1. This song makes me think of this chilling novel set by the James River in 1840. Check it out: www.brobwilson.com/releases/the-half-beneath

  2. They are exceptionally talented ppl … reading best this and that … differences are beautiful avett bros, bela fleck, tony rice, nickel creek, all wonderful I doubt they as dedicated respectful musicians would care to alienate anyone

  3. On on the rocks @ the trestle late 70's Richmond – I have got the James River Blues … Sweet Mother flew away 6 moons ago 🦋

  4. People talk about the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others as iconic rock bands. Perhaps they should listen to OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW. This is the finest band ever. These are MUSICIANS -listen to that violin (I mean fiddle). It is inspired-and inspiring. Please keep it up boys –Donald Trump talks about making America great again. He just talks- you guys do it. O.C.M.S are THE GREATEST Chris Skinner New Zealand

  5. Cuando descubrí el bluegrass en el 77, me impactó y hoy lo sigo escuchando como el primer día. !Maravilloso!

  6. just reading some of the thoughts below,   some of you should just move to communist society where they don't know how to get our of their own way but the worker is king,  ahemmmmmm.  we would still be living in huts with outhouses if some of you had their way.  get a life….

  7. Classic full time, miserable libtards living in the most free country in the world, can't even listen to a song without vomiting their misery. Its gotta suck being a liberal! lol

  8. comment removed humm – your advice was to look up to the successful, why? Most humans who make a lot of monies, do it by doing over others, that is a cold simple fact – Why should I look up to evil scumbags? As lennon said "1st you must learn to smile as you kill, if you wanna live like the folks on the hill."

  9. i agree with you, i make less than 30k a year and i work over 11 hours a day sometimes 6 or even 7 days a week. they give me more responsibilities with no raise. and im happy with having food on my plate and having a banjo to play. so fuck it if you cant survive off of 3 times what i make, youre doing it fucking wrong

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