Online MA in Bioethics

In today’s world of medicine, science and
technology the possibilities of extending and bettering our lives are
continually morphing. In terms of what we know and can achieve we possess amazing possibilities for improving our individual and communal health. Our bio-
technological abilities, food systems and all eco spheres. But that we can does not
answer if we should or how we should. The Ohio State University’s online Master
of Arts in Bioethics degree program is designed to help you address the everyday ethical questions of today’s modern science and modern medicine. “Bioethics is fundamentally about the intersection of human morality and life or bios the root
of biology. Moreover with the topic as big as life itself bioethics is
interdisciplinary and draws from a number of disciplines such as medicine, the health professions, sciences, philosophy, theology, public health, politics and law,
ecology, sociology and more.” “The courses you’ll take present a rich exposure to the
history and theory of bioethics. Building upon that, our primary focus is to equip
you practically enabling you to be a leader. Given that you have now gained
exposure and meaningful experience with the critical ethical questions of your
respective field our goal is to help you better engage with topics in your field
via end-of-life care, laboratory or clinical science, clinical practice,
health policy or administration, genetic testing and therapy, healthcare reform, food ethics and sustainability, or issues of social justice and more.” We’ve built our
program with you in mind all of our classes and assignments can
be completed within the structure of your personal weekly schedule. You can complete the program in one year if attending full-time or two years or
more if attending part-time. “As a practicing neonatal physician, I have
long felt the pressures of how critical it is to see how exactly our societal
ethical values play into patient and family care. On a daily basis I am asked
to navigate the stormy ethical questions in the ICU. The MA program has been a
tremendous help and given me the space to reflect on my role in challenging
clinical ethical dilemmas.” Our program follows a unique pedagogical plan that
offers up-to-date and classic readings along with practical policy and case
studies. You’ll engage theoretical depth, but also practical application. You can
complete the program with either a master’s thesis or individualized
practicum option amidst tangible faculty mentorship and peer feedback. A
diversity of elective courses and project options with active mentorship
allow the program to be tailored for you. If you’re ready to engage bioethics,

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