1. 2 months sober with one relapse in those 2 months I’m trying it’s hard af guys.keep strong and keep fighting take it day by day my people. God bless

  2. Last time was 1997. I told my best friend what I had been doing after we went cruising and smoked some MJ. He hit the brakes on his truck and told me to get the F out of his truck….I never touched it after that day. But I also died the day after that. I heard my heartbeat stop, I had been high for over 3 months without more than 30 hours of sleep from the beginning.When I came down I died…I seriously died. but as I was fading I remembered something that gave me hope. And I told myself, This is not my time. But I had to will my heart tostart beating again. which I did. Worst drug ever.

  3. I was cooking 4 and a half pounds a week got busted in 2000 stayed in maximum security till 2008 havnt touched it since took my condo my teeth my trucks my wife my sanity my self respect my freedom..fuck that shit ever again

  4. Man I know it isn’t anything like real meth but I was prescribed Ritalin about a year ago and I used to continue taking it because it made me feel better but now I just take it because I can’t stand life without it

  5. This song should replace Country Roads as everyone's favorite home state anthem because John Denver didn't write it about Wv honestly, but this one definitely seems like a perfect fit. #MethVirginia Wild & Wonderful?

  6. Made it 10 years clean until dad drops dead in October. Catch my ole lady cheating in January.. then a divorce in Feb.. then a revenge epo that turned into a 3 years dvo. Can't see my kids 3 years.. I was a good man took care or my 2 kids and 2 step kids… I say fuck it!! Been up 4 days now and not gonna stop this run! Need to see how far I can go here… Anyone ever hit a point where your doing good one day and say fuck it the next!?

  7. My mom's been on and off for about a year and a half now. I gotta pull her out of this. VA has a big issue with it, I live in the meth capital of our state.

  8. Love the album art, couple months clean myself. Shoulda listened to this song when I first heard it a decade ago. Great song, amazing band. Idgaf that I'm posting under my name, I hope it helps others. Always helps to be honest even if it takes a long time

  9. Seize your life back, back to the kitchen table with the good folks, back to the fire in the backyard. Douse the flame burning that satanic Crystal

  10. Great song country music . 💿🎵👍😎👌 🎵 👍😆👌🎵👍😎🎧 desde Argentina Ciudadela Buenos Aires , te saluda DiegoRockabilly&CountryRock.🎧🎵

  11. 6 days clean I have an incredible woman that has dealt with my addiction and at 6days I feel like death … How do I thank Holly?

  12. I think this song describes the despair of small town America and how we turn to addiction to numb us so perfectly

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