One Last Chance for MBBS Without NEET? | MBBS Admission Options if NEET 2018 is not cleared

hi friends I'm back again in this video for all of you or it's video may may up say discuss car we are regarding the need examination joki 6th of May go ahead because there are many facts which you should know if you are appearing for need examination the belly bath – geeky or need examination jokey TMI Doha's are at our ago conduct phone even an exam here is exam me other total seats key back each eye total medical seats keep at each I India mean there are only 16,000 medical seats across the country the record number of students snake is bad lead Achille up likea hair go to applications is sadly the story handed examination kelly that are approximately thirteen point three six lakhs if considered the seriously reports because CBS seen a or year both scooch announced key hanky thirteen point three six lakh students the exam unit apply here it's bad Oh Joey number hey Luke coffee para trabajar may perceive our key numbers key bath corrosion the students say applied here the examination Kenya there were eleven last thirty eight thousands of rocks students generally of like a thneed examination period so there has been a tremendous increase in the applications other CBC reports key money chai a CBC data who follow Kia giant to a year tour continues increase or I our student applications ranges this is due to various reasons a cuisinier Hecky herb our students apply cutting edge to end examinations students pass out pertain to health examination vu Hansa increase Bora have Ducie it is an a/b hair key for hot body Aman main her students to scar pain and medical screen Co because they want to be great doctors to harbor a medical aspirants key to amount here to number have of Baltazar I do – it's a d3 being a very entrance test hand a friend a friend or tease ok different universities key push may be accordingly applications increase I am a buscar a it drawback here at the Heike and to 3b hamari government medical seats and yummy they are fixed basically shall be cited our seats the is Salvi sat as our secret police are derelict students nap like yatta itself in a lakh students may apply key i have the seeds are same but the competition is increasing for the students Herzl a Gordo luck student sister increase within a so shaky a ratio Megan Abadi government seats nahi increase with he here Toby smoothly both problematic Caesar a gear Tara luck students names were up like a dismissive started our students Co he sits willingly and that are including the M dubious and these various seats for because you need examination have of the no courses Kelly a a equivalent examination hair and debasement immersion Lina so we have Pony dinner BDS million I had Tobias Conan dinner they are at mrs. satty students cookie feet milling machine Americas by Allah chalices our students approximately to a barrel our students come pretty shaken up Insurance Co season he will party here who we are through by technology course to is cutting a year BSC courses to scaring a your normal graduation degree kill a giant Evo or medical stream safe licking ultimately other our big student here guitar big medical hospital tempo up to be analyzed Carnegie after gene yeah if you are doing to become a doctor or self coach medical seats kiba's LC aware I've got dream fulfilled any hope RI other hamari India may see something government universities he ought to ski with his have got dream Suffolk arrived so I don't think key opcode see skillet John H ah here I can make private universities copy data research vehicle to private universities Kiki's ethany I out the air he wore hot sorry students make me a partner Pappy plus there is also management quota deviation charges and everything it's not a high fees afford Ghana private universities got her student Kelly possible nahi hota agar my bio or technology courses ki baat karu yaki CBS a technical course ki baat karu to scale up in to Ankara thing of Naraku the disable archaic expense ratio water thigh aapke at the end of your because the Smiths are expenses that they have kid travel expenses school expenses plus you private universities a sitting AP located rare things are cooked coffee travel can upper thigh high tuition fees OTA maintenance charges okay annual maintenance charges so herpes malarkey I gotta make overall ratio give accurate to the sea by relax aquaculture Aram say pancetta-wrapped ECB technical course kill each other so the thing is CAG enough autonomy 36 technical course package carranger so it's better the auto plant dream pursue current a graphic doctor when a chopping here then it's very very good cap MBBS and abroad kill a giant hippo hot sorry reason saying governments universities my number Anna is not possible for every student high fees private colleges Cape Cod karna is not possible for every student so MBBS in abroad after quality education provide cars ahead in low costs again my feast of Turkey baat karu – justanna we have Kehinde general technical course Maharaja the three main aapke by expenses almost cover of JFK MBBS program skin and BBS in abroad Achilles Jonna ik best option is silly beer at the hair because a broad key a foreign key pop university is nap or hassle free admission mills other head so students I just want to say a key key CVG say hakuna Raja Nicki bill filter happening here it's important he ultimately our country incomplete who our country fulfil ho a big dr. Bonnie or and abuse and abroad after what each option or sub time Agora cook oily confusion hey our destination tools can we make a university go to economy though or you can call our toll-free number a BuzzFeed bath cursive thinking I will cut you accordingly a graphic way of questions and Tom Mitchell common precursor came a video pay I'll answer your comments as well dusty material da ki I just want to say keep please UCP or sa reason he were just a have not dreamed of my aspirations much for you to actually fulfill horse attire so bill cool Hitoshi on akiza Rothman here we have our centers in all over India above-knee a specific key Severus education K Center page naki visit kar sakte here Baja counselors information lease at the end Center opposite cursor payment all fee number they are bankers acting here hibari counselors or maybe are Co equally guide Kurumi agoraphobic infusion her course key regarding meba skorsky regarding yamaha KC facilities Hank education system here kidnappee structure-activity particular University come on C universities and top Russian government universities get in a bad crew so they are our top Russian government universities medical university is this middle education awkward machines provide Kurata here loose education is an authorized organization to provide admission in top Russian government universities so build cool be a potential any Keys another thing here reach out to us call us or contact us for any such information because ultimately or your dream of becoming a doctor should be fulfilled a be recent we have adequate seminars be conduct funny Valley here or other of Delhi or Calcutta say belong care to him so I would advise kike Sunday Caden hemara a seminar hem in Delhi and in Kolkata Russian Center for Science and culture may our visit curse of muhammara dedicated counselors up go full guidance provider ing and BBS admissions in Russia helium up co-op free and shimmy lady Coco entry peace naive any hair or counseling charges Nigeria free counseling up to a homily so you can go to the venue and you can get information about the same complete information kelly aapko a description box check Carla notch ie description box me my complete information with Aldo a venue key or seminar keys after Delia Calcutta Sybil on curtain here the geography shout kar sakthe hain places cooker – up please key G for detail information plus our Ashiya Miko scholarship seats be available for P here so Kooskia body may be up information lease acting here yes the admission procedure hair of expenses ratty hair kiss therapy services at every information I could to tell me Mel Charlie escape a lava of marital fee number page on our website we have a contact person taking a piece of queries cancer via Jaya ultimately please do not get confuse GCB cheese colic operation monique is not my hair I've got dr. benaiah dr. bunny there are various other methods Agrico India main mission the human right to always abroad can a specular color we are always there to help you so contact us or a pizza maybe confusion sentence of co2 collision a core zero information so that could be a jockey wheel a key other key cv recent qgf need kill applied nahi Calpine have my application form a plane nahi fulfill key I had the Escalade be America's options have it so who scares me a family toll-free number to contact eg without Nita get up cognition chai a Russian universities may though you can contact us for the same we will help you out though ultimately our case of confusions can answer hair whose education k pass though bill Colby hesitate math eg toll-free number PR call key three centers for visit eg or kisi bhi information clearly to comment speaker surfing or toffee number is always available for you thank you


