Obama On Single Payer Health Care

he's wanted to follow up on what you were just addressing and why not single-payer why not get the corporates right battling and the lobbyists out of the way and just go to a single-payer well I've said this before if I were designing a system from scratch then I probably set up a single-payer system for those of you who aren't familiar with the the terminology single-payer basically means that you've got one government-funded program it doesn't have to all be government-run but it's government-funded everybody Medicare would be an example of a single-payer system if everybody was in Medicare but the problem is we're not starting from scratch we've got a system in which most people have become accustomed to getting their health insurance through their employer and for us to sort of immediately transition from that and given that a lot of people work for insurance companies a lot of people work for HMOs you've got a whole system of institutions that have been set up making that transition in a rapid way I think would be very difficult and people don't have time to wait they need relief now so my attitude is let's build off the system that we've got let's make it more efficient we may be over time as we make the system more efficient than everybody's covered decide that there are other ways for us to provide care more effectively


  1. As we now know, Obama never "beefed up" or "made more efficient" the system he inherited, he engineered the collapse of private health care. He lied — just as he lied when he said "you can keep your doctor", "you can keep your health plan", and "the average family will save 2500 dollars a year under my plan".

    Now, on cue, his comrade successor Hillary wants the "public option" as Obamacare finishes off private insurance — necessary steps before they coerce everyone into a single-payer welfare system, giving the government total power over our health care.

    He said he would do this in speeches to the SEIU, and his plans are proceeding as he said they would.

  2. klg1956, the U.S. was dead fucking last in quality of health care. The system was for shit. Look it up.

  3. Earth to Obama: Medicare for All is not "starting from scratch" at all. It is using what has been proven to work best instead of the opposite…like what Obamacare does.

  4. Yes, and they are going to provide HC to illegals via social security numbers, so get ready for those 40 million illegals to become "legalized" for their new social security numbers as their gateway to "free health care" that nobody is paying for? oh wait, I'm paying for…just the beginning of redistributing everything that is yours because you worked hard for it and given to anyone who wants it; e.g. Barack Hussein Obama "king" of the redistributors!

  5. Ruin the best health care system in the world…….250 million of us are "insured" and 40 million are uninsured so let's wreck the best health care system and replace it with single payer run by the government, that always works out well…isn't Medicare already hitting unfunded status? what happens when another 40 million are on it by the end of this year and then 250 million more by 2013? Obama also thought subprime lending was a good idea that he helped create, he and Andrew Cuomo!

  6. A lot of my wife's relatives are from the UK. Is the NHS brutish at times, yes.
    But the crutch of the matter is this.
    Your NHS doctor may put you on a waiting list for certain procedures, but they can also refer you to private doctors who will do it much sooner. The UK has both Socialized and privatized healthcare. That means if they can't afford it, they will take the NHS option.
    We do not have a public option here in the States, we have to go private.

  7. Why would I report you to youtube? I'm not like the crazy libs out there who don't believe in free speech and try to get people shut down. And yes, I do know people from the UK whose family members weren't treated and I do read the UK papers.

  8. BS. The UK does not treat everyone. If you actually do your homework you will see where the NHS felt someone was too old or too sick to cure and did NOTHING. One recent case they did do something after the daughter fought long and hard for it. Had she not been there he would have died because he wasn't viable.

  9. Britain has a better healthcare than the USA< but duh I forgot. You never travelled outside your home state so unless you have visited one of these countries you really kn ow nothing.
    If you want to fight about it, bring it on punk!

  10. You are incorrect. Than answer me this. My UK friend had terminal cancer, and UK physicians treated him right away. He's alive today. If i'm wrong than my friend should be dead.
    Can you answer the question? Where you there?
    No you werren't.
    You are just a faggot who knows nothing.
    Go ahead report me to YOU TUbe, but its true–its you who is the liar!

