One American Family's Health Care Horror Story

alright as to why how to our form is absolutely important right now I'm please introduce you mr. junk hey Claire to be able to speak to you then I thank SEIU i'm going to read part of my statement because i think what i have to say is really important and i don't want to leave out any details i will add some things as I go but I made sure to write down all the important things I want to tell you I love this country and I want what is best for America but I don't think our current health care system is serving the needs of our people in fact I think what's going on now is harming a large sector of the population and if allowed to continue it will affect every one of us negatively sooner or later we need a newly uniquely American solution to this problem I'm going to tell you the story about what happened to my wife and me when we were residents of london UK but i don't want you to think that I'm bent on pushing through sin a single-payer system I'm just giving you any business as an example of how universal health care works in other countries opposite of what you may have heard it works very well please listen to our experience our experiences and try to put yourself in our shoes world for a couple of minutes this is my life my name is faith st. Clair she's very proud of her religious name now inside the SEPs it has five incurable diseases ms epilepsy asthma anemia and as we just found out last year a blood-clotting disorder she's confined to a wheelchair with ms she cannot get health insurance I have to change her diapers bade her prepare her meals and lift her in and out of her wheelchair which I'm happy to do because I love her and it's a pleasure for me it makes my life complete but a couple of years ago we were denied the eighth of a higher lift by an insurance company when I had health care insurance before I lost my job the lack of support lifting her in and out of bed and in and out of the car well mainly in and out of bed takes a toll on my own health as well as hers I could drug her and cause potential hospitalization and for the disability on the second part of my story has to do with John Locke's on Tuesday at senator sherrod Brown public meeting on health care reform I saw the sign quote democracy will cease to exist when we take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who we're not it was being held by a tight lid tight lipped little old lady who probably with somebody's grandmother the fact is that forty percent of our uninsured are in working households earning over fifty thousand dollars a year thirty-three percent of employers in this country do not offer health care coverage to their employees you can check my facts if you want to and I'll get you the website National Coalition for health care on healthcare org last year I lost my job since then i have sent about over 1,100 resumes and job applications it's not like i don't want to work which had netted one interview and note no job offers i am well qualified with over 30 years of experience and brand and marketing strategy i hold an mba from ifc at a PhD however even if i were lucky enough to land a job my wife would run the risk of being of not being covered by an employer employers health insurance plan because it were pretty consistent pre-existing condition we lived in the UK for 10 years and had excellent health care no way no charge for any of bass medications and no denial of service nobody came between us and our doctor our doctor lived across the street from us and we were free to choose another doctor if we wanted to walk farther our doctor made house calls what happened when we came back to the US denials by health and healthcare administrators tumbling of the cost of faith 7 medications during the time we were out of the country having to j two thousand dollars for a wheeled for a new wheelchair when the company I was working for change in Shores weighing two months to see figs NS doctor I tell you waiting is the American Way and health care as far as we're concerned as far as our experience and now you may have had different situations but we've had incredibly long waiting a doctor's office and the people in the medical offices are not very well organized I can't tell you how many times our requests are lost and I've been treated rudely bike about it that's not to say that this hasn't changed over time but I'm just saying that its admit it is a myth that we found the best health care in the world what is a lot of health care for people with a lot of money and no healthy for 47 million people I urge you to support the tall one access to good quality health care for all US citizens a public option with affordable health insurance available to all no denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions removal of caps on long-term coverage and please please we've got to do something about the high cost of medication to bring drug costs downs of American citizens don't have to pour medication from Canada the UK Israel New Zealand an asteroid as we have done in past and um somebody wanted to put an end to that too so if as a matter of fact the cakes advert at there for her asthma it on the open market now it's up to around two hundred dollars for a month it was a half price over the internet from New Zealand we've gotta do something folks that's all thank you present pay for sharing your story was on you

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