Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant – Durham College

The role of the OTA/PTA, is to work under
the supervision or the direction of an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. It can work in a wide variety of settings,
across the continuum of care, from the hospital or acute care settings, to rehab settings,
to community, to the school setting. Really the potential is limitless. The thing for me that sets this program apart
is that you get to be dually trained. So you can choose whether you like occupational
therapy assistant, or physio therapy assistant. You leave here with all the skills you need
to have. Are program is a 4 semester program, we have
3 fieldwork placement opportunities in the community here, which are organized for the
students. We begin with our labs in first semester.
So students have a chance to experience that hands-on learning right in the beginning. We offer a fine motor clinic here, where we
have client come in with various impairments from the community, which addresses a community
need as well as provides our students with an excellent opportunity to practice our hands-on
skills. For me really it was the employ-ability rate,
so I know that having that particular qualification is looked quite favorably in Ontario and especially
in the hospital setting as well. It’s fun, it’s so interesting, you learn so
much and if you’re interested in health related careers then it’s exactly what you want to
do. If you want to work in a hospital/clinic,
there’s so many opportunities of where you can work. The majority of our faculty are actual clinicians.
They are occupational therapists and physiotherapists that work in our community, and they offer
expertise in their areas, and come in and teach our students. They offer an opportunity for our students
to really learn the hands-on skills that they will need in the field. You have amazing professors who are willing
to go that extra mile for you. The professors care a lot about how we do
in our success, and they really want to teach us everything we need to know before we go
out there, and it become very evident as you go through the program, and you learn more,
and it’s really nice to know that they’re trying to help you as much as they can. My highlights are the labs, being able to
apply that hands-on knowledge from all of the lectures we have, and then being able
to translate that into going to placements. Certainly the experiences we get in the labs,
and also in the practical setting as well is going to set you up for your future career
really. Cause there is just so many amazing experiences,
and it finally seems real, everything that you were learning, getting to apply it, it’s
just, it’s awesome.

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