Ohio State Discovery Themes: Early Disease Detection in Food Crops

okay three rotates yeah this way yes well this has been a very attractive project although initially we were a little bit skeptical about bringing electrical engineers interested in robotics and signal processing all of that to the farm the ultimate goal is to have drones being equipped with multispectral or hyperspectral cameras a flyover crop and can indicate not only the present the development of the disease before you are able to see it visually they're farmers the ultimate users the gating where the spots of potential compromise will be in the crop from there there will be a list of actionable items that are recommended based on guidelines so that they can take action before the disease starts spreading and contaminating not only their drought but neighboring crops a part of the state this may be caused by insects so means that we have some characteristic patterns and then if you are at both distance you should be able to determine or see the insects actually in the plant in that way we should be able to contain the disease prevent spread of the disease and increase yield and fruit production the idea is that the students are provided with the hands-on experience they see how the team project works and they have been some that show leadership traits the stuff from the classroom when you bring it to the real world I mean it's completely different and there are many soft skills that have to be developed and that will let them to mature in a more professional I'm come from Thailand so I think that the plan is very special for our economy and I think this area are going to be helpful when I'm graduate and go back to my country I think it's involved in the real life that we can see the benefit or the advantages of this area if we can develop it and find a correlation between the deceit of the plant if you have food just not only farmer High student is minority in the electrical engineering but when I do this project I learned how to do teamwork skill like I learn how to communication different friend in different country like Chinese korean-american yeah that's good I really love like image processing and this is like professor said this is a hands-on project and you can physically learn a lot in the class teacher professor always tell you what you need to do what you need to look for but for the project I think is real this is basically a multidisciplinary project we are involved in Department of Agricultural engineering Ohio State University dr. Fulton is one of our advisors in the project the plant pathology department with dr. Sally Miller supporting us in scouting and spotting and diagnosing when do diseases the different diseases may be appearing and also the Department of extension professor Jim Jasinski is leading has been a tremendous driver of this project in setting up all these and supporting us and of course the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering professor disappearin teeny and myself are being heavily involved bringing this initiative forward

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