  11. Vermont is a state. The difference is the state and the federal government. The feds do not have the right to tell people what they can and cannot buy. The states can make their own rules. Vermont is a little tiny state. California tried to pamper adults and children with healthcare and dental care which includes illegal aliens and look where it got them. And the people who make under 35K a year who don't have to pay taxes there? What a joke. Socialism does not work.

  12. Whatever you believe, its too late. The State of Vermont already passed single payer. Its a done deal.

  13. HARPER IS CANADA'S HITLER; spending 1.1 BILLION on security for Toronto, while Philadelphia spent 18 million on security for their meeting; While Canadians languish for years on wait lists, GOVERNMENT RATIONED universal health care, paid for by our hard earned tax money is used for anything BUT medical care for needy people who have been lied to;WHY do you think congress is able to opt out of the proposed system. IT's nothing more than a BIG TAX GRAB, universal health care in canada is a LIE

  14. WHY ANYONE would vote democRAT is beyond me – 75% of Americans disagree with most RAT policies (anti-God, support abortion & open borders to name 3) – They've stolen $Billions to fill elect RATS..dis-sing Republicans as "rich people" who don't care about the "little guy" (while RATS are the richest in congress) -They payoff a.c.o.r.n. & thugs in every precinct – & then there's the "zombies" who vote RAT because "they've always voted RAT" VOTE the RATS out in November, then ALL RATS in 2012

  15. This guy is just saying this because he doesn't want the big corporations to stop giving him money.

  16. Single payer also means less lawsuits right now when you are in an accident at work, in yr. car, or dairy aisle at the supermarket when you make a claim (on yr. health insurance or their liability insurance), theres a cap to hame much is covered so you have to bring in lawyers and lawsuits to get more of yr. expenses covered. In a single payer system, all yr. medical is covered (no cap) less lawsuits.

  17. What are the Democrats cooking up now? A new health care turkey casserole with public-option entrails. Yet another Demcare Trojan Horse. Watch out:

    Total government control is the objective.

    Trigger option, hammer option, schmoption option Once this is in, therell ultimately be no option. Well all be in the charity ward together, supplicants of Big Government. The trigger itself is the Trojan Horse.


  18. White House boasts: We 'control' news media
    Communications chief offers shocking confession to foreign government

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    White House Comm Director Anita Dunn disclosed at a videotaped conference.

    "Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.
    Dunn was speaking at a Jan. 12, 2009, event focusing on Obama's media tactics and hosted by the Global Foundation for Democracy & Development


  19. To dems and Obama: Fix Medicare and Medicaid (what you are responsible for today) and then maybe we can trust you with the entire system. It is arrogance beyond belief that you believe you can change something so important, so complex, and so huge all at once. Take this in steps, steps that we can understand.
    "A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money."

  20. URGENT!!… type in you tube "glenn beck august 11th 2009 part 1 and 2" .. part 2 is especially scary/bothersome
    Google "QALY" and "complete lives system" Rahm Emanuels brother & radical/czars are under BO's tree of healthcare that will change society… follows a pattern of his associations going back 20 years with radicals/racist Rev. Wright/ayers. A person doesn't hang out with people unless he is comfortable around them and with like mind… please forward the beck info around

  21. I wish you europeans and canadians would get your stories straight. some say it's great, some say it's crap, some say it's crap- but still better than the US. where can I get a definitive (non-biased) answer?

  22. Yeah but, "Starting from scratch" using a system that is already broken? Medicare/Medicaid that is what your single payer system would look like. And we all know that that system is broken. Also, you want to insure another 40-50 million people but you're not adding any more physicians and you don't think there's going to be shortages and rationing. Now who's being the tool?

  23. Starting from scratch argument is bogus. Obama talked about Medicare. That's right. We have Medicare, we have the model, we're not starting from scratch. Bogus argument against single payer.

  24. 2)The use of tax money for roads and infrastructure has greatly helped our economy and development. Why should health care be any different? A healthier population that benefits from preventive medicine and universal health care will not only save us money in the long run but make us more economically competitive. You are on the losing side of this battle. Sooner or later the US will have to follow the example of the rest of the first world whose people would not trade their system for ours.

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