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Omega healthcare excellence in business outsourcing located in the heart of Bangalore India Omega Health Care's main Operations Center is a beautiful 50 thousand square foot facility outfitted with the latest amenities and comparable to any Class A office space in the United States we started Omega healthcare in January of 2004 our mission is to be a cost-effective high quality provider of business and knowledge process outsourcing services to the US healthcare industry in addition to our normal recruitment process every day nearly 100 walk in applicants visit our offices for interviews they present their resume and credentials to our HR team and after reviewing them for suitability they are given various tests such as typing skills for data entry anatomy and medical terminology knowledge for medical coders and aptitude and communication skills for accounts receivable follow-up staff at Omega we offer fantastic employee benefits some of them include an in-house physician service fully catered meals and snacks that are provided at absolutely no cost to the employees health insurance coverage and a highly subsidized door-to-door transportation service for those nightshift employees scaling to our clients needs has been the cornerstone of success for Omega we have state-of-the-art training facilities whereby several batches of candidates can be trained simultaneously in omegas multiple training rooms security is of paramount importance of Omega entry to all production floors can be accessed only through a combination of a digital security card along with a biometric access mechanism our production floors are completely paperless and except for certain management employees none of the operational staff have the ability to print or copy anything because access is completely disabled we utilize our desk space effectively around-the-clock we're in the same desks that are utilized primarily for data entry and coding functions during India daytime are also utilized for AR calling during India night time omega has expertise in both physician and facility coding where we adhere to a high accuracy standard of over 95 percent and also strict turnaround times over a third of our coders have achieved their CPC certification from the AAPC and Omega is making the investment to continually certify more and more of our coders including a Hema certification our telephone based staff goes through extensive training not only on the healthcare revenue cycle domain but they're also provided with essential voice and accent training to minimize any issues on the u.s. end hi Kristy how are we doing today thank you well the policy number is 1 2 1 3 4 5 6 ok Omega has invested millions of dollars in our IT and security infrastructure and we have recently upgraded our voice and data networks to scale and support the fast growth of our clients we have the most recent FM 200 fire control systems installed throughout the building two large diesel generators that act as a backup to each other and a large UPS farm to regulate and provide backup power at Omega we take HIPAA compliance pH I and security very seriously all visitors and employees entering the building are checked thoroughly and all laptops are registered no cameras or other technical equipment is allowed inside the building unless approved by senior management there are more than 40 closed-circuit video cameras in all areas of the building including production floors and outside perimeters these cameras feed live images to a security control room that is monitored 24 by 7 with any irregularities reported immediately for further action our operation center in Chennai provides our clients with complete business continuity in the event of a disaster the Chennai facility is interconnected to the Bangor facility and both of them are independently connected by the Atlantic and Pacific to our US colocation facility in New Jersey for the most robust possible connectivity and uptime our senior management team in India has a tremendous amount of expertise not only on the domain side but also on the operational aspects of how to run a successful healthcare business and knowledge process outsourcing company we take a tremendous amount of pride in our clients satisfaction and loyalty we have over 60 clients today seven publicly traded companies the remainder are small and medium-sized companies that we do work for we take a lot of pride that we're soul sourced in ninety percent of our clients each and every one of our clients is highly referenceable and at our current pace of growth we have catapulted to become the number one player in the offshore healthcare revenue cycle space you


  1. I am from Sikkim having Pharmacy educational background
    and keen interested to make my career as a Medical coder ,plz do help me providing information on how to join the company .,

  2. I am from Sikkim having Pharmacy educational background
    and keen interested to make my career as a Medical coder ,plz do help me providing information on how to join the company .,

  3. Huge openings in access health care in Chennai across all specialities
    If u wanna interest to join this organisation
    More prefer for "Experienced Candidates"

    Send me your details
    1) Your Name as per resume
    2) Your current Mobile number as per resume
    3)Your mail
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