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Scientific Base of Using Aak leaves for Diabetes Aak Plant are Found Everywhere in Different Spices it Bears Blues white Flowers with and throne fruits 2 Green Leaves kill Your Diabetes Naturally are you fade up with treatment and daily meditations then go with amazing leaves you will get Amazed with Results How to Make Meditation No Need to Eat, No Need to Drink its Juice just Touch Your Foot Pha Yes it is True A Different Remedy for You To Treat Your Diabetes For This We Need 2 Fresh Aak Leaves Process to Follow : Take 2 Full Leaves of Aak plant Turn opposite Side That is that is Back side of the Leaf Place leaf under your Shocks to Touch foot pham like shown in Video Make Sure that leaf back side touching your Foot pham Place another leaf to the another leg in same process and Ware Shocks Allow this Leaves to stay full day under your feet Remove Before Going to Bed and Clean your legs Repeat this Process for 1 week with new Leaves after 1 week Check Your Blood Sugar Levels You Will Be Amazed Repeat This Process For 1 Week with New Leaves Procions for Aak Leaves The Milk yousing from Aak Leaves are poisonous Don’t Allow it go inside your Eyes Other Wise it can Damages Site It Should Not Be used During pregnancy and Lactation time If Your Diabetic Patient are fade up of Unhealthy Body Then Must Give It a Try Takr Care And Live Well Thank you for watching this video Like and Subscribe for More Videos


  1. Real mane of this plant is AKNDHa . A story in Mahabharat… Upamanyu swallowed this leaves and became blind. So be careful to handle it. wash your hands properly.
    Great medicine. Thanks my friend

  2. Batao agar is leaves se diabetes control hojaega to fir Kya kavi blood sugar high nhi hoga ya har waqt yehi Karna padega diabetes control ke lie

  3. Please explain how the plant leaves reducing the disease diabetics. Not only simply saying won't impact people. Explain in scientific manner.

  4. This is a n ayurvedic medicinal plant .its flower is used for Lord Siva is seen nearby siva temples.its is called ERUKKU not aruk

  5. English name ; Rubber bush,
    Tamil name; Erukku
    Sanskrit; Doorhara
    Latin; Datura
    (Calotropis Gigantea These are the name of the Plant

  6. You should end this video by taking those participants in the video experiment to see a medical doctor to have blood test and proved your remedy works. Then I am sure you will have many subscribers and perhaps you may be the first to make a GREAT medical breakthrough!! This will be INCREDIBLE for you!

  7. We have sweat glands in our feet, this leaf as stated in this video is poisinous. That poison can come in through the glands and to the blood stream. Check with a pharmacist AND your Doctor first to verify if safe to use!

  8. There is no need to doubt the efficacy of the herb leaves. After all , it will cause you no harm to try it. On a p-personal note, can you please tell your readers where one can get it in England..

  9. Lol we are fed of these plant … They grow in desert too … In Rajasthan we called it "aakra" .

  10. It's not very often Ive been impressed however watching this really made me say wow but did viewers realise there's new cure

    people around this planet are improving thier condition I found out about this from a site check it out search google for Diabetes Crusher Tactic

  11. How often should this treatment be done after the prescribed 1 week? Will there be no need to repeat it?

  12. पिछले 2 महीने से गला खराब हो रखा है गला पहनकर दर्द कर रहा है कोई उचित इलाज बताएं

  13. Show me the proves research you bitch ,I will only try it then. I don't want bullshit theory . Publish your theory and I'll definitely do this !

  14. it is a poisonous leaf and not advised. good video but alerting is to be given. and diet changes are a must with this. otherwise it wont work. or repesat till end.

  15. I forgot the filipino bame of the plant but in my town in the philippnes we use the flowers to make garlands for graduating students.

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  19. meri mom ko diabetes thii, 570 tak rehti thi humne sab desi nuska try kiya koi fark nhi padta yeh sab se, sab try karna ka vaad our Ayurveda ki medicine Li use krna ka vaad sugar levels 150 ho gya , abhi 1 saal se be jada ho gya koi medicine nhi Li

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