OhioHealth Primary Care Physicians in Gahanna, Ohio Welcomes Dr. Keswani, DO | Osteopathic Physician

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeniifer Keswani. I’m new here at Gahanna Primary Care. I’m a family doctor and I just completed my residency at Riverside Family Practice. So I’m a DO, which means I’m an osteopathic doctor. I did my training at Western University of Health
Sciences out in California and our approach to patient care is more
holistic. We try and take uh… the whole needs of the patient in instead of individual parts, their individual complaints and focus that together uh… to get the best care
possible. I enjoy women’s health uh… and I do have a background in
taking care of patients with eating disorders uh… I really find that I enjoy
taking care of patients with uh… obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, uh and I enjoy getting my patients healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons I became a family
doctor is that I wanted to be able to take care of uh… patients for newborns
to seniors. I think establishing the patient-physician
relationship is very important and by taking uh… care the whole
family I can see what your individual needs are for that entire family. Patients with a chronic disease such as diabetes, need to come in and be seen every three months if they’re well controled they should be coming maybe every six months. patients with high blood pressure should
be should be seen every six months uh… But for the annual well visit they can be seen once a year to update their vaccines make sure their pap smears and mammograms, colonoscopies, are all up to date. So when I refer patients to
specialists uh… it’s a collaboration between the
specialists and myself to get the patient the best care possible one of the things is nice since I did my residency training at Riverside, which is OhioHealth, I know a lot of the doctors, a lot of the specialists
already so if you come see me I already have a connection
established with the specialists


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