Object in your Nose | First Aid

Children have a habit of sticking things in various orifices. They might put them in
their ears, up their noses or anywhere else. If they stick something up their nose, you might not be aware of it. The first thing you might notice is possibly a nasty, greenish discharge or that they’re complaining
that something’s uncomfortable or maybe even there’s a nasty smell that starts to come out of their nose. We’ve certainly seen that in hospital and in fact, we’ve even
removed shooting beans and peas from up children’s noses. If you have seen them pop
something up their nose, don’t be tempted to probe around and see if you can get it out yourself. Take them along to your
GP, the practice nurse or your local walk-in centre and they’ve usually got a special kit that makes it much easier to remove things that are stuck up noses. So get them checked
out and get it removed. It’s not an immediate medical emergency to get it out of someones nose but really important that
you remember it’s there and you get it out
sooner rather than later.

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