Omega-3s: Are You Getting Enough?

– Omega-3s benefit our
heart, our brain function, joints, and our eyes, but unfortunately our
bodies don’t make them. One way to get omega-3s
is from coldwater fish, but are we eating enough fish? Well Dr. Holly Phillips and cardiologist, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, headed to a fishing town to find out. (upbeat music) – Dr. Ordon, we’re here
in Newport, Rhode Island, a beautiful coastal town known
for its bountiful seafood. We wanna see if residents
here are in need of omega-3s. Those are the fatty acids that
are essential building blocks for our bodies and
vital for cell function. – Your omega-3 index is an important factor in overall health. As a cardiologist, I like that omega-3s can help support healthy
blood flow to the arteries and can help support
cardiovascular health. And as Dr. Ordon just mentioned, one way to get omega-3s is from food. Experts recommend eating
at least two servings of fatty fish every week. And also keep in mind nutrition labels don’t usually list omega-3s, so you may think you’re getting them when you’re actually not. – That’s right, and a group
of leading healthcare experts, including myself, conducted
an omega-3 clinical study funded with an educational
grant through RB, whom I’ve also partnered with. 98% of the people tested in that study had levels of omega-3s below the optimal recommended
range for heart health. – And there are a couple
of ways to find out what your omega-3 levels are. You can talk to your
doctor and get tested, or there are at-home tests available. – Or you could take a short
quiz on – Well now, not surprisingly,
many of the residents of this lovely town are seafood lovers, and we found a few that had
their omega-3 levels tested. Here’s what they had to say. – Hi, my name is Liz. I’m a nurse practitioner, and
I also have two daughters. So I’m highly motivated to stay healthy. So I eat fish twice a week,
and I also consider myself fairly knowledgeable about my health. So I was pretty concerned to
find out that my omega-3 index is actually below optimal
recommended range. – My name is Eddie, and
I am the executive chef at a seafood restaurant here
in Newport, Rhode Island. Our menu consists of
a lot of local seafood that we get from fishermen
just here off of these docks. And I get to eat seafood all of the time, about three to four times a week. I saw the activities around town, and I was curious about my omega-3 levels, so I decided to check them. I was shocked to find that my
omega-3 levels were so low. – So it seems that even in this town diet alone may not be enough. So if you’re like Liz and
Eddie, and you find out that your omega-3 levels
are low, what’s next? – Supplements can be an easy way to get the omega-3s that you need, but not all supplements are equal. MegaRed Total Body Refresh
delivers seven benefits in one softgel instead of
two standard fish oil pills. It helps support heart,
joint, brain, and eye health, plus, skin, stress, and sleep with 500 milligrams of omega-3s and a natural antioxidant blend. – And I understand they’ve
done something special right here in Newport. Tell me about it. – They absolutely did. MegaRed is on a mission to
help support optimal health. Throughout the summer they offered Newport
residents and visitors access to onsite omega-3
testing and information. – That’s great. And, as always, talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements.


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