Old Crow Medicine Show – Caroline [Official Music Video]


  1. OCMS has an unbelievable amount of natural homegrown talent. I love their music, it really gets me haopy! Thank you for putting this up🌻😃🌳!

  2. I have been looking for an example of "new-grass folk" versus original bluegrass, I will share far and wide… Thanks!

  3. This is my favorite OCMS song. I named my daughter after this song. I’ll see you again when I make it to the other side. Until then, I’ll hold you in my heart always Ellie Caroline.

  4. Love this group, love this song. They have never been the same or as good since Willie Watson left. Sad day when that happened.

  5. I bearly remember the groups name , but just happened to run across them on marty stewart show . Man I just loved their playing and singing . I will keep looking around and listening to them . Thanks NettwerkMusic and everyone involved here .

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