcare insurance companies are privatized – endless money from the federal govt. They do NOT rely on those 'premiums', those numbers could NEVER provide the massive exec salaries and INSANE profits that we can see with the healthcare companies. And the privatized war companies. And detention centers. And so on. Plus all the RELATED businesses know the scam and can charge high prices that the insurance companies can bill the fedl govt for. Wall Street firms invest – they know that profits are GUARANTEED via federal money!
    We must demand to END ALL PRIVATIZATION! All of it is a scam. And by the way, when Medicare was passed, NINETEEN MILLION PEOPLE were signed up and the system set to go within about SIX MONTHS – with NO COMPUTERS (it was 1965). NEVER believe these liars!

  5. "Massive consequences to hospitals"…. Like not having to bother with being bogged down in insurance paperwork or whether people are insured or not so they can concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing. Then they spout all this rubbish about government in healthcare… utter nonsense. If I go to hospital, I give my name and address to the reception and what the symptoms are (or to inform them I have an appointment)… This lasts for approximately 45 seconds… that is the only time I will speak to an admin unless I need to make another appointment. No insurance forms, no payments, no worrying about whether I get turned away. No system is perfect, but given the choice I wouldn't touch the US system with a bargepole.

  6. They are all totally corrupt, no moral, no ethics. In other countries healthcare is a human right, it's not a left vs right thing.

  7. WTF, he made a very reasonable and well thought out statement. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You people need to get your liberal heads out of your weed smoke

  8. In order the very richt can be even more richer, a lot of poor people and children has to die. It is simple.

  9. My daughter's medical insurance was suppose to continue into 2019, she even called the company in early December to make sure it would be there in January. They told her it would be fine and it would auto renew. Well, they made some mistakes and my daughter now has no insurance and no way to get insurance because it was past the deadline. She has to use the lower cost clinic to get her medical and dental. Now she will be paying a fine in her 2019 taxes because the company screwed up and didn't put the paperwork in to auto renew my kid's insurance. This would never happen with single payer.

  10. In countries with universal healthcare, it's not seen as a left vs right thing. It's seen as a norm of decent society – regardless of your politics – like having functioning police or fire fighters or education or drinking water. The fact that there are still a sizeable group of Americans wanting to keep a grossly inefficient private insurance model is as baffling as proposing the fire department should work the same way ("…your house is burning down following an electrical overload madam? Sorry, you only have bronze plan fire protection, you're not covered for electric fires, have a nice day")

  11. So we're talking about the old narrative of politics AOC & her colleagues are exposing the Cooperate demon monsters

  12. If Democrats start holding up Obama as some nirvana president via endorsements, they'll go exactly the way of H Clinton. Obama's not as appalling as Trump. Not even close.
    But he's an utterly establishment DNC stooge who CHANGEd NOTHING. Trump won (in hindsight ironically) because they were furiously angry at rampant oligarch political class corruption. Obama morphed into precisely that, then they rigged primaries to nominate the literal physical manifestation of the slimy, odious, dissembling DNC politibot. How'd that go?

  13. Peter Orzag is just another particularly slimy scum in the Obama revolving door crowd. I'm going to guess he has committed enough crimes to be sitting in a jail instead of sitting on a panel as an "expert" on a tv show.


  15. A corporate neoliberal like Orszag, whether appearing as a democrat or republican, their never altering philosophy is, "I will sell you out hard to serve our corporate masters." 40 years of neoliberal rule has done profound damage to the country and if they get their way they will keep going until there is nothing left. We have to purge these monsters from government, from our society. They are a cancer within the body of our nation.

  16. so many fall for same thing every day, they try to convince you that social health care is so wrong. hey! i got and idea why not give a chance you will have two year to figure out if it works. One catch, u have to really and truly give it a chance to work and not try to sabotage.

  17. This guy is a talking Duffus! Primila Jayapal has lots of detail in her new M4A bill. Its better than John Conyers HR 676, in that respect.

