Oneida Health | Healthcare Week

hello fellow employees of Oneida health this week Monday May 13th is a national beginning of a celebration of health care we here at or night a health are using this week to celebrate you our employees the ones who make exceptional care possible you will see throughout the video the many faces of Oneida health care which over time has made this transition from a four-bed hospital to one hundred and twenty years later a large enterprise of health care services from primary care to specialty care to hospital to nursing home we have a full spectrum of care to meet the needs of our community we can only meet those needs if you are employees buy into our commitments for teamwork and our commitments to patient centered care I thank you with all my heart for all you've done not only for each other or for the patient's we are here to serve thank you and continue the great work that we're doing because of this making a difference [Applause] [Applause] please accept my sincerest appreciation for all you do we are exceptional care always because of you you

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