Occupational Therapy restores arm function after stroke

Trying to get this scapula the bone
back here like sucked down onto your chest wall, it
doesn’t want to move. I’m just trying to what we call
mobilize it. Try to get it. Let me know if I cause you pain alright. See
how it’s just loosening up. Now all of a sudden I can just move it that much more. There you feel that one
circle. It does feel a little looser. These muscles here have a tendency to get tight and that’s
exactly what that is there. I look at that and I didn’t even, I’m not
going above this at this point but just by mobilizing that scapula look
how much easier to lift that arm up. I feel it easy. Yeah look at that, you ok? Ok, ok., Come right back down just like that. You ok? Alright, more anticipation? Well yeah I would actually want it.
That muscle pull yeah, or stretching I can feel that stretching.You can feel it stretching. Stretching is ok. I try to breathe in to it. Right. It
shouldn’t be a painful stretching it should just feel like it’s stretching. Just
go in here. I’m just trying to release some of the fasciae cause it is so tight in the pecs (pectorals) Do you feel that
like release in there? It feels like its. I can feel that muscle not as tight, yes
So now were going to come out sideways and you’ve tried to bring it down on your
own. Gorgeous and then come back to your
stomach nice and slow, slow controlled don’t let it drop. Now a drop hurts, actually, a drop hurts yeah, yeah,. Yeah, nice and slow yeah No pain right? Yessss! Try going straight up in the air. Right
up to the target. Nice and then come down, nice, yeah nice
and slow come down, good. There’s your circle. Sometimes having the
target to look for and to aim for gives you, it’s beautiful that you reposition your
shoulder. What’s happening in here is because you
have this swelling, everything is thick, it’s like glue so
the joints are not moving as well, so we want to mobilize these joints by
mobilizing those joints hopefully then once we start moving again you won’t have that pain, but definitely
just actively moving it, actively using it, like you said you’re doing the dishes all that stuff is also going to help
with pulling that swelling out. Try opening and closing all the way down
go go go go go go all the way, get those fingers all the way down. So what I”m doing here is when you are
laying down I worked on what we call forward flexion right, OK trying to loosen up the shoulder
and then I’m loosening up external rotation and now we’re sitting up and
putting it to functional use and that’s exactly what we’re doing right here. So what I want to do here is just get your brain body connection, you’re coming across and coming
across, beautiful. Reach, any pain in that shoulder? No pain, OK, now next time what I want us to do
is I want you to keep your arm, your body, and I want you to stretch across all the
way across, across. And reach across, OK ready reach across nice


  1. woulit be poossinlt to get a close up ofwhat you did to the fingers and the shoulders usin drawinga or by using plasticskelatel bonesto help unerstand what you are doing
    great video gives all stroke victims a real hope

  2. can you recommend a video for me? i havrnt opened my legey hand voluntarily in 4 years due to being shot in yhe head.

  3. Hi i have a few questions. Im in the OT program now and i dont see these types of techniques in our curriculum. I was wondering if this is something you learned outside of school. Also when doing this kind of therapy as an OT dont you always have to link it back to adls and such.

  4. I am currently a massage therapist exploring a career in OT. It's nice to know that my massage techniques can still be of use when I become an OT! Thanks for the videos 🙂

  5. My sister says she feels pain in her right arm and shoulder when she trys to practice those movements. Are we doing more harm to the shoulder by keep working threw the pain?

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  7. hidear doctori am from Pakistanmy right hand muscles are not working.my right hand is partially disabled.can i recover my right hand.this is 27 years old problem.now i am 28.please doctor reply me.my life is not going well.may God Bless you

  8. Thank you, too bad my OT didn't help me this much. I'm sure I would have been farther along than I am now, 10 months post-stroke.

  9. I finally start therapy after 4 months of having a stroke that affected my right side and it has been very hard and not just on me but my husband as well now I can show him this video thank you

  10. Fantastic I was advised to have deep tissue massage wow this is amazing xx


  12. This is a really good video.I love my stroke recovery exercises from the UK charity Arni. Some great tips here that I will do too.

  13. Hello I’m new to OT and currently in my level 2 fieldwork…my question is that, how do you write all the techniques into OT documentation….thank you

  14. This is a really good video.I love my stroke recovery exercises from the UK charity Arni. Some great tips here that I will do too.

  15. you talk about the muscle being stuck on to the scapula an also on the chest wall and scapula does that also apply to the fore arm and the bicep?

  16. This video is very good & informative … My father has been paralyzed for many years.i will apply this exercises on my dad…

  17. Hi . I'm from Algeria and my mother is sick with paralysis and I want to return it, but I do not have the argument and God helps her to heal. He is the only healer.

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