  18. A friend of mine is dying of liver cancer. He has to keep working till he dies to pay the medical bills.

  19. Notice the tag in the background of the CNBC panel. It says HEALTHY RETURNS. That says it all. The focus is profit not people. They are Sick in the head and Sociopathic. Capitalism has its place in a just society. But not in health insurance.

  20. Never met anyone included or participated in any of these polls conducted on these issues. Who is being asked?

  21. The left runs from responsibility like a plague.
    Can't pay student loans you agreed to? Make someone else pay.
    Don't feel like buying insurance? We will make others pay.
    Unwilling to work? We will have others pay you.

  22. Okay I'm lost you're arguing why is that your employer pay for it. Okay Jake I think you might be a little biased LOL 😄 honestly I don't see the problem with it if that is the case it doesn't matter what job you transferred to coverage will always be provided. There's no reason to be afraid it don't matter what job you go to the job will always pay.

  23. I would like to "repeal and replace" all the republicans and the establishment democrats that take corporate money.

  24. So like private insurance caps the costs on providers. Medicare caps the price on providers. Many providers, hospitals and other health care outfits go out of business when they lose their ability to accept Medicare becasue Medicare actually pays pretty well. So what is this talking hot air balloon saying?

  25. What a typical dem establishment POS. As are those Obama admin officials who are fighting against teacher's unions. Disgusting.

  26. an important note to Ana's "employer" insurance comment.. Medicare would not remove the obligation of all employers to PAY INTO the system.. they would simply pay directly into the government rather than as a stipend to the employee.. Creepy Prostitute Joe Biden is using the talking point of not wanting to remove employers paying for insurance but they would still be REQUIRED to pay into the system..

  27. It feels like every Democratic official who is against Medicare for All is using that "take away your private insurance" line. That can't be a coincidence, right?

  28. Please comment if you have been tortured by The Medical Industry in one way or another.
    It's obvious,that just like any other monopoly the US supports- Reforming the Healthcare Industry may never happen-because the oligarchs defy changes with lobbyists and campaign contributions of a huge magnitude

    Stop ALL your nasty habits that cause you to NEED these people and you may live a longer,healthier life.

  29. lol neither can The Yellow Ticks stop spreading misinformation, race baiting and the notion that you can overthrow the US govt LMAO 🤣🤣

    tick tick tick tick
    tick tick tick tick

  30. Is it an 'Obama official' if the dude is a lobbyist for big insurance who snuck into back door? Are the Judges Trump appointed who are showing Trump is guilty of obstruction and must turn over bank and tax records still 'Trump administration judges'?
    Cenk always forgetting ACA was amended by blue dog Democrats with big insurance home offices in their districts as condition to pass in 2009-10…full well KNOWING that in 2010, some will lose seats, and Single Payer advancement would be possible amendments once blue dogs gone… But we will soon learn those 2010 Midterms were hacked and manipulated…where it began.
    What, you bought that Mitt Romney was capable of getting 40%+ votes against PATRIOT OBAMA?!!!! POLYGAMY CHURCH BOI MITT? MITT THE CHICKENSHIT WHO SUCKED IN NRA FUNDING?
    Cenk, just say the dude is a lobbyist.
    We get enough Obama hate from TrumpCuck scumbags.

  31. Single payer healthcare, or Medicare for All, will never be legislated, not because it's too hard, but because the status quo Democrats are paid by big health insurance companies to squash it.

  32. Ana 3:14….if Republicans, or Democrats, were really small business friendly, they would pass single payer.

  33. They addressed the employee side of the health care issue pretty well, but left out the business side. Why should a company that makes widgets have to worry about providing health care to their employees? Their main focus should be on producing quality widgets. They shouldn't have to worry about providing the infrastructure and overhead costs associated with managing a health care program for their workers.

  34. "Giving a starving child food is the moral equivalent of stealing food from a starving child. Keep the status quo; change is too hard."

  35. Actual question: has anyone discussed what will happen to the thousands of displaced workers in the private insurance industry? I have been in favor of universal Healthcare for a long time, but I also work in the insurance industry. Jobs aren't the easiest things to come by, even if I don't need one for health insurance anymore I still gotta pay my ridiculously high rent…

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