Oleander Leaf Scorch – a disease that kills oleander shrubs.

so today on what plant is that Paul we're going to talk about oleander leaf scorch oleander leaf scorch is a disease bacteria that's spread to the only Enders throughout Southern California came from like a plant grape disease I believe and it's spread by this little bug called a sharpshooter and feeds on the xylem of the plant so anyways we when we bought our place it was lying the driveway was 60 oleanders here's one that I cut last year so you could see kind of this new growth is trying to come back at the end of April early May and and it's already dying back you can see the leaf scorch so this plant that Believe It or Not used to be about twelve to fifteen feet and it just keeps dying back and I trim it it will shoot new growth and die back within a short amount of time as soon as it stops raining so here's another example let me show you a better sample this one's in an earlier stage so it's pretty tall I'd say about ten feet and let's see so the new growth here this is a white only enter by the way you can see it's definitely looking quite happy into the naked eye it looks fine sorry about the lighting however look at last year's growth here you can see still got some flower once the flower and wants to bloom but the leaves here there you go all right you can see the leaf scorch so it typically will burn back one off here from the tip of the leaf back and kind of burn all the way back until the last part of the leaf here will survive so it's nothing you could do about it can't treat it with anything nothing will save it so that's a bummer in Southern California is this oleander leaf scorch and and eventually it will turn to this so this is kind of the final stage here you can see I trim this white oleander and this is all that's left sad and what I usually will do to remove it here's all that's left I guess you could say so even this new shoot here this leaf is burning from the tip back already fell off so all the anti leaf scorch really big bummer in Southern California you can't get rid of that disease I would honestly not waste my time or money buying any oleanders if you must have an oleander the pink seems to do the best of red seems pretty resistant to the disease it can again be spread by a sharpshooter bug or even pruning shears Sophie prune a infected oleander you can spread the disease by using your shears without cleaning them so anyways give us a like and the subscribe will keep them coming and I guess the final tip for this would be what I usually do is I'll take a sawzall or a chainsaw and cut it really flat to the ground and let it dry up and then usually in about a year you can just kind of kick the stump and remove it so there it is oleander leaf scorch super big bummer in Southern California I'll show you one more time what it looks like there it is so give us a like and a subscribe we'll keep him coming I probably already said that but there is oleander leaf scorch disease we'll put a link on more information in the information below alright have a good day dude that's creepy


  1. Such a bummer. We have been slowly planting plumbago and toyon amongst our dying oleanders. It has made a pretty good replacement screen so far.

  2. Are you gradually replacing them along the driveway with one type of plant, or a variety? If one, which one ?

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