  1. mam may neet nahi da pa e because my 12 th may physics no 50% sa kam thi iss leya ..biology or chemistry may 50% sa jada thi. may neet ki formfilap ee nahi kar pa ee physics ki kam makes ka liya …ab may khaya karu ??

  2. Mam,. I'm going to appear for neet ug 2019 . I have very less source for preparation. But it's my only dream to become a doctor and I want to fulfill it at any cost . Is going to abroad is the only way to study mbbs apart from India please guide mam

  3. Ma'am, how can we apply for biotechnology in any gud college in india…i mean what r the requirements like 12th marks or sth else?
    Plzzz answer me

  4. Call centre quality is very bad….they just say hello hello..and end the call..tried many times to call them but failed

  5. what the hell, without neet mbbs admission Not posible, nd only 60000 seats avalable here,thn what we do to become a mbbs doctor?

  6. mam maine b is year neet ka exam dia tha bt clear nhi hua or mai mbbs krna chahti hu bt private college can't afford guide me mam plzz

  7. I thing this time our neet marks are given to bihar students .. Yssss because I have check the answer key of my neet my score was 235 and after result my score is 57 ..and not me my mostly all friends are saying this that after checking answer key they got 300 score and at the time of resulr the score are 105 ..and this time bihar students are damn happy … Plzzz see to it I have doubt to this time neet checking

  8. My sister haven’t qualified neet 2018 can she go abroad and complete her medical education and if so then pls contact me .. send your contact no

  9. Hii I'm not qwalifi to neet that now I can get admission in Russia MBBS without neet mam plzz replay .

  10. Aisa Ho hi nahi sakta mam. Obviously mbbs abroad has no value. Agar aisa hota toh log India main seat ke liye intni mehnat kyu karte?

  11. Mam my neet hallticket number is 512511960.and my dob is 1/1/2001 mam plz check my neet marks and reply whether im cleared or not plz check mam plz

  12. I got 95 in Neet 2018 but I needed just one mark for qualifying I belong to obc category . will I be able to take admission in Russia?

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